The Words of Hyung Jin Moon From 2011

Sun Myung Moon comments on Hyung Jin Moon's Africa tour

March 3, 2011

After Hyung Jin Nim's report, Father said, "Hyung Jin is a mysterious man who can fit himself to any given atmosphere and introduce Heavenly Father. He can let family members feel something new, and he and his wife are a beautiful couple who can show the flower of profound minds anywhere in the world," and asked the participants to give Hyung Jin Nim a big hand.

Hyung Jin Nim visited a member's house. As entering it, he became speechless when he saw the poor living conditions of the family, and told the people with him to close the all doors and windows so that people outside could not see them. He started to sing "Long Live True Parents" and all others joined him. After they sang for a while, Hyung Jin Nim told them to give away all the money they had with them, and gave it to (that member through) the national leader saying "We are brothers".


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