The Words of Hyung Jin Moon From 2011

A Visit that Roused a Neighborhood

Vincent Witinga
March 3, 2011
National Leader of Comoros

Hyung-jin nim and Yeon-ah nim's visit to the Witinga's home in Kenya

I received the news of Rev. Hyung-jin Moon's visit to my house from our national leader Rev. Emmanuel Tanui. I could not imagine our international president visiting my humble residence. My wife Marie was surprised but quickly started preparing. She was pregnant, and the baby was due to be born on the day that Hyung-jin nim and Yeon-ah nim would visit our family.

When the international president's entourage neared our house, the entire neighborhood came out to the road to welcome him. They could not believe their eyes. Many people surrounded our compound waiting to have a glimpse of Hyung-jin nim and his entourage. When he entered our house, I felt the True Parents' love and presence. My wife reminded me of a dream I'd had that True Parents visited our house. This dream came true through the younger Rev. Moon.

I felt this visit was not limited to our family but that we represented the central blessed families in Kenya and all of Africa. We are grateful for Hyung-jin nim's encouragement and his advice that the sacrifices we make are not in vain and that we should return glory to God and True Parents. Hyung-jin nim repeatedly said that we are brothers and sisters and True parents are here with us. He also encouraged us to center everything on God and True Parents because they will never forsake us. He spoke also of the power in the words Chain B1110 nim eog mansei.

Hyung-jin nim, Yeon-ah nim and Africa Regional President Hee-sun Ji, who had come from visiting a Hindu temple (hence, the tilak on their foreheads) with the Witinga family.

He asked the names of our family members, so I introduced our two sons Bosung and Bogioung and our two-year- old daughter Boun, who gave a Kenyan flag to Yeon-ah nim. Yeon-ah nim accepted the flag and held Boun on her lap. Our daughter was so happy that afterward she was asking where "mother" went, referring to Yeon-ah nim.

Despite their holding the position of international president, I was moved by Hyung-jin nim and Yeon-ah nim's love and concern for our family to the point that they shed tears in our humble house. They even extended themselves to name our unborn child, giving the name Moon Eun, meaning heavenly grace.

We prepared food and drinks including our local delicacy ugali, which Hyung-jin nim ate after we demonstrated how we eat using our hands. He seemed very happy.

Even now, our neighbors are curious to know more about the visitors who came to our house. We found in this an opportunity to witness to our neighborhood.

On March 2, we were blessed with a baby girl, who ascended to the spirit world on delivery. We offer this as a condition in front of Heaven. May God's grace be with us all. 

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