The Words of Hyung Jin Moon From 2011

Chung Bok Gung Korean Bulletin Announcements for 2011.2.13

Hyung Jin Moon
February 13, 2011

Church School February Schedule: Those with children enrolled, please inquire with the School.

College Students Workshop to be held 2.14-18 at the Guri Training Center. 1st and 2nd Gen. candidates who have been matched but not blessed yet should attend this workshop. Fees: prepaid 100,000 won, 2.14, 110,000 won.

CARP General Meeting for all members will be held 2.18-20. Contact Sawa Matsumoto, 02-787-2117.

2-Day Workshop: 'True Husband and Wife', will be held 2.26, starting 11:30 am at the Cheongpadong former headquarters Church. Mainly for couples who started family life in the last 3 months -- 1 year. Contact BFD Mr. Yang Gilmoon 02-787-2110.

2nd Gen. Blessing Candidates Workshop, to be held from 2.19, 1:30 pm, at the former headquarters Church, for those requiring Divine Principle Education. Fee 60,000 won (prepaid 55,000 won). Register by 2.16, 6 pm with your local pastor or local BF Director.

Holy Spirit Healing Service (HSHS) is being held every evening, at 7:30 pm, at the 3rd Floor Main or Small Sanctuary. Wear white T-shirts, and anyone is welcome!

Period for receiving Holy Salt extended from 2.9 to 2.16, 5 pm. 3F Small Chapel. For those receiving it after 2.9, A) in Korea, should attend the 5 pm Ceremony and the 7:30 pm HSHS. B) Members living overseas can apply online, and offer a 21-day condition, e.g., midnight prayer, bows, etc.

Apply online at:

Cheon Bok Gung Student Center (ex Shinchon CARP Center) seeking tenants: 24 students in colleges within Seoul. Apply by 2.13 with Rev. Kim Shin Han 

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