The Words of Hyung Jin Moon From 2011

Clarification of Sun-jo Hwang's mission

Hyung Jin Moon
April 15, 2011

To: Regional Presidents, National Messiahs, National Leaders
From: Unification Church World Mission Headquarters
Date: 3.13 by the Heavenly Calendar (April 15, 2011)
Re: Clarification

Dear Leaders,

Thank you for your hard work on the front line of providence.

It has come to this office's attention that a number of rumors have been recently circulated in the mission field and in Korea causing confusion within the organization of this movement. For this reason, because we received a number of communications for region and mission countries, we are sending this clarification from our headquarters.

These rumors allege that Sun-jo Hwang was appointed as the chairman of the movement in Korea; that True Father ordered the immediate dismissal of three executives at the Foundation to Support HSA-UWC and providential organizations; that Kook-jin nim resigned from his position and returned to the United States.

On April 11, 2011 (3rd month, 9th day of the heavenly calendar) at the VIP Waiting Room at Inchon International Airport prior his departure from Korea to the United States, True Father clarified this issue in front of Rev. Sun-jo Hwang and other key leaders of our movement, and representative ambassadors for peace in Korea.

During the 52nd True Parents' Day celebration on April 3, 2011 (3rd month, 1st day of the heavenly calendar) and Hoon Dok Hae the following day, True Father had emphasized that there is an organizational hierarchy in the Unification Church, where True Mother stands above Hyung-jin nim and Kook-jin nim and True Father stands above True Mother. He also spoke about this same topic over the next few days on a number of occasions. True Father explained that the organizational hierarchy in our movement is in the order of True Father, True Mother, Hyung-jin nim and Kook-jin nim, and then those next in line.

In relation to this, on the day that True Parents were leaving Korea, Rev. Yong-hyun Moon suggested to True Father twice to have Rev. Sun-jo Hwang appointed as the chairman of the Unification Movement in Korea above Hyung-jin nim and Kook-jin nim. True Father, however, made it clear in the Airport Waiting Room that he could not accept that.

True Father gave instructions to review the issue concerning the personnel changes of the above-mentioned three and that he would make a final decision regarding this after he came back from the United States. Rumors surrounding this issue, however, have spread alleging that True Father had immediately dismissed the three in question. In the Airport VIP Room, True Father (while mentioning that Mr. Bang, who is one of the three executives, has a sharp mind and works very hard) emphasized that all leaders of the Unification movement should love their enemies, forgive them, unite with them in harmony and march forward toward Foundation Day, January 13, 2013. Contrary to the rumors that Kook-jin nim had returned to the United States, Kook-jin nim is still actively engaged in his mission at the Foundation, in Korea, and in Japan according to True Parents' directions.

All leaders in the Unification movement worldwide should clarify the above issues to the leaders and members on the field, and guide them so that we can move forward in unison for the providence of creating Cheon Il Guk.

Unification Church

World Mission Headquarters 

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