The Words of Hyung Jin Moon From 2011

An Interfaith Welcome in Kenya for UPF Chairman Hyung Jin Moon

February 27, 2011
UPF -- Kenya

Nairobi, Kenya -- The UPF International Chairman Rev. Hyung Jin Moon, on his first visit to Kenya, was welcomed by the Speaker of Kenya's National Assembly, the Hon. Kenneth Marende, at a meeting of several hundred Ambassadors for Peace in Nairobi on February 27.

"Being in your midst today reminds me of the saying that a small and committed people can change the world," said the Speaker. "Each of you are demonstrating that you are making a difference by standing up for the ideal of peace that transverses race and religion, universal peace; key to our coexistence and development."

"The absence of peace brings hatred and division, and Kenya knows much about it," said Dr. Hasmukh Dawda, the Chair of UPF in Kenya, referring to the bitter post-election conflicts of two years ago. "I urge Kenyans to reach out to each other and extend the powerful hand of forgiveness without waiting for anyone to call upon them. Forgiving and reaching out is one way of preaching peace."

The UPF delegation visited several leading houses of worship of different faiths in Nairobi, including the Shree Sanatan Dharam Sabha Hindu Temple, a Sikh Gurdwara, and a Buddhist temple. The group also visited the Kibera slums to be reminded of the monumental task facing Kenya's rebuilding efforts.

"We all know that preaching peace to hungry people is not practical," said Dr. Dawda. "Children get their peace through the provision of basic needs; therefore, education, health services, food, and security are tantamount to peace. So peace comes with the provision of the very basics of life, and that is what the world needs now, this very minute." 

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