The Words of Hyung Jin Moon From 2011

Chambumonim Eog Mansei

Hyung Jin Moon
March 6, 2011
Las Vegas

In Jin Moon

Good morning, brothers and sisters. Thank you so much for coming out and loving our True Parents like the way you did yesterday. I hope that even though they're not here physically, they can feel your spirit. This morning I have a wonderful surprise for all of you. As you know, not only do we have our True Parents with us here in Las Vegas, but I am delighted to say that we also have with us today my younger brother, the spiritual head of our movement.

Brothers and sisters, let's give him an American welcome to Las Vegas and show him how much we appreciate everything that he is doing for our True Parents and for our movement!

Hyung Jin Nim

Please be seated. It's very nice to be back in the States, but really it's not about me. I'm very grateful because over the last couple of days we've seen True Parents at their best. Yesterday Father was amazing, wasn't he? Incredible. One of the moments for me during that speech was when Father was speaking and shedding tears, and all of a sudden he had a nosebleed.

He just keeps pushing himself, at 92. It's endless. When I saw that nosebleed, it reminded me of the love of Christ, that holy blood that was shed for our sins. It reminded me of his great love for humanity. He talked about it, of course, in his speech: about the tears that were shed, the blood that was shed for Heaven. I was very moved at that moment.

I've had the great blessing to be able to go to various countries over the last couple of months, starting from Korea, and then Japan, Hong Kong, and Kenya. We have brothers and sisters all over the world who are sending their love to True Parents.

Today I want to share a couple of words with you before we go into our main practice. That practice is simply: "Chambumonim, Eog Mansei." You all know how to say, "Chambumonim, Eog Mansei." I want to suggest to you today that "Chambumonim, Eog Mansei" has amazing power because within that phrase is our entire faith: everything from true love to filial piety, to loyalty, to service, humility, gratitude, glory returned to God. Everything is encapsulated in that tiny phrase.

When I have a chance to visit our brothers and sisters in different regions and countries, I commonly ask them, "What is the purpose of creation? You've heard Principle; you've heard lectures and read the Principle. What is the purpose of creation?" I heard, "Joy;" I heard, "Peaceful ideal world," all these things. So, the purpose of creation, we've heard, is the peaceful ideal world, is true family, is joy. But when we look at the Principle it's actually much clearer than that. The purpose of creation is not the ideal peaceful world. It's not. This is probably a shock to you because you've heard that many times. But when you look at the Principle, that's not the purpose of creation.

The purpose of creation is God seeking to find his true love object partner. That's the purpose. That true love object partner is the partner with whom he will set up the four position foundation. It is the partner with which he will begin give and receive action. And it is with that true love object partner that a true family, true tribe, true society, true world, ideal world and cosmos will arise.

So those things that we usually think of as the purpose of creation -- ideal world, even true society -- these are products of the purpose of creation, the purpose being the true love object partner. So when we look at the true love object partner, we know that that object partner was supposed to be the perfected Adam and Eve. We know also that Jesus was supposed to be -- what was he supposed to be? He was supposed to be that true love object partner.

In a nutshell, Christ, Adam, and Eve were supposed to become true parents. So we can say that the purpose of creation is the perfected Adam and Eve, the true love object partner of God's true love, True Parents. That's the purpose of creation. From that relationship comes everything. From that relationship comes the True Family. From that relationship comes the true tribe, society, nation, world, and cosmos. That's the value of our True Parents, and I want to suggest to you that it's a profound value.

If we understand that the purpose of creation is True Parents, we understand that God's entire love energy moves powerfully toward them, God's direct object partner. It was supposed to be Adam and Eve, but, then, due to the Fall, Christ, but, then again, due to the non-acceptance of Jesus Christ, True Parents.

True Father has asked us the question, "If God had to throw away either True Parents or the universe, the entire cosmos, which would he choose?" You've heard it, too. He'd throw away the cosmos. That's how precious True Parents are. So if we understand that, we also understand that the cosmos, in unseen ways, ways that are not palpable to us, also moves toward True Parents because the creation wants the give and receive relation with its true subject partner. So there's unseen energy that moves toward True Parents. In Korea we call this cheon un or "Heaven's destiny." There's a flow of the universe that moves, pushes destiny and time forward, and it moves toward True Parents.

One of the biggest things in my life, one of my biggest turning points, was a conversation I had with True Father maybe a year ago. I was at lunch with him, and he was doing the Seunghwa festivals in Korea. I asked him, "Father, I'm a true child. I'm a blessed child. I'm Second Generation. I have no original sin. I can go to heaven, right?" That's a great question, right? "I can go to heaven, correct? I have no original sin. I'm a blessed child. I'm a Second Gen. I'm a True Child. I can go to heaven, right?" Father said, "No." That was very powerful.

That was very powerful because it's a very important teaching. When I was young, I remember I was in high school; I obeyed all of Father's laws. I didn't have girlfriends, I didn't do drugs or smoking or drinking. I trained in martial arts. When Father asked me to get married, I got blessed. Of course it was a big blessing for me; I met my spouse and had five kids. I obeyed the laws of True Parents. I did not break those key laws.

And I remember in high school thinking, "Yes, I did obey all these laws," and after I got blessed I remember thinking, "I obeyed these laws. I deserve to go before God. I obeyed the commands." It was hard. It was very hard. I had to fight through it in high school and through all those temptations. All the high school kids here will know. I had to struggle through that, with a lot of effort and energy, and I did it. And thus I could go before God. And also because I did so, the members should respect me. That's what I thought. Because I obeyed True Parents' commands, I should also be respected.

But I didn't realize that I was sinning tremendously. You see, that kind of sin is called the sin of hubris. It's the sin of pride, the sin that separates from God. You see, we must not believe that just because we follow the laws we are free from sin. There are two types of great sinners, it is said. The first type breaks the laws. "God gives a law, I'll break it, just for fun." That's one type of big sinner.

Another type of big sinner is one who keeps the laws and thinks, "Because I kept all the laws, I can go before God. I'm better than everyone else." That's also one of the greatest sinners.

For me, realizing and admitting to myself that I was that second type of sinner was profound. Yes, I had obeyed the laws, but I was a sinner before God and True Parents. I could not go before God because I was a good person or kind to people, or because I obeyed the laws. That's not the reason why I can go before God. The reason why I can go before God is because of the son that God has sent, and because of the indemnity that was paid for me so I could have that incredible grace, although I'm unworthy to go before God.

This is very important. We see it in the Scriptures of Jesus Christ's ministry. Jesus is preaching against false teaching; he's preaching against even religion. In John 8, for example, Jesus challenges the religious authorities of his time. He goes into the synagogues. He curses them: "You brood of vipers. You are of your father the devil." He's totally cursing them out. This is not the best inter-religious picture that we may want to see in the modern world. Christ goes in and challenges them; he challenges conventional belief. What Jesus is preaching against is false teachings.

The Pharisees were of the sect of Judaism that was the most faithful to the Mosaic law. They obeyed it to the T and prided themselves on their righteousness because of this. They believed that because they followed the love of Moses they could be justified before God; they could be saved before God; they could go before the throne of God. They believed that they were worthy.

What Christ said to them was, "No." The idea that we can go before God because we are good or because we follow all the laws and commands is the essence of what Christ was labeling as a false teaching.

Truth is different from that. What Christ was teaching against was conventional religion, saying that this kind of teaching is not true. What is true, however, is the truth, and the truth is that we have sin. That is truth. When Christ asked, "Let the first person without sin cast the first stone," nobody could cast a stone because everybody had to admit having sin.

Is there anybody in this room that has never lied? Raise your hand if you have never lied. If you raise your hand, you're lying! I know it. I'm not that stupid. What do we call somebody who lies? A liar. Has anybody in this room not stolen something? I've stolen things in my life. I remember stealing candy or erasers from my brother or whoever. What do we call people who steal? Thieves.

Is there any person here that has not had lustful thoughts for somebody other than a spouse? We're in Las Vegas! Men, don't lie! Give me a break. Jesus said that if you have lustful thoughts, if you covet another person's wife even in your mind, you are committing adultery by sinning in the mind. He's calling us adulterers.

Is there anybody in this room who has not resented God at some point, even cursed God, hated God, not wanted to have anything to do with God, even ignored God? If we believe God is omnipresent, he's with us always during 24 hours, how much do we ignore him? If I'm with my wife and she's sitting near me and I ignore her, I'm going to create pain in her heart. You see, whether we try to escape it or not, even though we may not have original sin because of the blessing of True Parents, we still have what the Principle describes as the other types of sin. We have hereditary sin; we have collective sin -- things that we do as a group in a way that harms God; and we have individual sin, which, if we're honest, we admit we create every day.

What Christ was talking about was the false religion. He was preaching against that because false religion leads only to two places. In the first place it can lead -- because we believe that through our good obedience of the laws we're righteous, and because we're righteous we have a right to go before God. That's called spiritual arrogance, or hubris. That's the sin of Satan, Lucifer. So in the first place false religion can lead to hubris and pride.

At the same time, false religion or conventional religion, what Christ was preaching against, can lead us to a different destination point. When we look at ourselves honestly, we're not following all the laws. Who's doing Hoon Dok Hae every day at 5:00 o'clock? We're not following the laws. Who's keeping An Shi Il every week, reciting Kajong Maengse every day? We're not following the laws.

So when we look at ourselves honestly and we realize that we're not following the laws, we can fall into deep depression and guilt. Conventional religion brings us either to great pride or to great guilt and depression.

Why did Christ say that the truth will set you free? Because when I finally accept the truth -- even though it hurts at first -- that I have sinned against God, I have harmed or hurt God even though I may have no original sin, that creates distance. When we accept the truth that we are sinners before God, we can start seeing the love of God.

The Scripture from this perspective says that any of the things we've done in our lives that we think are so good, such as great acts of charity and compassion or any other of our actions that we think are amazing, are nothing more than dirty rags. Scripture also says that it's none other than dung. It uses the word dung. It's like nothing. We want to boast about our goodness, our charity work, what we've done as a good person, but we have to remember who we're boasting to. We're boasting to the Almighty Creator of the universe. Before him, anything that we do on this small piece of dust, this earth, is what Paul called dirty rags and not even worth God's attention.

Do you see that when you understand that truth, you can't boast? You can't be proud. You can't say, "I've done this and this and that's why I deserve to go before God." It makes you open to experience the love of God because even though you're unworthy, God so loved the world. Even though you are not adequate, God chose to save us. That's amazing. That is grace. That is love.

When we hear people tell us that God loves us, it's very true. God does love us. But he loves us not because of what we've done. He loves us because of what his begotten son, Christ, and True Parents as the returning Christ, have done. He loves us not because we are great; he loves us because His love is great. He loves us not because we are worthy; he loves us because His love is worthy.

He loves us not because we are amazing people, but because His grace is amazing. It's amazing grace. The more I spend time with Father and I see him, I say, "My God, he is truly the embodiment of God, the corporeal True Parent." It's unbelievable. I can't explain how profound his forgiveness and grace is. It baffles my mind at times how he could forgive or how he can accept so graciously.

And that calls me to understand another point about conventional religion. Conventional religion, what Christ was attacking, teaches that the world is both good and bad, that there are good people who follow the laws and bad people who don't follow the laws. So, good and bad. But the truth is that we're all children of God.

The difference is between a repentful child and an unrepentful child, a grateful child and an ungrateful child. Both are children. One child harms, and one child heals. That's the difference. When we understand the truth, when we cut through the clutter of what the world is always trying to tell us, always trying to fill our shelves with books on self-help and spirituality and to love only ourselves, we get into what even Buddhism calls "delusion."

A professor at Columbia University who studies addiction says in a book that when he was at an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting in inner city New York, everybody was getting up, saying, "My name is so and so and I'm an alcoholic." That is how they do it in those programs. There was one Caucasian man, well dressed, holding a briefcase, obviously going back and forth between work, and he stood there saying, "I have to get control over my life again. I've get to get the hang of it again. I've got to stop this craziness and show all those people who pushed me around that I can get off this." The professor is sitting there taking notes, watching this well-dressed man.

Then an African American man with long dreadlocks sitting next to him leans over and says to the professor, "I used to be just like that guy until I discovered low self-esteem." "What are you talking about? Low self-esteem? Are you crazy?" The professor didn't understand at first. He said, "What do you mean, you were like that until you discovered low self-esteem?"

The man went on to explain, saying, "Listen to that man talking. It's all about him. It's all about how everybody wronged him. I was just the same until I realized it's I who am abusing the substance. I am the problem. I am the addict and I am hurting other people. It is not my wife or my boss who is making me drink. I am drinking and I am hurting them. Not until I admitted that could I ask for forgiveness."

What this young African American man taught the professor that day impacted him greatly because it taught him that with addiction -- whether concerning alcohol or addiction to the self -- until we realize that we are addicts, we can't be free. This is what he was offering this professor.

One of the things that may come to mind is, "If it is true that I can't go before God because of my actions, why should I try? If I am a sinner and even though I make an effort and I can't go before God because of my effort, why should I try? What's the purpose in trying?" Isn't that a good question? What's the purpose in trying?

I'll ask you another question. Does any good husband here in this room -- the emphasis on good -- refrain from committing adultery because you want to get an award? Is that the reason why you practice fidelity? Or do you practice fidelity because you love your wife? Come on, good husbands! There are a couple of them in this room, I'm hoping. Praise God, please! We practice fidelity because we love our spouse. I practice fidelity because I love my wife, not because I want to get an award.

And it's the same thing with God. We follow God's commands not because through that we will be saved through our effort. We follow his commands because we love him. That's why we follow his Word. It's all about love in the end.

We need to understand the truth of our situation and the truth of what True Parents and Christ have done. In the Principle, we talk about spiritual salvation and physical salvation. Those are new phrases. In the Christian world, that would be referred to basically as justification. Any Christian you talk to will understand the word justification. You are justified before God because of Christ, because of Jesus' suffering, because of what he's paid for you.

In the same way, that's what we're talking about when the Principle says, "spiritual salvation" because we also believe that Christ saves us spiritually. We believe that. Jesus saves us spiritually as individuals. But True Father has come and together with True Mother he has walked again the path that Christ had to walk as God's begotten son. True Parents are not like us. The difference is that no matter how much we try to pay indemnity and do indemnity conditions, we cannot pay off the indemnity of history. We can't. We're not the messiah or the messiah's couple. We're anointed by the messiah to maybe be tribal messiahs, family messiahs, but we're not the returning lord.

The difference is that from God comes his begotten son, comes True Father, and then come True Parents. That's why we refer to them as the Lord of the Second Advent. That's where Christ came from, too. Only a being of that much importance to God, of that much value in God's eyes, can pay off the history of harm toward God. This is what the path of Christ was, and this is also the path of the returning Christ and his bride, the True Parents.

This is why they went through their lives taking on all the scorn, all the hatred, all the persecutions of this world. This is why he went through what I call the seven deaths and resurrections, the six tortures in the different prisons and together with True Mother the final death and resurrection. In every single one of them Father easily could have been dead. He walked the course where all peoples at that time wanted to murder him. Murder him. They wanted to execute him.

This is the amount of hatred Father and Mother endured, taking on all the evils, all the sins of the world. And it is because of that indemnity condition, the price that was paid by the one sent, that we can have eternal life, and can come before God. This is an unbelievable expression of God's sacrifice, God's love for us.

As I mentioned in the beginning, I had a chance to go to different nations where we chanted and sang one phrase for an hour sometimes. All we did was sing "Chambumonim, Eog Mansei," for an hour. You're probably thinking, how do you sing "Chambumonim, Eog Mansei" for an hour? We sang it for 30 minutes or an hour, depending where we were.

When we sang it, amazing things happened. In Korea, when we started just a couple of months ago singing, we were at a Yeosu 21-day workshop. Incredible miracles began to happen. We began to see people getting healed. We had people who had degenerative eyesight begin to see, thyroid cancer healed, incredible miracles. You cannot explain it.

What is the difference between magic and miracles, brothers and sisters? Who can control magic? Human beings can control magic. You go to Las Vegas, you see a little magic show, that's all human beings controlling things. Human beings can control magic.

Can human beings control miracles? Only Almighty God can control miracles. We saw miracles happen before our eyes. Incredible. We saw tears pouring out from brothers and sisters being what is known as "slain in the spirit," just collapsing on the floor, repenting. Once we look at ourselves honestly and understand the truth that we have sinned even though we may believe we have no original sin, then we're also asked to ask forgiveness. That's the next step: to ask forgiveness and do repentance.

In the West we usually see repentance as a type of self-hatred. "I really have to hate myself in order to repent," we may think in the West. This is a total misunderstanding of what repentance is. Did you know that self-love, narcissism, and self-hatred are the exact same thing? Self-love and self-hatred are the same. We can see this if we ask, "Who is the center of self-love?" The self. And, "Who is the center of self-hatred?" The self. It's the same thing.

Repentance is neither one of those. Repentance is not the self-love that tries to just love and worship the self more than we should worship God. Also, repentance is not self-hatred, a loathing or hating of myself, that's intensely focus on me. Repentance is different. Repentance frees you from yourself. Repentance says, "No more spotlight on me." The spotlight is only on the one who deserves the spotlight -- God and True Parents. That's where the spotlight should be. That's repentance.

Every instant we may repent, the next second our mind wants to come and give us praise: "You did a great job of repenting. You did a fantastic job of repenting. You're great." Again it wants to pull the spotlight back to me. That's why Christ said to us, "Those who seek to live will die. Those who seek to die for my sake will live."

He's not talking about the physical world. If you listen to that phrase and look at it only from a physical standpoint, it sounds like the words of a madman. "What do you mean, if you seek to live you will die, if you seek to die you will live? To live, that means I should kill myself, suicide?" That's not what Christ is talking about. He's not talking about the normal world.

Christ is the lord of love, so Christ is talking about the laws of love. He's talking about the world of love. In the world of love, if, in my marriage to my wife, I only seek to get my pleasure from my marriage, my happiness from my marriage, my joy from my marriage, the marriage will die. But if I seek to die for my wife's happiness, if I seek to throw myself away for her joy, then that marriage shall last. That's what Jesus is talking about. In the world of love, in the Shim Jung culture, in the Shim Jung heart, it is only when we seek to die that we live.

Brothers and sisters, I want to begin with all of us singing "Chambumonim, Eog Mansei" together. We have a couple of things that prepare our minds and spirits before we enter in, and they're challenging. They're not easy. I'm going to give you warning. They're not easy because they're going to clash with our most treasured views of ourselves. But I want to encourage you that even though the truth hurts at first, it liberates; it's freeing because we learn how to love.

We're going to enter in by doing a couple of preparatory things. I want first to remind you that the name of True Parents was supposed to be the name of Jesus and his wife, and also was supposed to be the name of Adam and Eve, the first parents. That was to be their name. God is the True Parents, the incorporeal True Parents of heaven and earth, unseen creator of the universe. When we're singing "Chambumonim, Eog Mansei," we're singing to God first. Then, of course, we're singing to True Parents.

But it's a little different because here I don't want you to sing so that you get a blessing. I don't want you to sing to God or True Parents seeking a blessing, a miracle, or some kind of benefit. Let it go. Don't even desire those things. I want to ask you that during this next 30 minutes you will join me in letting those desires go, so we gather all the energy in our body, mind and spirit and send it, direct it, toward True Parents. Let's gather all the energy, channel all the energy we have.

The idea is not, "God, give me some blessing today." The idea is, "God, even though my legs become paralyzed right now, let all this energy in my legs go, especially to True Father's legs. Even if my heart fails right now, let all the energy in that heart go especially to True Father's heart." That's the heart we want, that we have to focus on.

We go into this with a "pure mind" with pure intention and pure heart. If Jesus was 92 years old and he stood before you at a podium or on the Mount of Olives, would you not want to send your love to him? Would you not want to, if he had a nosebleed, wash that away? Would you not see his shaking legs and say, "Jesus, I want them to be strong for you?" Would we not do that if Jesus were here?

Brothers and sisters, we have to remember, that's who True Parents are. So in this next 30 minutes I want you to focus your mind -- pure heart, pure mind, and pure intention -- and just give it all to True Parents. Send all the energy you have in your body, your heart, and your mind and give it to True Parents because they're worthy of that love.

Let's stand up and prepare our bodies. Remember, we're going to manifest the Principle -- I'm assuming you can do that. Let's first stretch, prepare, breathing in and stretching toward the heavens. Breathing out, circle motion. That's give and receive action, stretching out. Breathing in, four position foundation at the base, breathing in, stretch, stretch. Breathing out, four position foundation lifted up, stretch up. Breathing in, touching the heavens, stretch, and breathing out. May I inherit the true love of God and glorify Heaven until my ascension. Aju.

Let's first offer glory to God and True Parents as we offer this prayer together. I'm going to ask you to join your hands together and let's pray. Let's read together the prayer on the screen:

Dearest Heavenly Father, since the beginning of creation you have waited for a child who could inherit your true love. Due to the fall of Adam and Eve humankind inherited selfish, false love from the adulterer Satan. You sent your messengers -- the Buddha, Confucius, Mohammad, and your son, the Messiah Jesus Christ -- to this world to fulfill this purpose of creation.

Jesus inherited the great agape love of friends, saying that 'No greater love is there than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends.' But due to the tragedy of the killing of Jesus, he could not establish the purpose of creation and create a true family inheriting the parental heart of God.

You prepared this land of Korea, the holy land of the Second Coming. You sent True Parents to fulfill the mission of Jesus, to inherit the true love of God, your parental heart. By the seven deaths and resurrections and the perfection of the eight stages of completion, True Parents have been tortured, killed and killed seven times as a ransom for individual, family, tribe, race, nation, world and spirit world sins.

They have descended into the darkest spirit realms and offered their holy souls to be tortured in place of our spirits so that we and our children, families, both in the flesh and spirit worlds, may be set free and have eternal life. By the power of true love they have been resurrected from seven deaths and demonstrated the victory of your love over death, sin and evil.

They have ascended up to the eighth level of God and are spiritually enthroned as God's perfected representative in heaven and earth, with the creator's full authority and power. Aju.

Next, let us offer the seven bows, and as we offer these bows let's manifest Principle, but as we manifest Principle when we create give and receive, let's say together, "Hananim," which means God. When we manifest the four-position foundation, let's say together, "Chambumonim," which means True Parents. And when we put our hands together let's say, "Kamsa hamnida," which means thank you.

The first trial, or "death and resurrection," this is the torture in the Kyungki-do police station. Let's manifest Principle together. Hananim, Chambumonim, kamsa hamnida. The second trial and tribulation, second death and resurrection, let's manifest Principle together. Hananim, Chambumonim, kamsa hamnida.

The third trial and tribulation, this is -- you can read on the bottom. Let's manifest together, Hananim, Chambumonim, kamsa hamnida.

The fourth trial, death and resurrection is Hungnam prison, the concentration death camp. Hananim, Chambumonim, kamsa hamnida.

The fifth trial and tribulation, Seodaemun prison. Together, Hananim, Chambumonim, kamsa hamnida. For the nation's level.

The sixth, representing Danbury, where the world sought to destroy True Parents. Hananim, Chambumonim, kamsa hamnida.

And what True Parents call the substantial resurrection, that we all witnessed together, representing the cosmos, Hananim, Chambumonim, kamsa hamnida.

We offer those bows in remembrance and also in gratitude for those victories, the victory of true love.

This next section is very important, brothers and sisters. I created this portion because it's very important that the person who's leading the service where "Chambumonim, Eog Mansei" is sung remain humble and always remember their place before God.

As you will see, you will ask the first question and I will respond to that question. The congregation will ask in unison, please. (Congregation reads from the screen.)

Congregation: Have you, the leader of this service, repented and admitted you are a sinner before God, in preparation for the service?

Hyung Jin Nim: Yes, I repent before God and True Parents and I admit that I have sinned and I am a sinner. Aju.

Congregation: Do you, the leader of this service, humbly ask God to lead you with the Holy Spirit and realize that you are not the center?

Hyung Jin Nim: Yes, I realize that God and True Parents are the center of this service and I ask with a humble heart that God will lead me with the Holy Spirit, Aju.

Congregation: Do you, the leader of this service, realize that you do not have any special miraculous abilities, but that you are merely an instrument God can use for His will?

Hyung Jin Nim: Yes, I am pleased to be used as an instrument for His will. I realize that all the miracles that may happen during this service are from God and True Parents and not from my own ability. Aju.

Congregation: Then we ask God and True Parents to bless this day and guide you through the service.

Hyung Jin Nim: Glory to God and True Parents. Aju.

Thank you.

Let's all recite the next prayer, which is the last prayer before we enter in. It's very short. Let us all have an admission of our own need for prayer and repentance. Let's offer the prayer together.

Heavenly Father, save me, be the lord of my life. I turn from my sins; I turn to you and to True Parents. I am a sinner and I need a savior.

True Parents, I repent before you. Forgive me, make me new. I believe you suffered and died and rose for me, rose again and again so I can live for you. Fill me with your spirit. Humble me to know you and serve you. I kneel unworthy before your love. Help me show it to the world. Thank you for new life. Now you have mine. In my name, Aju.

Thank you, brothers and sisters. Please be seated.

Let's prepare our posture. I invite you to sit on the front of your chairs, so you're not leaning on the back and you can keep your backs straight as in a meditation posture. Just before we go in, as you keep your posture, gently close your eyes. We'll first start very quiet and the energy will rise, given by the grace of the Holy Spirit.

At one point we will all stand, lift our hands up, and we'll focus our entire mind, our body, and our spirit in sending energy, healing, love, and strength to True Parents. After that we will come back down to a more quiet singing of the song, and then we will finish.

We will do a total of around 100 repetitions. In a few minutes we're going to focus our minds and prepare ourselves.

Let's gently close our eyes and put our hands on our heart. Place two hands over your heart. I first want to invite you to notice that your heart is beating. We many times will forget that we are living, we are breathing, and our heart is beating. So just with your hands you can feel the vibration of your heart.

Once you feel that vibration, breathe in deeply, and as you breathe in, in your heart let's say, "I am alive." And as you breathe out, in your heart let us simply say, "Thank you, God. Thank you, Lord." Feel the vibration of your pulse, of your heart. As you breathe in, "I am alive." And as you breathe out, "Thank you, God. Thank you, Lord."

Remembering that we rely on God for our next breath, for our next heartbeat, let's feel that precious heartbeat. As you breathe in, notice and declare in your heart, "I am alive." And as you breathe out, in your heart let us offer that gratitude, "Thank you, Lord. Thank you, God."

Let us prepare our hearts. And as we listen to the music, let's follow along.

(Singing 100 times.) Chambumonim Eog Mansei.

Let us pray, brothers and sisters. Let us pray in unison and let us lift our prayers to our True Parents.


Dearest, most beloved Heavenly Father, dearest, most beloved True Parents. Dear God, we thank you for this day, for this is the day the Lord has made; this is the day when you see your children anew; this is the day when we get on our knees before you, when we see the truth, and repent of our sins. And Father, we come before you in gratitude.

Father, this is the day that we realize how amazing your love is, that we are justified as families before you not because of our own doing, but because of the grace of your love, because of the sacrifice of True Parents, because of the indemnity that had to be paid to free these souls.

Dear God, we are here before you because you showed us love. We bow before you this day. We want you to come into our hearts, to send the Holy Spirit to come into our hearts, Father, and give us a new heart. Father, make us a new creation in your image so that we may turn from our sins and we may chase after you, chase after your goodness, chase after your glory, chase after your kingdom, dear God.

Oh, Lord, thank you so much for this day. We want to pray for America this day because this country is for you. Father, America is the place where True Parents shed so much sweat. It is a place that is prepared to move and lead this world. But we know that America is declining. We know that China is rising. We are in a situation where we must call upon your glory for us to see the light.

Father, let this country awaken to your truth. Let it leave its pride, leave its egocentrism, leave its own glory behind and, Father, seek the glory of your kingdom, seek the glory of the kingdom on earth.

Please give us this heart, give us this spirit this day. Father, imbue us with your spirit with holy fire, a new energy within all of us today. And Father, let this energy expand to True Parents. Let True Parents have strength this day because of this love. Let these children, let us, although our love is small, change this small love into a great love by your mercy, change this small devotion into a great devotion with your mercy.

Father, send it to True Parents. Give them strength. And we pray that this small sound, this vibration of true love, of your children coming back to you can spread across this country, can spread across this nation, can make this nation rise up to be the America it is supposed to be.

Father, we pray for this country this day. Please bless this country. Bless it in your name and in the name of True Parents. Father, we pray that you may listen to the prayers of your children.

Father, we love you this day. We want to ask for forgiveness because we must repent. We must turn away from the temptations of moral decline, and Father, we must reclaim America's purity, reclaim America's glory for you, for this world, so that America may stand as the beacon of hope and the beacon of light, the protector of freedom, the protector of your grace.

Father, be with us today. Let us feel your heart. Let us enter into your presence. We know that when we enter into your heart, no more can the powers of death, no more can the powers of sin, no more can the power of depression, no more can the power of sadness, no more can the power of loneliness be victorious, but only your glory will reign. Only your love will be victorious.

We enter into your world, Father, your Shim Jung, your world of heart, and we find everlasting light. We find everlasting joy. We find everlasting hope in living for you. Father, make us new this day. Make this congregation new this day. Make us into your children that can create your kingdom of heaven on earth, as it is in heaven, with the glory of our True Parents.

We thank you so much, dear God, and we want to offer all these things to you this day. We want to offer all our prayers for the world, for the nations, for this nation, for the tribes, for the societies. And Father, for all the families we pray, the blessed families in the tens of millions across the world, that we can bow our knees and bow our heads in prayer and repentance, in rebirth and resurrection, and that we can come into your amazing love.

Thank you so much, Father. We pray these things at the individual level. We pray that you may use us not for our purpose and not for our lives but that you may use us for your purpose, that you may use us for your kingdom, that you may use us for your glory and for the glory of your son, True Parents, that are here with us today.

Father, we thank you, and we thank you for the miracles that you have allowed, for we know that when you see your children in true love, you allow all things to be possible. We thank you and pray these things in our own names as blessed central families, Aju.

Brothers and sisters, let's manifest the Principle together. Give and receive action, four-position foundation, may I inherit the true love of God and glorify Heaven until my ascension, Aju.

Please turn to the brother or sister next to you, and let's manifest the Principle together with our brother or sister next to us. Give and receive action, four-position foundation. May we inherit the true love of God and glorify Heaven until our ascension, Aju. Give your brother, give your sister a big hug, and let's give some glory to God and True Parents this day. Let's give them some glory, give them some praise.

(Three cheers in Korean.)

I invite you to sing our final song ("Amazing Grace") together to God and True Parents. 

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