The Words of Hyung Jin Moon From 2011

Ever Filling True Love

Hyung Jin Moon
January 30, 2011
Cheon Bok Gung, Yongsan Seoul Korea

Good afternoon, brothers and sisters,

Let's manifest the Principle first. Give and receive action, four position foundation, may we inherit the true love of God, and glorify Heaven through my ascension. Aju.

As you noticed today, we are going to have a little different format than usual. You know, this week is a very important week, because it is God's Day in the lunar calendar year, and True Parents' birthday is also coming this week. So last week we did the Holy Spirit Healing service. We sent a lot of Chi energy to True Parents; and they definitely felt it. Father had a lot more energy the whole week, and we were able to send that feeling energy towards him. So during this week also, it is just as important for us to give True Parents energy, so that everything can go smoothly and well. And it is the heart of the children to want to care for their parents.

So today we are going to be going into the Holy Spirit Service, but first I'll say a couple of words, and then we have a new section. And this one year section is very important. It is made for anyone who is leading this service. So right now we are training out Hoonsa nims and Moksa nims and normal members to be able to lead these services. But it is very important to center yourself before the service, and make sure you know that it is not about you when you are doing it. It doesn't matter who is up here leading the service, whether it be a True Child, or anyone else, it doesn't matter. We have to make sure that it is not about us when we are up here, and make it all about God and True Parents. So, that one section that we will go through today, you will notice it when we come to it. Let me start with sharing a couple of words now, and then we will move into sending healing and energy towards True Parents. Their never-failing True Love. Let's start with Ephesians 2:4 through 10:

But because of His great love for us, God, who is rich in mercy, made us alive with Christ even when we were dead in transgressions -- it is by grace you have been saved. And God raised us up with Christ, and seated us with Him in the heavenly realms in Christ Jesus, in order that in the coming ages he might show the incomparable riches of His grace, expressed in His kindness to us in Christ Jesus. For it is by grace that you have been saved, through faith– and this is not from yourselves, it is the gift of God -- not by works, so that no one can boast. For we are God's handiwork, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do.


These are some beautiful, absolutely incredible words by Saint Paul, and really touching on the key of faith. You know, Saint Augustine said that there is a gaping hole in the heart of every person. Every person has a hole that we try to fill with many things. We try to fill this hole with money, with power, with fame, and with self-esteem even, with self-love or self hate. We fill it with success, accomplishments; we try to fill this hole with many things. But in the end we are unhappy. Saint Augustine said that there is only one thing that can fill that hole in your heart; and everybody has that hole. That hole can only be filled by the love of God. That is what he said.

When we look at normal religion, and we compare it with truth, then we can see a very big difference between religion and truth. Of course, true religion should be centered on truth. As Unificationists, we also are centered on truth. And that is why we believe that when True Parents come, all religions can be completed. In normal religion, it is because we are good people, and follow the laws prescribed by God, or the laws that lead to liberation, depending on tradition, that you can attain salvation or a place before God in heaven, because you are obedient to God, and obedient to His rules. That's why you can go before God.

So in a sense, it is because of our deeds and our effort that we put into those deeds, that we can go before God.

But truth is totally different. Truth says that it is going to hurt; that you have to look at yourself very honestly. You have sin. You are a sinner. This is what it says. Truth does not try to tell us only good things. It tells us, look at yourself, you have sinned.

We did this exercise last week, did you ever lie in your life? Of course, anyone who says no is lying. We know that we have lied during our life. Did we ever steal, did we ever envy another person, did we ever hate another person? Yes, you did. Other than our spouse, did you ever lust after another person? Everybody, at least every man in here has to say yes. And Jesus said that if you even lusted after another person, other than you spouse, you have committed adultery. So then we are adulterers. Not only a liar, and a thief, and people who hated and resented God at one time, and cursed God, many of us did that. I know that in my life I have done that. And what do you call that? You call that a blasphemer.

So when you look at yourself honestly, even myself, I realize that I have been a liar, I have been a thief; I stole erasers and pencils from my brothers when I was young. Stole some stuff from stores, like candy, and stuff like that; adulterer, and blasphemer. I hated God at one time, resented God.

You see, truth tells us the truth; which is that you cannot go before God, because we are nice people, or we have done a great job. That is not enough, because God is a perfect God, and unless you are perfect like God, you can't go before Him. So truth reveals that we have sinned, and that we are flawed and imperfect, unlike God who is perfect, and we must be perfect to go before God; even though we might want to believe that. And this is the critical distinction between normal religion and truth.

Truth teaches us that we can't go before God because of us. We go before God because of the one He has sent. We go before God because of the inequities and the pain and the torture that Jesus walked when he walked the way of the cross; when he had to go through that. We call that spiritual salvation in our tradition; That we can be justified in front of God, because of Jesus, and his death. Although that wasn't the greatest path, the desired path; we can still receive spiritual salvation. If you are a Christian that basically means "justified before God."

It is because of grace. As people with sin, we have to be punished. That is what a righteous God would do; but it is because of the grace and God's love, that we can go before Him. This is really the critical difference between normal religion and truth. And as those who are with True Parents, who fulfill the mission of Christ, to allow us not only stand before God as justified, as individuals, but to stand before God justified as families.

This is the critical difference between Jesus' course, and True Parents course. And so, when we look at that distinction, we can see very clearly the difference. If we commit a criminal act in a Democratic state, or in some nation state, you will get some punishment. You might go to prison, whatever the punishment is. But you won't necessarily be forgiven. You don't ask the system for forgiveness. The Judge will act with righteousness to give you punishment for your deed, if it is a bad deed.

So if God was simply a righteous God, then when we deserve punishment He doesn't need to forgive us. He can just punish us, and that is the price we pay for our sins. But see, that's the big difference. And that is why it is so critical that God is the God of Love, and that we understand this. Because if there is just righteousness, He would give us punishment and be done with it; but He is a God of love, which means that He forgives us, even though we have committed a sin against Him.

The critical distinction between normal religion and truth is that they lead to different places. They end up in different destinations. In normal religion you can get before God because you follow His commandments. You obeyed and submitted yourself to His commandments. That's how you can get before God. If you do so, and you have followed the commandments, you can be proud of yourself, and you can become self-righteous and arrogant. After all, it is because I followed diligently with all of my effort, that I can go before God. This leads to spiritual arrogance, and we saw that Jesus condemned spiritual arrogance.

It also can lead to the other side, which if you are honest with yourself, we can't follow all of the laws prescribed in all religions. It is impossible. There are so many laws. So when we look at ourselves honestly we realize that we may be teaching that we follow all of the laws perfectly, but we are not. That is what Jesus said is a hypocrite. And once we honestly discover that, we are destined to find ourselves in guilt; In terrible guilt and depression. So, normal religion leads us to these two destinations. If you follow the law well, you can become self-righteous; if you don't follow the law well, it will lead to guilt and depression.

However, the truth is different. It starts off by recognizing and admitting that I am a sinner. It starts there, yes; but it does not end there. It starts with recognizing that yes, I am a sinner, and I need to repent, and be forgiven. And when we realize that we are forgiven not because of our own deeds, but because of the Son, and the dual characteristics God has sent, both Christ and True Parents. Then we realize that it is not our deeds that bring us before God. It is His love. Thus we can feel gratitude. And on top of that, as we then offer our lives to God, and live for Him, and not for ourselves, then we can find joy. So the destinations are very different. They are critically different.

In normal religion there is a distinction. The world is separated into two; there are good people and there are bad people; good people and evil people, separated into two. You are either good, or you are evil. But in the truth it is not separated as such. It is not split like that. The difference is not between good and bad people, because the truth knows that we are children of God. The difference is a repentant child, and an unrepentant child; a child who repents for the suffering of the parents that paid for his grace to go before God, and lives for that parent; and another who does not repent, but who lives for himself. That's the difference. As a parent you can tell the difference between a grateful child, and an ungrateful child. If you are not a parent, when you become a parent, you would probably want a grateful child. You would be grateful for a grateful child.

So this is the big difference, not good and bad children. The difference is repentant and unrepentant. That is a critical difference. When we understand this, then the first thing that our mind wants to do, once we have admitted that we have sinned, is to hate ourselves completely. And your mind will want to go over every terrible thing that you have done, or even the minor things. And say, "Look it, look it, you are bad, you are terrible, terrible, you are a sinner, you are evil, and you are dirty, whatever. This is the common mistake. This is the classic mistake.

You see, repentance does not entail you to hate yourself, because self-love and self hate is the same thing. They are exactly the same. If you love yourself like a narcosis, then what is the center of that? It is you. If you hate yourself with all of your might, and think about how horrible you are; what's the center? It is still me.

The point of repentance is to get the spot light off of you, off of me, and turn the spotlight onto the only one who deserves worship, God. You see, that's the big difference. When we repent it is not something imprisoning, where we condemn ourselves even more. It is liberating. It is totally freeing, taking the spotlight off of worshiping ourselves. You see, this is the kind of heart where in which we are sending True Parents love. This kind of love is pure; like we said before, pure mind, pure heart, pure intension.

When we are doing the Chambumonim Eok Mansei chanting, this is what we mean; that we do it with that kind of heart to send True Parents love, centered energy, and love which is also vibrations. We manifest all of our strength to do so. And if you know the Chinese characters for Tong Il Kyo, which in the Unification Church it is the character for filial piety next to Father. So as Father described, Unification Church is where the filial children are right near their parents; then true unification begins.

Many times I've been asked, "What is the cultural heart that Unificationists talk about? What is that?" It sounds so vague and ambiguous. I never could answer that question clearly. But now when someone asks me, "What is the culture of heart?" It is simple; Chambumonim Eok Mansei is the culture of heart. That is our faith. The whole faith is in there; from repentance to forgiveness, to love, to grace, to glory, to filial piety, to give and receive action, to four position foundation; all of that is inside there, even Tong Il Kyo, Unificationism is inside there. The meaning of Unificationism is when the children are united with the Father, because that is inside the Chambumonim Eok Mansei.

So even though it is a very simple phrase, within it, it has the entirety of our faith, which takes a constant effort to master, or to move in that direction. Of course the question is, "why must we even put in effort, if it is not by our deeds that we are brought before God? Now this is very important. It is not by your deeds that you can go before God, including me. It is not because I am a good person, or a nice person that I can go before God. It is because of the True Parents' indemnity that I can go before God. But by my acting in a way that would please True Parents, is a sign that I love True Parents. It doesn't give me salvation, it doesn't mean that I can go before Heaven, but it is a sign, it is evidence that I love True Parents. And that is why we follow True Parents' laws, and their teachings; because in the end, it is all about love. They gave themselves to us through their indemnity course, and in return we follow them out of love. It is all about love.

I almost feel like breaking into song right now, but I am not going to do that. This is how amazing Chambumonim Eok Mansei is. It is all inside. This is the heart with which we are doing Chambumonim Eok Mansei; this is the vibration, this is the frequency. This is what Rev. Myeong-dae Kim was talking about. This is the frequency that we are encapsulating when we are singing to True Parents.

So let's prepare ourselves. I've done this service twice today. My energy is quite low, so you folks are really going to have to help me today. Let's first begin by preparing our body. We'll prepare our vibration in our body, also in our mind, and also in our spirit. So in Chambumonim Eok Mansei, we can also unite our mind and body through the vibration, because your body's vibration will become the same as your mental vibration, and also the same as your spirit's vibration. That is the First Blessing right there. Let's stand up and manifest Principle as we stretch.

Breathe in, stretching towards the Heavens; breathing out with give and receive action. Breathe in creating the Four Position Foundation and touching the Heavens, and breathe out, and inherit the true love of God. Aju.

Let's offer glory together. Let's join our hands together, and read:

Dearest Heavenly Father, since the beginning of creation, You have waited for a child that could inherit Your true love. Due to the fall of Adam and Eve humankind inherited selfish, false love through the adulterer Satan.

You sent Your messengers, The Buddha, Confucius, Mohammad, and Your son, the Messiah, Jesus Christ to this world to fulfill this purpose of Creation. Jesus inherited the great agape love of friends saying that, "greater love than none is this that a man lay down his life for his friends." But due to the tragedy of the killing of Jesus, Jesus could not establish the ideal of creation, and create a True Family, inheriting the Parental Heart of God.

You prepared this land of Korea, the holy land of the next coming. You sent True Parents to fulfill the mission of Jesus to inherit the True Love of God, Your Parental Heart. By the Seven Deaths and Resurrections, and the Perfection of the Eight stages, True Parents have been tortured, killed and killed seven times, as a ransom for all individual, family, tribe, race, nation, world and spirit world sin.

They have descended to the darkest spirit realms, and offered their holy souls to be tortured in place of our spirits so that we and our children and families, both in the flesh and the spirit worlds may be set free, and have eternal life.

By the Power of True Love, they have been resurrected from the 7 deaths, and demonstrated Your Love over death, sin, and Evil, they have ascended up to the eighth level of God, and are spiritually enthroned as God's perfect representative in Heaven and Earth with the Creator's full authority and Power.

Glory to God and True Parents!


Let's offer the seven bows.

Now we will have the caller and response for the leader of the Holy Spirit Healing service.


Have you the leader of this service, repented and admitted you are a sinner before God? In preparation for the service?


Yes, I have


Do you, the leader of this service, humbly ask God to lead you with the Holy Spirit and realize that you are not the center?


Yes. I realize that God and True Parents are the center of this service, and I ask with a humble heart that God will lead me with the Holy Spirit. Aju.


Do you, the leader of this service, realize that you do not have any miraculous abilities, but that you are merely an instrument God can use for His will?


Yes. I am pleased to be used as an instrument for His will, and I realize all the miracles that happen during this service are from God and True Parents, not from my abilities. Aju.


Then we ask God and True Parents to bless this day, and guide you through this service.


Glory to God and True Parents. Aju.

After the Holy Spirit Healing Service

Let us pray in unison; let us all pray.

Dearest most beloved Heavenly Father, dearest Lord, Lord of Mercy. Father we are so grateful to be before You this day. Lord, You give us strength this day, and You create this day anew. Father, You let us go beside green pastures, and You bring us near cool waters, Father. You create streams in our hearts, which were drying up. In the wilderness You make a path that we can follow, Father, You show us the way; parting the oceans, and creating the bridge over troubled oceans. Father, we are grateful, for it is You in Whom we have life. Father, it is not because we are great, that we can go before You as righteous men and women. It is not because we are perfect that we can go before You in righteousness, Father; but it is because of Your amazing grace that we are given that love.

Father, even though we have failings and we have sin, when we ask for forgiveness; when we change the spot light off of us, and put it on You, You shine Your light upon us. You give us grace, You give us Your love and forgiveness; and You let us come into Your everlasting life; to leave the world of death behind; to leave the world of sin behind; and to enter into Your world of Peace; Peace of mind, Peace of body, Peace of spirit. Father, You sail with us across oceans. You give us wings that we can soar with, Father.

When we come before You in true love, not through ourselves, but without ourselves, and as Jesus said, when we die, we live, but if we seek to live, we shall die and perish. Father, this is the world of love, the Principle in the realm of heart, where we must rid ourselves of ourselves, to truly experience love.

Father, guide us this day. We thank You so much that You have given us this time together where we can focus not on ourselves, but we can focus on the one who is worthy of worship; the ones that You have sent from Your dual characteristics, from the Logos, the Principle. You have sent Adam and Eve to be perfected, the perfected Christ in True Parents. Father, it is through them that we can receive Your blessing, and Your ascension ceremony, to be with You in everlasting joy. Father, let us see this amazing grace, and let us experience the overwhelming flow of Your joy. Father, let us love You with all of our might, and all of our heart, and all of our intension, and all of our life energy. Let us love You, for You created us and gave us life, and You also forgive us when we stray.

Father, we are grateful before You. We know that the path to truth may begin with admitting that we are sinners, but it never ends there. It ends when we can truly repent before You, where You can liberate our hearts from ourselves, where we can worship something greater than our limited selves; and we can worship something that is eternal, limitless, and everlasting. God, that is the path to true joy. That is the true path to Peace. That is the true path to love, to Your heart. God, open these eyes today. Open these eyes and these hearts today. Give us Your Holy Fire. Fill us with You love and grace; and Father, let this vibration spread across the Universe, and the Cosmos, and spread into the Spirit World. Spread across this world, Father; and let it spread across this land of Korea that is the chosen nation.

We pray that this nation's people may not be self-righteous and filled with pride, but that they can realize the one that You have sent; to unite with True Parents, and to fulfill their destiny. Father, we pray for this nation. We pray for these people, for the Korean people to open their hearts, and open their eyes; to come before You in repentance, in forgiveness, and in joy. Father, we are so grateful for today we pray that You may start anew; that You may give us new hearts, and fill us with Your Holy Spirit; that You may fill us with new life; create a new creation. Father, we thank You so much; and we pray that all of the central blessed families of the world will come before You, and kneel and bow before You in humility and thanksgiving; that we can love You with all of our might, and all of our strength, and all of our life.

Father, we thank You, and ask that You bless this day, and accept this tiny Jeong Seong that we offer, for we believe that You will transform it into a great blessing for True Parents, and a great strength, energy, and a great healing for True Parents. Father, we thank You so much. Please listen to these filial children's hearts. Father, listen to the vibration of these filial children. Father, please give us Your strength this day. We pray in great gratitude, and Father, we pray as we arrive at the individual level. We pray that You may use us for Your purpose, and Your will, and that You may use us so that we may glorify You and True Parents.

We thank You so much, and pray these things in our own names, as Central Blessed Families; and I pray in the name of Hyung Jin Moon, and my Central Blessed Family, Aju.

Let's manifest the Principle. Give and receive action; Four Position Foundation; may we inherit the True Love of God, and glorify Heaven in my ascension. Aju.


Turn to the person behind you, and let's manifest Principle together. Give and receive action; Four Position Foundation; may we inherit the True Love of God, and glorify Heaven in my ascension. Aju. And give that person a hug. 

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