The Words of Hyung Jin Moon From 2011

Hyung Jin Nim speaks at Tokyo church

March 20, 2011
Fukuoka church, Western Japan
Unofficial notes: Edna Hirae

Internet sermon live webcast from Tokyo headquarters church. March 20, 2011

Unofficial notes/report of the sermon which was translated from Korean to Japanese to English.

My own summary:

An altar was set up to commemorate the 3rd anniversary of Hyo Jin Nim's passing into the Spirit World.

Flowers were offered by Hyung Jin Nim's couple, Rev. Song, Rev. Oyamada's couple. Afterwards, there was a short speech by Yeon Ah Nim, Hyo Jin Nim's wife.

Donations were also handed to the church. True Parents donated $1.7 million. Hyung Jin Nim also handed the donation from Korea (perhaps from the Korean Church, Cheon Buk Gung and other church affiliates in Korea), which is about 10 million Yen.

Note: This figure seemed to have been calculated or translated simultaneously translated by our translator-- based on the Japanese way of counting so I'm not sure if the figure is correct. Nevertheless the amount is about that level. Thank you True Parents, Korean church.

Hyung Jin Nim began his speech by saying that True Parents really wanted to support Japan and wanted to stay near Japan so they are now back in Korea (from the US).

The speech was long. Here are some parts of the sermon which moved me.

He said, "When you go to the Spirit World, What's the question which God will ask us? God will ask you: 'Did you really love my True Son, Sun Myung Moon? Did (or do) you love or not?.' This is the important question.

I sent the 2nd Messiah. Did you love him...?

"...In order to receive heaven's blessing, we have to return to God's purpose of creation -- that is, the True Parents. That much God loves True Parents, you have to love True Parents..."

"The purpose of creation is True Parents. Even if I die I'll say 'Chambumonim Eog Mansei', even if my legs collapse, you have to pray to give power to True Parents.

That kind of heart you need to have. That kind of prayer we have to do..."

"Even though you did your best and the tsunami comes, we should really love True Parents, the purpose of creation..."

After 12 noon, the Holy Spirit healing service started. Until about 1 PM. It was difficult to hear the translation, which was lost in the sea of Chambumonim Eog Mansei chant-- (both the Japanese and English translation). Was trying to remember the Holy Spirit service video. Nevertheless I understood the part which says we have to build up all our positive energy and send them to True Parents. I felt good afterwards.

After this, Rev. Kim of Fukuoka church spoke for a short time at our local church. 

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