The Words of Hyung Jin Moon From 2011

Letter from Hyung Jin Moon to Hyun Jin Moon

April 8, 2011

This April, in his position as international president of our church, Hyung Jin nim wrote a letter to his older brother Hyun Jin nim as part of the legal process aimed at resolving misunderstanding and putting things to right.

My dear brother Hyun Jin (hyung) Moon:

It is heart wrenching to write to you under these circumstances. When I was in high school you were my role model and father figure. The treasures of love that you shared with me then, I still hold dear to my heart. Much has happened since I was a teenager and presently it grieves me to see us, as a family and a church, in so much suffering. As you always taught us as your younger brothers, we must be "vertically aligned" with God and our True Parents. This teaching is principled and true. It torments my heart to see a brother who provided such precious teachings forget that core. You and I are nothing without our True Parents and

I believe with all my might that you know this to be true, deep in your heart. Please heed the cries of that conscience.

I am in no way perfect. I never claim to be and never will make such a claim. We are all sinners before the glory of God and our True Parents. We are allowed to come before God not because of our deeds, actions or accomplishments, but rather because of the indemnity, suffering, and tortures that our True Parents endured for such unworthy souls as us. Let us repent together as brothers recognizing our unworthiness before our perfect Father in Heaven and our True Parents and end this anguish. Let us tearfully kneel down in humility, repentance and in desperation call out for forgiveness and grace. Let us turn from our self-love and love the only one worthy of being loved -- God and his substantial representatives, the True Parents of Heaven and Earth, your and my parents and saviors.

According to the direction of our True Parents, I am writing again to follow up on the August 11, 2010 letter sent to you by the leaders of the Unification Church, including myself. In that letter, among other requests, we asked you to refrain from diverting the assets of Unification Church International to your own projects and recognize that those assets are held in trust for the Unification Church.

[Hyung Jin nim then itemized some of the actions that were not approved by True Parents, and requests that the UCI board of directors, including its chairman, resign. In conclusion he wrote:]

I long for the day when we can praise God and the True Parents together, weep together, forgive one another and joyfully repent, in the awe of God's grace which we do not deserve. I pray that we all may remember the teachings of a great brother who taught the world to be "vertically aligned" to God and our True Parents and to be filial children of a proud tradition. I end, sending praise and love to God and the True Parents with a heartfelt cry of "Chambumonim Eok Mansei!" and pray this heart spreads throughout the entire universe.

I love you always and you are in my prayers.

Your brother,

Hyung Jin Moon 

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