The Words of Hyung Jin Moon From 2011

To the National Leaders

Hyung Jin Moon
February 5, 2011
Chung Pyung, Korea

You know, we are very excited, very grateful to see all of you here in Korea

Isn't it always nice to be back to the Fatherland! Yes? (Yes)

Okay, it is always an occasion to praise God.

For the last two days we had an amazing time with True Parents. And just incredible, so much blessing is showering upon us. I really feel this is a totally new year.

For us in the Korean church, we are very excited because a month ago Father, while he was in America, asked us to do a 21-day-workshop in Yeosu, especially for the safety of the country. And that was a very tense time, because that was the time North Korea had already bombed Yong Pyung Do, so it was already an act of war. And it was very very close to coming to war on this peninsula, very very close. So we went down to Yeosu and we had a 21-day-workshop there.

Father called me up during the middle, I had to go to America and come back, but it was really amazing. One of the things we began there is the "Holy Spirit Healing Service", maybe you have heard about that. But for us, we really feel in the Korean Church now that the Holy Spirit is back in the Unification Church, that the Holy Spirit is back and is alive. It's conducting all sorts of miraculous healings, amazing! Amazing! The Spirit is back!

We haven't seen the Holy Spirit in our church for like 30 years. Maybe in the early church, but not like this. When we do unison prayer, people are just exploding, I mean literally exploding with their hearts and their tears, and it's unbelievable. And it really is the Holy Spirit that is descending, that's coming back to the church. And this is very important, because remember, for Christianity the Holy Spirit is the proof, its the evidence of God's presence. Let's give it an up one time for the Holy Spirit (applause). We love the Holy Spirit.

It's amazing, because all we do -- you may have heard about it -- is singing a little song, basically it's the same song over and over, and it's "Chambumonim Eog Mansei" for like an hour. It's very hard to explain; actually you have to experience it.

So I understand many of you will be leaving in the next couple of days, but if not and if you are in Seoul area, please come by Cheon Bok Gung, I'll be leading the night-time service tomorrow at 7:30, and we'll be doing the Holy Spirit Healing Service at night too. We do it every day. We were having a hard time getting 300 people to come during the Wednesday service. During the week we have Wednesday service. Of course at the weekend we have many people coming, you know, but weekdays everybody is busy with their work and everything. So for the Wednesday service it was hard to get even 200 people but because of the Holy Spirit being back, every day, every night, we have on average 350 people out every night, amidst their busy schedule and work. That kind of phenomena we haven't seen since the early days. It's absolutely incredible.

And you know the reason why I believe the Holy Spirit has returned is very important, very important. And this is the reason: Because we realize we are sinners, that's the reason. That's so important. Our movement, as you may know, has many many many many many many divisions inside it, many levels. You're this family, you're that family, you're Korean, you're Japanese, you're German; Americans have to sit over there, Germans, Japanese sit over there; actually we are Unificationists, but we have a lot of this inside.

And remember the difference between religion and truth, the difference between conventional religion and truth. What truly religion must do is "religio", reconnect back to God, it seeks a relationship. Okay, the difference between religion and truth is that in conventional religion, if you act very good and you obey the laws of God, the commands of God, and you do lot's of service work, and you just be a good person, (then) you can go before God as a righteous person, you can stand before God as a righteous person, okay? That's very different from truth, which is you cannot do that. No matter how good you live, no matter how kind a person you are, no matter how good you may think you are, we all have sin. Even though we don't have original sin, even though as blessed children we are not born with that, we still have tons of sin.

You see, I give the example all the time: I followed all of True Parents' laws; I didn't have girl friends, I didn't have drinking or smoking problems, no drug problems, I got married early, I got five kids -- everything Father said we must do I do, okay, in terms of the law. And I remember when I was in high school age, I worked hard at it. You know in America there are drugs all over the place; kids are selling it all the time in high school, drinking and all that culture is there. People who grew up in America, you know. And the dating culture is very strong in America. If you are sixteen and you're not dating you are weird. So I had to fight against that, you know, so I worked hard at that, I was proud of myself to fight against those kinds of temptations. But I remember I did believe that because I obeyed the laws that I could go before God. And I obeyed the laws plus I am a blessed child, plus I am a True Child, so members should respect me. You see what I mean? And this is arrogance; this is the greatest sin, hubris.

Remember the Pharisees who were among the Jewish sects the most obedient to the laws of Moses. Remember that it is those religious people who crucified, that killed, that murdered Jesus. So the conventional religion will tell you that if you obey these laws then you can go before the throne of God, you will be worthy -- but that is not true. The truth is that we are all sinners, that is the truth, it's the Gospel truth. Is there anybody in this room that has not lied in their lives? Raise your hand, come on. Somebody is raising a camera, but if you raise your hand you're a liar, because I know all of you lied, so did I.

Is there anybody in this room that did not steal something? I know that I stole stuff when I was a kid. I stole candies from the candy store; you know that kind of thing. What do you call somebody who lies? A liar. What do you call somebody who steals? A thief. Remember Jesus said that if you even had any lustful thought about another person other than your spouse, then you have committed adultery, you're an adulterer. Anybody in this room that has not had strange thoughts about a person other than your spouse, raise your hand. Then according to Jesus we are adulterous. And in our lives we are angry at God; we resent God, even curse God at times, hate God…. What do you call somebody who does that? We call somebody who does that a blasphemer. So even though we don't have original sin we are liars and thief, blasphemers and adulterous. You see what I mean?

No matter how perfect we think we are, we are not, we have sin, we make it every day. And this is so important for us to admit, this is critical. Because if you cannot admit that you have sin, you can never be open to ask for forgiveness. And if you cannot ask for forgiveness you cannot receive forgiveness. And if you cannot receive forgiveness, you cannot receive the grace of God and you will not know the love of God. You see, this is the truth and this is different from conventional religion. We cannot go before the throne of God, we cannot.

It is only because of the path that Jesus had to walk that we can be individually justified through faith in him -- the Principle calls this 'spiritual salvation' -- but in usual Christian language it is called 'justification before God'. But it is only because of the Son of God, the completed Christ, the returning Christ, the returning Messiah, the Lord, that has to walk the path of indemnity, the path of thorns, imprisonment, torture, death, hell, as with his family, and his bride, that we can be justified unto God, not as individuals but as families.

And what we have to remember: It is not because we have great families or we are great people that we are justified before God. We can never pay off the indemnity of all of history, none of us, nobody. Only the One that comes from the Logos of God, the dual characteristics, only a being that is so precious to God, can walk the path of indemnity for all humankind. And that is the path that True Parents walked for us, you see? It is because of that grace that love, to go the path of death, to die, to die, to die and to die again to save sinners like us and our children and our grandchildren. That's the only reason we can be justified before God, that's the only reason, there is no other reason. It's undeserved, but its love and that is grace. You see how amazing that is?

Conventional religion wants you to believe that you can do it alone by your own works and your own deeds. But the problem with that is that conventional religion can only lead to two paths.

Number 1: It can lead to the belief that you can stand before God justified because of your own accomplishments and own efforts, and thus it leads to arrogance and spiritual self-righteousness.

Number 2: If it doesn't lead there, it will lead to seeing yourself honestly. And if you see yourself honestly, you know we are not following all the laws of God. We have bad thoughts all the time. We lie, we are jealous, all sorts of things, am I correct or incorrect? We do this all the time. So if we look at ourselves honestly we realize, that we are not following all the laws and that we are hypocrites, and that leads to despair and guilt.

You see conventional religion only leads to either self-righteousness or to despair and guilt.

But that is so different with the truth. Truth does not lead to guilt and despair and self-righteousness. Because the truth of the matter is that we have sinned. Once we admit that we must ask for forgiveness. We must ask to be forgiven. And remember, if God is simply a righteous God, He doesn't have to forgive us, He doesn't. If He is only righteous, He does not have to forgive you, right, all He has to do is punish you, and you see what I mean? If you commit a felony in a state, they don't need to forgive you, all you have to do is pay the punishment and you'll be done. So God is not only a righteous God because He is a God of love, He forgives us.

And as He forgives us, even though we are unworthy, and as He sends his own flesh to die and die and suffer and suffer for us in the person of our True Parents, in the course they had to walk in the seven deaths and resurrections, then we can realize humility and we can also have gratitude for being forgiven.

And as we live our lives to love the one who loved us, then we feel joy, we feel unending joy. You see, conventional religion only leads to self-righteousness and despair or guilt.

But truth, it starts from admitting that you are a sinner, but it ends up in gratitude and in joy, in living for something other than me, you see?

Conventional religion will tell you that there are good and bad people in this world okay? People who follow the laws are good, people who don't follow the laws are bad, and they are evil, okay? Conventional religion will teach you that, but the truth is not that.

The truth is that we are all children of God. The difference is repentant children and unrepentant children. Grateful children, ungrateful children. Children who continue to sin and scar God and children who don't, who try not to sin and not scar their Father.

You see the difference, it is a huge difference. You see, with truth God dwells, He's alive, He lives amongst us and His spirit animates us because we have died.

As Christ said you must die. Those who seek to live will die and those who seek to die will live. That is not a phrase explaining the ways of this world. If you look at that teaching with just your normal eyes, you will see a mad man's words, right? Those who seek to die will live -- what does that mean? We all commit suicide? No, that's not what he means. Jesus is the Lord of love and he is talking about that in the world of love you must die in order to live.

Anybody who is married well, who is happily married, knows this. Am I right? Oh come on, praise God, people, are you people sleeping? Oh, okay good. Anybody who is happily married knows this. You can't live for yourself and be happily married, am I wrong? You can't.

In the world of love you can't live for yourself and be happy; you have to die.

You have to lose your sense of independence; you have to live for someone other than yourself. Then you really find immense intimacy and joy and happiness. You see, that's the world of love. In the world of heart it's the same thing. And that's what Jesus was talking about: We must die in order to live.

I am not telling that you are all sinners so that you hate yourself and detest yourself, trying now to commit suicide, don't do that, okay! Otherwise we have to come after you in the Spirit World. Okay? No, no, no. See, if you do that, you are making the same mistake.

Because, do you know that self-narcissism and self-love and self-hate is the same thing? The same thing, the same thing. Self-love and hating yourself all day is the same thing. It's the same thing. You know why, very simple. What is the center of self-love? The self. What is the center of self-hate? The self! That's the problem.

Repentance is not hating yourself. Repentance is taking the spotlight off of your self. It's not hating yourself intensely more, putting a bigger spotlight on you. It's taking the spotlight off of you. And it's putting it onto the only one who is worthy of that spotlight, which is God and True Parents. Aju! Come on people, praise God! (Applause) You see, this is why the Spirit is back.

I remember when I was young; our movement had a very strong Pharisaic culture. You make ONE mistake, and you are a sinner and we chase you out, don't you dare thinking about coming back! How perfect WE are here!

But even though we did that we were so full of sin -- if we were honest -- so full of it. And this is why the Spirit left us, because we forgot we were sinners. And we started believing that we were righteous before God because we were good people, because we follow True Parents' laws. It's only when we can realize once again that we are sinners, that we receive this grace of Seunghwa and resurrection into our life, and rebirth. Because of the tribulations and indemnity paid by True Parents can we find our true self. We can live for something other than our own self worship, and we can live for something which is eternal and everlasting, which is loving and worshipping God and His son.

You see, when we started once again to actually remember the truth, not the conventional religion, but the truth, the Korean church started to find gratitude again. And it's amazing -- we just sit there, well, we stand too, and we sing "Chambumonim Eog Mansei", for one hour, it's amazing, that's all we do.

And just like Paul said in Galatians, "there is neither Jew nor gentile, neither high nor low, neither master nor slave, neither men nor women, all are one in the love of Christ," and we feel that!

International members told me this in Korea …. I ask the people to hug each other during the service sometimes, but whenever they have to hug somebody…, Korean people, if they see some international person there, they look at them and try to find a Korean person to hug. (Laughter) "What are you? Are you Japanese? Okay." Then they try to find a Korean person to hug. Okay, at least that's not what they were saying, but they felt this.

They didn't feel like we are really one. They didn't feel.., they felt they are second class of citizen, because they are international, from a different country.

But after we do the Holy Spirit Healing Service, we remember the truth, we ask for repentance, we ask for forgiveness, we receive the grace and love of God, we seek to obey His commands -- not out of fear of punishment but because we love Him, because we love Him.

And after the Spirit Healing Service, when an hour has passed, and I make everybody hugging, the western members said it was amazing, "I always was rejected by Korean people until after the Holy Spirit came, and now they want to hug me, they hug me and sometimes even kiss me, on the cheeks, okay, on the cheeks." All one in the love of Christ! Why? Because we are all together loving the one whom God has sent, intensely loving.

We are sending all our energy from our body and mind and heart to True Parents. "Even if my legs fall off, Father, even if they fall off right now, let True Father's legs have strength…", like that we are sending that love energy. "Even if I die right here, let Father have strength today…" Wouldn't you do that for Jesus if Jesus was physically here? Wouldn't you do that for him? Come on, people who are from Christian backgrounds, and tell me. Wouldn't you do that? Don't look at me like I am strange or something. If Jesus was here, wouldn't you do that for him? Of course, we would.

Do you not remember that True Parents are Jesus that has returned, praise God! My God, my God! When we love Him like that, when we are not focusing on our "Oh God, bless me! And my back is killing me and my legs in pain, I got a rotated disc, God heal me today! "

No, God's not going to hear, he's going to curse your hips. That's not how we enter into the spirit. We enter into it by saying, "God, let Father's legs be strong! Let his 92 year old body be strong! Let the body that took the beatings and the torture that I should have received be strong!"

You see, when we send that energy, and when we send it like that, it's amazing, and people are healed. You know why? Because God can see that love and He can bless that give and receive action. He can see children who have repented, who are asking for forgiveness, who have gratitude and who have joy in trying to see their parents happy. And aren't they our parents? Are they not our parents? (Yes).We are only one in that love, that's it. We are only one in that love. We are not one in any other way, you see?

And so I want to invite you all to come, I cannot do it with you now, because I gotta go. But I want to invite you all to come. When are you all leaving, you are leaving tonight? Okay, so we maybe have time. Okay, we organize something, so you know, of course it's best because we have one week of festivities at Cheon Bok Gung in Seoul. It's best if we could do it there. So maybe we can do it at Cheong Pyung, we'll talk to the organizers and try to see how that can go.

I would love to be with you! One in the spirit, one in the love of Christ, love of God! With one heart and one mind. One vibration, all that you can see and experience is vibration, everything is vibration. You know vibration, little atoms that have electrons that are rotating around the nucleus create small motions, it's vibration. And even all things that you can't see at the quantum levels are all energy, are all vibrations.

Did you know that sound and heat and light are the same thing? Did you know that? Alexander Graham Bell gave this kind of example: if you put an iron rod and you clamp it down and you vibrate it, okay you vibrate that iron rod, then as it vibrates it will start making sound at some point, very low sound, it will start humming. And as you increase the vibrations per unit of time, then of course the sound will get higher, and then very loud, shrill, then all of a sudden it will disappear, no more sound, you cannot hear anymore, you can't hear it.

After a point that it reaches the limit of your hearing capacity, after it reaches that point, you can't hear it anymore. What will happen is that the rod will become hot. It will become hotter and hotter as you increase the vibration. And as you increase the vibration even more, the rod will start changing color, it will start getting iron hot, and will become red and start glowing and it will become full of light. Isn't that interesting?

Did you know that sound, heat, light are the same thing? All just different speeds of vibration. Isn't that fascinating? You know your whole body is vibration, the whole body. All that we can experience, even the light spectrum is vibration, we can only experience a tiny part of the whole spectrum, we can't experience gamma, or x-rays or UV-light, etc. but they exist. So if you do not believe just because you can't see it, it doesn't exist, that's bad science. You have to learn elementary chemistry, biology again. We only can experience such a small fraction of reality. But you have also probably heard of the "Heisenberg uncertainty principle" and also maybe the "double slit experiment".

The Heisenberg uncertainty principle, if you remember your physics…, you remember your physics? Have you people studied physics, I think you have, some of you..

But (according to) the Heisenberg uncertainty principle, as soon as you try to see or rate the momentum and location of say an electron, in order to observe it, you need to shine light on it. You have to be able to see it in order to observe it. As soon as you shine light on it the electron changes its location and it's momentum. So the fact of observing already has shifted the reality of the atom. So there is always uncertainty when you are trying to measure subatomic realities. That's the Heisenberg uncertainty principle. So we know that as soon as we can observe something, already it is changing.

What's amazing about that is because is that…, I am sure you know about the water molecules -- Emoto Masao, a Japanese, is very famous for this -- i.e. you put "thank you" on there or "I love you" and the water molecules are beautiful, and then you say "I hate you, I kill you, I kill you etc.", and then the water molecules all are dead, they look terrible. And just by placing the sticker on the water bottle, it changes their pattern. Sound is vibration, and you know that 76 -- 80 % percent of your body is water, then you know that things are perfected just by mere observation, then you can realize how much power even sound has to your body and your mind, you see?

And what is the purpose of creation? The purpose of creation in the principle…, I have heard many lecturers say: "The purpose of creation is the peaceful ideal world", "The purpose of creation is the true family." You may have heard lecturers say that, right? You may have given lectures, where you said that. But we have to remember: the purpose of creation is not the ideal peaceful world, it is not the ideal peaceful world.

The principle of creation and the purpose of creation is God's true love, true object partner. That's what God is seeking. You see? He is seeking His true love, true object partner, through which He can inherit and give and receive His love, His essence. That is the purpose of creation.

That true object partner, it was to be Adam and Eve -- man and woman made in the image of God. It was then supposed to be Jesus, as the True Father. We forget that Jesus was True Father. Jesus was supposed to be True Father.

Simply put, the purpose of creation it the true love object partner, the perfected man and woman made in the image of God, that can reciprocate and love God, give and receive in Him.

In short: the purpose of creation is True Parents, that is the purpose of creation. The whole universe was made for that purpose, for True Parents. You haven't heard the principle been taught like this, did you? The purpose of creation is True Parents. That is the principle.

It is from that true love object and God's relationship with, that the give and receive can begin, that the four-position-foundation can be set, that the family, tribe, society, nation, ideal world and cosmos can emerge. All those things are the fruit of the purpose which is True Parents. You see? This is the principle. And so, when we understand this, we understand the greatest secret in the universe. We understand the greatest secret, the greatest secret.

Father asked us: "If God had to choose between throwing either the universe away or True Parents away, which one would He throw away?" Which one? You prove my point! If you realize this, we realize the greatest secret in the universe.

Not only that God's purpose of creation was True Parents, but also the created world's purpose is to give and receive in their perspective the true subject partner, when then the third blessing could be substantialized, dominion over creation, you see what I mean? That means the entire created universe, all the universes -- if there are many -- their purpose is to move towards the purpose of creation, which is True Parents -- made in the image of God. We call in Korea the movement of the universe, we call that Chun Oon, that means heavenly fortune and destiny.

So all of you, all of us in this room, we already have a vibration. We already have a frequency coming out of us, already, every one of us. The question is, what kind of frequency is coming out. If we change our frequency, not the one we have now, but one that is the frequency that connects to the universe's motion as well, all the created world, then we can also move with that heavenly flow and destiny. We can move with the heavenly fortune as well. And how we change our frequency is by changing our vibration.

And when we are chanting the "Chambumonim Eog Mansei", sing the "Chambumonim Eog Mansei" we are changing our vibration. You are changing your vibration. You don't believe me, you have to experience it. Oh my gosh, amazing! You'll feel the vibration is moving through you. The holy fire penetrating through you, infusing you. And we prepare our body and our mind and our spirit and then with all our force and strength we send that energy to True Parents. And they feel it! I call Father every night: "Father, did you feel it today?" "I felt it!" "Father, did you feel it today?" "I felt it." Father can feel the love, he can feel the vibration across time and space because in the world of love there is no time and space. It is beyond time, it is eternal, everlasting, immortal.

And so, that's why I am so happy. (Applause) And that's why the church is happy because we learn how to "die". We are learning how to admit we are sinners. Admitting our sin, asking for forgiveness, repenting, taking the spotlight off of me and putting it on the only one worthy of worship. Being forgiven and finding gratitude and seeking to please and love the one who loves us. Eternal joy. Everlasting joy. Everlasting purpose. Everlasting peace, everlasting freedom -- the freedom to truly find your true self-made in the image of God. To give yourself to love the other, that's what God did for us. You see?

Augustine said, "there is a hole in every man's and woman's heart that can never be filled." It can never be filled. We try to fill it with many things in our life, with happiness, with good moments, or iPhone, whatever, technology, success, money, power and fame. We try to fill it with all sorts of things. But there is the hole in the human heart that can never be filled. Never be filled. There is only one thing that can fill the human heart and that is the love of God.

The love of God is not a love we deserve, it is a love that we are given by grace. And that's why it is so amazing. That's why we sing the song "Amazing Grace". And I believe because we are once again coming to the truth in our relationship with True Parents, that we are learning to take the spotlight off of us, to repent, ask for forgiveness, we are coming into the grace of heaven. And guess what? It's amazing. We did this now twice at the Sunday service and now we have Christians…, Christians are coming forward to the alter calls now.

We had a Christian lady (here at church), she is an evangelical Christian, her sister is Unificationist and she's been trying to witness her sister for the last 30 years. 'Get out of that heretic movement, you are going to hell! Come to my church!' And the Christian lady was in her (own) church, which is one of the biggest mega churches in the world, 80.000 members, 30.000 regular attendees. And they are in Kangnam, which is like Park Avenue of Korea. And she was sitting in her service and the head pastor was giving a sermon, he said, "You know, I thought that Unification Church was going to die. But it seems like they are getting more members nowadays." He said that during service.

So then after she heard that she said: 'Oh yeah, my sister, I gotta save her. "So then she called her sister and said, "Sister, I want to spend time with you." Anyway, something happened and the younger sister basically brought the older Christian sister to church. And that was a day we were doing the "Holy Spirit Healing Service. " It was really the first time we were doing it in the big service, you know. So it was really the first time where just anybody can walk in and come in to it -- because (until then) we were doing it more at night-time. And this Christian lady came in here. She ended up participating in the service, singing, Chambumonim Eog Mansei "for an hour. She felt the infusion of the Holy Spirit. She had back problems, those back problems were gone, and now she is signing up -- she is listening to Principle right now!

We had another Christian lady. Christians -- these are Korean Christians -- that's a different genre, it is different, and these are Korean, fundamentalist Christians, okay? We had another Korean Christian, someone brought her to the service, and she was trying to sit in the back, trying to hide. She can't be caught in the Unification Church, right?

So she was sitting in the back, we were doing the Holy Spirit Service, so she was also singing "Chambumonim Eog Mansei " for an hour, and then the infusion of the Spirit comes into her, she collapses, she is slain by the Spirit. You know how the Spirit comes and slay people, slay the demons within. So she literally falls back, like boom, like that, you've seen it. In America you've seen it, the Pentecostal, the Baptist church -- you've seen it. She was slain of the Spirit. My God, she fell back and then she fell forward. Can you imagine that? But, you know, the problem is, the chair in front of her is wood. So she banged her head on the wood chair in front of her. She had this huge bump. So one of our ministers visited her a couple of days later, she had like a bandage on her head. Alright, but she can't be happier, because she had tonsil thyroid cancer, and now it's gone! She loves the bump on the head, the thyroid cancer is gone, praise the bump! You see! Amazing, these are Christians. Because Christians are open to the movement of the Spirit, they seek the Holy Spirit.

There is another prominent Christian. She has been associated with UPF through our Ambassadors for Peace but she never wanted to put her foot into the Unification Church. "Don't know what will happen there if I do that." Right? So she comes to the service and she decides to bring two of her Christian friends from her church, who had been criticizing her for being involved and helping, whatever.

And she is so worried, because as she arrives she hears we'll be doing a different kind of service today. And she's like, " Oh my God, what kind of service is this?" So somebody explains to her, "Oh, we're going to be chanting 'Chambumonim Eog Mansei' for an hour." She is sitting there, "My God, you're going to do what? I brought my two Christians friends to the church for the first time and you're going to be chanting 'Chambumonim Eog Mansei' for an hour, are you crazy?" So we were worried, I mean, I didn't know they were there, but people were worried, because this is a very prominent woman. She was one of the top heads of one of the former runner-up for President of Korea, so she was very prominent. 30 years she's been a Christian, baptized when she went to college, up to now, etc.

You know, the service went on, here we are, the whole congregation singing Chambumonim Eog Mansei, and afterwards I tell my wife, "Omma, call her, find out what happened." Because I am worried too. I am worried, 'my God, what does she think.'

We call her, she said she had the most amazing experience. She said, she felt the love of God and her two Christian friends that she brought, they were weeping the whole time, all singing Chambumonim Eog Mansei. Praise God, people! Come on, praise Him!

This is the working of the Spirit. The Spirit is back. The church is alive. Christians who have been waiting for the Lord are coming forward. They are being called by the Spirit. Because Christians know they are sinners, they know they live because of Jesus' sacrifice. So as evidence they always are looking for the Spirit. That's amazing, it really is amazing. It's a testament to the power of the Spirit.

So I want to invite you all. We'll figure out a way to get you there, it's going to be great to do it with you all. Okay, praise God! We will organize it so we can do it together. And also with our normal Korean members we can do it together. 'Oh Sunday evening, that's very good evening, great day'.

Finally we can be Unificationists. What is so amazing about this, we really become not divisionists, we really become Unificationists. All one in the love of True Parents. All one in seeking and yearning and chasing after God, in love. All one in obeying his commands, not because we fear punishment like conventional religion, 'you follow God's command or you're going to go to hell', but in the Truth, you follow God's commands because you love Him, you love Him, that's why you follow.

And it's absolutely the most gratifying experience to finally feel the power of the Holy Spirit surging through the Church again. It is amazing. And it's not been done because of anybody's power. And as you see it, you'll see it tomorrow or on Sunday, when we do it. I also made a call response, because we are also training everybody, all members we want to be able to teach this because it is so easy to do. We want all members to learn how to lead Chambumonim-nim Eog Mansei, so we want to create small groups centered on this vibration, and this prayer, this practice, and then make that vibration spread. Eventually all ministers, all members we're training now, so that even normal members can lead this. They can invite their friends into these groups. So simple. We already created a CD, that they can use in their group and just follow along.

But when we see the movement of the spirit like that, it is truly amazing. And there is this one call response section that I put in, which is a very important section, because it is a section, where the congregation or the group that you are leading, the group asks you the questions.

So there's three real main questions, and they are designed to make sure we are humble before the Spirit. To make sure the leader who's leading is humble before the Spirit, and that he has repented.

The congregation asks me, as the International President, as a True Child, doesn't matter who it is leading it. Whoever is leading it is asked these questions. Every time I lead that service, the congregation asks me: "Have you repented before God and True Parents, and have you admitted that you are a sinner?" And you must say 'yes'. If you don't, you can't lead it. You must have repented and admitted that you are a sinner before God.

And then they ask you the question, "Do you realize, as the leader of the service, that the service is not about you, but that it is centered on God and True Parents and the Holy Spirit?" And you have to respond.

And then they ask you, "Do you recognize, that as the leader of the service, any miracles that happen, are not because you have miraculous ability, but because of the love and grace of the Holy Spirit and God and True Parents?" So that we can always stay in the right posture before God, we can always stay in the right position. And because we do that, it can block Satan from trying to come in, trying to possess somebody and make them believe that they have all the miraculous power. There is no man who has more power than the Holy Spirit, come on. I don't care how well you can heal people; you can't heal better than the Holy Spirit.

So these are very important things. And those things have been prepared, so when we do it together, please come ready, just come with your body, your mind and your heart, come with your faith and your love for True Parents, and let the Holy Spirit do the rest. It's an amazing day, it's an amazing day.

Nice to see you all brothers and sisters. I hope this is only the beginning, because as God says, when we repent and we are forgiven, the Holy Spirit is sent. He can come within us, give us a new heart and we can become new creatures unto Him.

I hope that your time in Korea is a time when we can go through that process.

God can come into you in a new way, give you a new heart and make you all into new creatures for his purpose and his will. To him be the glory, to True Parents be the glory, for ever and ever, Aju.

God bless you brothers and sisters. See you soon.

Prayer by Hyung Jin Nim:

Father, You create rivers where there were once deserts. You create the path in the wilderness for Your children. And, Father, You have sent from Your own dual characteristics, the logos made flesh, You have sent Your only son, Father to walk the course to restore all of mankind back to You.

But, Father, what a price that had to be paid! What an incredible, unbelievable suffering course that had to be walked to pay for all that sin!

Father we recognize on this day, that it is not due to our deeds, it is not due to the fact that we are good people or that we are worthy, that we can come before You. It is not due to any of our actions, thoughts or words, but it is due to the love that You have shown us, through the life course of our True Parents, who walked in death and sin, so that we may be freed from it.

Father, we and our children and families stand justified before you because of that grace. And, Father, we pray that as we realize this and admit our sin, that, Father, we realize, that we must also ask for forgiveness, that we must repent. And that we must do not the mistake of hating ourselves, as that is self-love. But we must take the spotlight off of us and shine it upon the one who deserves the glory, which is You.

Oh Father of love, we are so grateful, and we pray this with all our brothers and sisters here who are leading ministries all over this world, the national leaders, Father.

May You use these brothers and sisters, Father, You may cleanse them and purify them, that, Father, You may renew them this time, so that when we return back to our countries, Father, we are returning back with a new heart, a new life, that we return back to our nations, teaching the good news, the news, that Christ has returned, that the ever-loving Father in His grace calls us to Him. And, Father, although we are unworthy and full of sin, that You still reach out Your hand to us. Father how hopeful that is, how amazing that love is and that grace is. It is the only hope for this world.

And, Father, we pray that we may once again return not as those who have been steeped in self righteousness and arrogance and in death, but those who have been resurrected, renewed, recreated, by Your loving chastisement, by Your shaping and molding, by Your forgiveness, Your renewing grace and Your unending love. Father, this time is the first year that's been celebrated with True Parents under the new heavenly calendar. We pray that we may also return as new creatures, that Father the newness will not only be seen on the walls of our houses on calendars. But the newness of this epoch and age will be seen in the hearts of Unificationists all over this world. So that we will see Christians come forth to meet the one that they have been waiting for the last two thousand years. That we will see all people of all nations and races and religions coming forth to the incredible news of Your True Parents.

We thank you so much Father. We pray that these brothers and sisters may be Your instruments, that, Father, we may be emptied of our self, that we may seek to die for Your name sake, and, Father, truly discover our true self. A self that has You as it's purpose. A self that desires only You, and, Father, a relationship that exceeds the confines of time and space.

We pray that you may bless this day, that Father from this day and from the incredible blessings that we have received from True Parents over the last few days that we may prepare our hearts in prayer. And as we meet again to worship you and True Parents and give them strength, we pray, that You may bless that as well.

Thank you so much for all You have done. Bless these nations and use these brothers and sisters as Your instruments and Your hands. Let them never be filled with self-righteousness and arrogance, guilt or shame, but let them walk in righteousness because of love, let them be humble before Your amazing grace. And let the world see the light. The light that You have shown through the Principle and it's center, our True Parents.

We thank you so much dear Lord that You are with us today and we pray all these things in gratitude and everlasting love, we lift you up. And we pray that You may feel joy in Your children today. Thank you so much. We pray these things as one brotherhood and sisterhood, all these things in our own names, as central blessed families. Aju.  

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