The Words of Hyung Jin Moon From 2011

The Meaning and Value of the Holy Spirit Healing Service

Hyung Jin Moon
January 23, 2011
Cheon Bok Gung, Yongsan Seoul Korea

Main Sermon:

Thank you for your prayer. Welcome (greetings in Japanese to various members). We want to welcome all of our Japanese brothers and sisters. We have, I think, five hundred brothers and sisters that are coming. I don't know if they are all here yet, but that is why we started a little later today, so that they could all come in, at least. Oh, they are still coming in. Let's give them a warm welcome everybody. Our brothers and sisters from Japan.

Before, as you realize, I will speak a little slower today so that they can translate. I have a tendency to speak fast; I will speak slower.

Today is a different kind of service; it is the Holy Spirit Healing Service. Today is really the service we were doing every day at Yeosu and continue to do every day here at night. Every day at 7:30 we are gathering that kind of energy and gathering the Chi energy and love for True Parents. And so before we begin … please keep coming in, yes. Before we begin, I want to give some basic explanations and, we have translation, yes? Okay, great. Thank you.

It is very important, you know, when we were in Hong Kong and talked with the members and brothers and sisters. It is very important to realize that we are sinners. When you hear that you are going to be like, "what are you talking about, important to realize I am a sinner?" It is very important to understand this because when we look at our lives, when we usually realize about sin in the Unification Movement, then we are thinking of big sin like killing somebody or the Fall or something like this. Big, big, big. But we have to understand that there are many different types of sin.

There is original sin. There is hereditary, inherited sin. There is collective sin that you do as a group. There is also individual sin that we accumulate every day. And sin is really described as self-centered intention, mind or actions. So when we look at ourselves honestly, we can see that we have sin; we definitely have sin. Even though I am a blessed child, even though I am a true child and was not born with original sin, I still have sin; individual sin, etcetera. This is very important to realize because when we look at our life, when we first hear that, we don't want to admit 'I am a sinner.' We don't want to admit that. Why would you do such a thing? You would hate yourself. Many people will mistake acknowledging or admitting you have sin or are a sinner and hating yourself. This is a bad confusion; this is a bad mistake, when we look at our life.

Who in this room has never lied? Who has never lied, said a fib. Who? If you have never lied in your life, raise your hand. If you raise your hand, you are lying. No, I was just kidding. What do you call someone who lies? What do you call someone who lies? A liar, right? Who here has not stolen something? I know when I was younger I stole some pencils from my brother's pencil-case. I also stole some candy from a candy store. I can't remember what kind of candy -- oh, it was a Now and Later; I stole a Now and Later. You guys may not remember, the younger guys. So what do you call someone who steals something? A thief.

Jesus said if you have lustful thoughts about another person other than your spouse, you are committing adultery in your mind. Out of all the men here, who has not looked at another woman and not had fallen thoughts? Who? Yeah, can't raise your hand. What did Jesus say, then, you are? You are an adulterer. And who in here has at some point not been angry at God or even cursed God? Have been resentful towards God? What do we call someone who has anger or curses God? That is traditionally called a blasphemer. So whether or not we have original sin is a very important thing but it doesn't eradicate all of our sin. Even if we don't have that, at some point I was a liar. I was a thief. I was an adulterer; a blasphemer. No matter how you try to maneuver around these things, you can't. In the end you have to admit, if you are honest with yourself, you have sin. That is one of the most essential things to be able to do.

I remember growing up. In America, in the West -- the Principle is translated as foundation, growth, perfection, and I think that is a very, very wrong translation. Perfection. I was asked this question in Hong Kong. You can't be perfect. When we think of the word perfection that means literally flawless, stainless, absolutely perfect as God is perfect. That is impossible. In the Korean it is two different things. It is foundation, growth and -- wansang is the word, not wanbyuk. Wanbyuk means perfection. That means being perfect. That is how it is translated in the West and I think it is a bad translation; a wrong translation. It translates as wanbyuk which is perfection and if you are a blessed kid and you grew up under that language, you can't be perfect. So you are under this enormous weight which you can never ever fulfill. You will never be able to fulfill that. But I think the better translation is the actual word; is wansang and not wanbyuk. Wansang has included in it a process, so it includes something more like maturity or completion of character. Maturity. One of those characteristic traits would be that you would be able to admit that you are not perfect. Because if you say you are perfect, you are already committing a big sin.

So when we look at ourselves honestly, at our life, we know we want to try to say that because I followed Father's laws, which I did. I didn't have any girlfriends; I didn't smoke, drink problems or drug problems. I got married early when True Parents sent me; had kids. I didn't do well in school at first but I eventually did well in school and went off to do well. I followed the laws and, at some point, I believe because I followed those laws I could stand righteous before God. I did believe that because I invested myself and worked hard at it. That's why I could stand before God.

That, my friends, is one of the biggest sins. It is said that there are two types of sinners. One type of sinner will break all the commands of God and the other type of sinner will keep all the commands of God. He will keep them all and think because he kept them, he can go before God. That is called self-righteous arrogance. This is what the Pharisees did. If you remember, the Pharisees are the sect of Judaism that focused on the Mosaic Law most diligently. They followed and obeyed the law most diligently. They were known for that, as the most pure. They are the ones that killed Jesus. They crucified him because of that self-righteous arrogance. So we can see even in our own church culture we have this. 'I am more perfect than you because I obeyed these laws more than you.' But, actually, if you look at that person, if he or she looks at herself honestly, they are not obeying all the laws either.

So it is so important to understand that we are not perfect before God, as a liar or as an adulterer or as a blasphemer. Obviously one like that cannot go before God. The reason that we can go before God is not because of our deeds. It is not because we have done these things and have these accomplishments and thus can go before God. It is because God sent his dual characteristics into the world whom we call True Parents, who walked the path of indemnity for us so that we can stand before God. That is what we call Grace. That is what is called Grace. That is why it is amazing Grace.

I was asked in Hong Kong -- one sister told me "You know, I always hoped when I received the blessing that one day my descendants would be pure, that they would have no sin." And she said, "Isn't that true in the ideal world that there will be no sin?" That question is very easy to answer from a Principle perspective, very easy. As long as human beings have free will, the possibility of sin is always present, always. Always. If God's purpose was to have no sin, He would just make robots. There is no sin, no sin in the world. Very easy for Him to do. So as long as there is free will, there is always the possibility of sin, of selfishness, self, ego-centeredness.

At the same time, because there is free will, there is the possibility of the greatest love which is giving yourself away; sacrificial love. Without the possibility of free will, God could, of course, eradicate sin. But, of course, at the same time, He would eradicate the greatest type of love. So in a world where there is free will in human beings, there is always the possibility of sin. That is not the reason we are hopeful because one day the world will have no sin. That is not the thing. God could have that with robots. Our true hope is that one day there will be a world where people will be freely choosing the sacrificial love, inheriting that love of God and loving God in that manner. You see, that is the difference. That is really the hope.

Having said that, the reason we have to start at that starting point is because it is fundamental; it sets our relationship with God. If we are of the opinion we can stand before God because of your own deeds or your own effort or because you are perfect in the moral law, when you actually look at yourself, you are not; nobody is. So that is why if we are honest with ourselves, we realize "I have sinned." We realize "I need forgiveness." We realize that we have to ask for forgiveness and when we realize that, we realize that this is very different from self-love or self-hate. You see, self-love and self-hate are actually the same thing; the same exact thing, just two sides of the same coin. Self-love and self-hate is the same.

What is the center of self-love? The self. What is the center of self-hatred? The self. The point is not to be on yourself. That is the point of repentance and that is why when we repent, we are not hating ourselves. The point is we are taking the spotlight off of ourselves. Stop trying to hate ourselves or love ourselves and worship ourselves and change that spotlight on to the One, the True One that deserves worship. The only One, God and His begotten son and daughter, True Parents. That is the huge shift; that is the difference.

People will mix that up -- repentance equals self-hate. No, no, no. Repentance is the way to freedom. Stop spotlighting only yourself; either you hate yourself or you just love yourself. You are still spotlighting yourself. This is what repentance is about. This is why the process of repentance is asking for forgiveness. We have to realize that we need forgiveness and realize that because of God's grace, we can go before Him not because of how perfect we are. That is very important. I remember when I was young growing up in this movement, that was not the culture, admitting that we had sin. If you followed the law you would become very self-righteous. That is a sin. That is a big sin. This is very important for us to understand.

Now we are going to move very quickly because we don't have so much time. When we look at the whole created world, we realize that from this intention of sacrificial love that God created this world, but He has a purpose for creation. God's purpose of creation we hear many times is the perfected ideal world or the perfected family; this kind of thing. But that is not actually Principle. Principle does not teach that the purpose of creation is the perfected ideal world or world of peace and a perfected family. That is not the purpose of creation. The purpose of creation is that God wants to find His true love object partner. That is the purpose of creation and that purpose, that true love object partner was supposed to be a perfected human being -- perfected man and woman or perfected Adam and Eve or what Adam and Eve were to become, True Parents. So the purpose of creation in a short way is True Parents. From that relationship comes the true give and receive action, comes the true four position foundation. From that relationship comes perfected family and tribe, society, world and cosmos, etcetera. Those other things are the result not the purpose. The purpose is to the true love object partner. This is very, very important.

When we look at the universe, the universe is all vibration, all of it. Everything from the cells in your glasses to your eyes to outer space, trees, everything; all vibration. Vibration is simply small movement. When you look inside any type of atom will find subatomic particles. You will find neutrons, protons and electrons. And you will see that they are moving; the electrons are not static. There are different models, some people think that they are cylindrical; some people think they jump, right? But there is an electron cloud scientists usually describe it as. And it is moving. It is not still. So even in every atom there is slight motion; there is movement. So energy equals matter equals MC2 is a very simple way to explain that. That which you think is matter is actually energy. So everything, everything that we can experience is vibration. We can only see a very small -- for example, with our eye we can only see a very small piece of the light spectrum; this is the light spectrum. We can only see a tiny piece of it. You can see that piece is magnified down at the bottom. That is what we can see. If you were able to see gamma rays and UV light and radio waves and x-rays and the shirts, the white shirts you are wearing would not be white. There are no white molecules in these shirts. No white electrons. It only appears to you that color because we have limited perception.

The same with the Mic, the microphone. Alexander Graham Bell, all of you in the West will know him. He was the first one who made the first practical telephone; an expert in vibration. He gave a very good example; you can visualize it very easy. If you have an iron rod and you clamp it down and you begin to vibrate it, you make it vibrate in small motions. Then it vibrates and reverberates. The frequencies will first appear within a certain range and it will become sound so you will hear it. It will start humming if you vibrate it. You will hear it humming. It will start with a low humming like "awww" then it will go higher, keep going higher and higher as you increases the repetitions per second. Then this will become a huge shrill; a very loud sound; a super high-pitched shrill; unbearable. Then in one instant the sound will be gone. No more sound because you can't sense those pitches. But as you continue to increase the reps per second, then that sound changes into heat. So what happens is that iron bar will start heating up. You can't hear it, but it will start heating up inside and as you continue to heat it, then from the heat, as you continue the vibrations rep per second, then heat becomes light. The iron rod will become hotter and hotter then becomes iron red and will start to shine iron red light. As you see when you burn the iron when they make the molten iron. So it is the same vibration just increasing the number of reps per unit of time.

I don't want to get too much into science. Let's just keep going. So it is all connected, whether you look at light that is vibration, sound, heat, all vibration just different speeds.

In physics there is something called the Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle and that is, very simply put, if you want to see an electron, you want to see a subatomic particle, you have to shine a light on it. And as soon as you shine a light on it, you cannot know its exact location because it changes location and its momentum because of the light. There is always an uncertainty in measuring momentum and location of that energy, those electrons, and subatomic particles. So that shows that just by observing something, it is already changed in its nature. In trying to observe an electron, you are already changing the atom and the location of the electron and its momentum. That is called the Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle. By our observation atoms are changed. The locations of these subatomic particles are changed.

We can see this in a very famous work by Emoto Masaru. He is famous throughout Japan. I am sure all of you have heard about him. He is the one with the water molecules; taking pictures of the water molecules. Let us just go through quickly. (shows pictures) So he put different labels on water molecules and froze them and took pictures of them. When he would take pictures of something like hapshida or why don't we do this, recommending. That is what the water crystal looks like when it is frozen. And okay then the next one… 'You do it!' commanding (Hara~!?) then it changes. The next one, if you say "You make me so mad," "You are so annoying or something like that, "I'll kill you". If you say that, if you just put that word on the tube down there, you see then it looks like that. The next one. If you say, "You S.O.B," cursing -- I am not going to say that; it is a curse word and you know what it means.

If you curse at somebody, that is what the crystal looks like. This one simply says the love of husband and wife; and you can see how beautiful that is. Next one the difference between "Angel" is on the left, "Devil" is on the right. The next one, this is water on the bottom before the experiment, and it becomes clear after receiving gratitude and love energy. The next one, this is water before receiving prayer (on the right) and (left) after prayer. I am sure our Japanese members know this. So remember, your body is 80% water." Remember that. So it's very important what kind of vibration is coming out of your body. What kind of internal vibrations are coming out of your body? You can look at just those water crystals and see how much influence a certain vibration can have.

When we understand the purpose of creation is True Parents, when we love the purpose of creation, when we move with the universe, which is the 3rd blessing, the give and receive with that purpose of creation, then the motion of the universe we call Cheon Un or, the flow of the universe which is moving towards that relationship. Then when we can tap in with that frequency. Then we can move not in our power but on that power. We can move with the different type of reality, different type of power.

When we are entering into the Chambumonim Eog Mansei vibration and singing, then we are entering with this heart. We are not entering into it asking, "Heavenly Father, please heal my sickness. Make me a rich man. Make me a billionaire." We are not praying for that. That's not the heart you are going in with. If you're going like that you may get cursed. We don't go with that heart into the world of heart. We're going into the world of heart with the Chambumonim Eog Mansei prayer, praying for True Parents. That's going to be our central focus.

We are going to send all our energy like Christ said, the first commandment, all of your strength, all of your mind, all of your heart, all of your strength, love the Lord thy God. We're going to do that. We're going to love the one whom He has sent. We're going to try to send all our intention, all our energy, mental energy, physical energy, heart energy to True Parents, to heal True Parents. Give them strength, love them, try to protect them, give them power in their legs. If my legs drop off, "Father you have strength in your legs." That's the heart we want to go with. That's a sacrificial heart; that's true love. If we're going with that kind of heart, I believe that God will bless that heart. Come on, you want to give I do here, people. (Applause).

If we're going with that heart then God will bless that heart because we're not doing it for ourselves. We're doing it for our subject of love which is True Parents, God's object but our subject. We're going in with that heart because we're trying to give and receive with that heart, God will see that in Principle word is the most beautiful, the most true, the most good thing and He will bless it.

That is the reason why we have been seeing so many miracles lately while doing the Chambumonim Eog Mansei vibration, chanting and singing. The reason why we've seen so many healings -- and you know we have many healing testimonies every day. The reason why those things are coming is not because of anyone of our power. It's because we're learning to die, to throw away ourselves and love the other. That is the secret of the law of love. That's what Jesus taught. He who wishes to live will die; he who wishes to die will live. That does not make any sense in the real world. What do you mean he who seeks to die will live? Does that mean we commit suicide? There's actually those some kind of cults. No, that's not what Jesus was talking about. Jesus was the king of love. He's talking about the world of love, the universal love and in the universal love, you cannot try to preserve yourself and give or receive love.

In the world of love, you have to give yourself away. You have to die and then you will live. Anyone of us who has a good relationship with our spouse, a powerful relationship, we will know very quickly that in order to really experience a deeper level of love, you cannot just grab onto your independence. If I just try to be everything for me and my wife does the same then there'll be constant clashing. It's only when we die -- I don't live for me, I live for you -- and vice versa, when we lose our mutual independence and learn how to give to the other, that's when we actually commit the greatest love. We talked about it a couple of times.

It's with that heart we're going to enter in; that's the kind of heart we want to keep in our mind. That's the pure heart, the clean heart, the clean motivation, pure motivation and pure intention, pure mind and pure heart that we want to enter into Chambumonim Eog Mansei with.

If we enter in like this then the Holy Spirit can come, God's energy, His power and the world can come in our life. Because in that world, in the world of heart, in that world, that's not a world of sickness, death or sadness, etc. Sickness cannot exist in that world. If you are worried about sending True Parents sick energy if you have a bad back or bad lungs or whatever, don't worry about that. As long as you do it with a correct heart, you'll be hitting the right frequency and we'll be sending them our love. In that world of love there is no sickness, no bad lungs, no bad back. So you don't have to worry about that.

Today -- I'll briefly explain -- remember that throughout all of Christian history, miracles, and continuing to this day, have been done in the name of Jesus: cast out demons in the name of Jesus; heal the sick in the name of Jesus; bring the dead back to life in the name of Jesus. In the Bible we see the power of that name. But Jesus was to become who? He was supposed to become the True Parents. So when we are calling and singing Chambumonim Eog Mansei, then we are also calling on the perfected, completed Jesus, the completed Christ.

This may feel very strange, especially for our western audience because we're going to send energy to Father's body. We're going to send energy to his legs that are 92 years old; send energy. We're going to send our intentional energy towards True Father; we'll try to heal him. Remember, True Father is the completed Jesus. That's how precious we would -- think if Jesus was here. How precious the physical presence, the body of Christ would be. It is the same intention. We are sending energy to True Parents. Same energy.

What we are going to do, we're going to briefly do about 120 repetitions of Chambumonim Eog Mansei. We're going to gather the energy. We're going to gather the vibration and energy from our body and our mind. We all want the body and mind to become one vibration, one frequency. When it becomes one frequency, then by the blessing of the Holy Spirit, our spirit, also our vibration in the spirit and physical worlds can become one. Once we gather that energy, we're going to get ready and we're going to send it. We're going to gather about 120 times which we're going to do more quietly and then gather up energy and then we're going to send to True Parents about 40 times and then we'll come back down again.

So we need all of your intention and power; your intention, your mind, your motivation, your heart -- all that energy which can change water molecule and all sorts of things. We want you to gather all that energy and send it to True Parents and have them feel the strength today.

This is the heart of filial piety if we do this with the true heart. I always tell people that Chambumonim Eog Mansei, literally all of the faith is right in there. It's filial piety; to love, sacrificial love, gratitude, returning glory, all of that is in there. If we do it with the right heart, right mind, right intention, if we do that, we will see miracles in our life. We will see changes that come in our life. We will see people being healed, sickness healed.

We have one brother today who gave his testimony; he was a former minister -- his wife -- I'm sorry, and she had a chronic eye disease. Her doctor said she'd become blind if she went to Yeosu for 21 days. She would have to do surgery. But she said, "No, I am not going to do surgery and I am going to go down. Even if I am going to be blind, I am going down. I'll be blind while listening to Father." So she went down; it was very dangerous. Her husband thought, "Don't do this; this is dangerous." But he couldn't stop her. He respected her faith. She went down to 21 days every day, participating in Chambumonim Eog Mansei and her eyes were healed. She has no disease in her eyes. (Applause). She gave this testimony this morning in the video.

We are not seeing these one, two cases. We are seeing this everywhere. Those kinds of things are incredible. We are very grateful for all those things that happened because we know she did it with the right heart, mind and intention. She did not focus on herself to be healed. She focused on loving True Parents, the purpose of creation, and thus God could bless her. We saw it. We see so many of those testimonies. So that's the energy we're going to send to True Parents.

About 120 we're going to gather, then we're going to send to True Parents and then once again we'll gather and then we will end.

Representative Prayer:

Our most beloved Heavenly God, our dearest most beloved True Parents of Heaven and Earth:

Father we're so grateful this day that we can come before You and be in the presence of Your amazing grace. Father let us never believe that it is because we are great that we can stand before You as righteous people. Let us not be filled with that kind of self-righteous arrogance. Father let us not see ourselves in that way. Let us see ourselves in truth, in honesty, realizing that, Father, without Your love we will never be able to stand before Your perfection. We are too flawed, too limited, too self-centered, too imperfect to stand before You, but, Father, because of Your love, because of the one whom You have sent coming from Your dual characteristics, from the principle of Your logos, the one the logos made flesh, the Christ, the perfected Christ in our True Parents, because of their sacrifice, because of the blood that they spilled, because of the tortures that they walked through, Father, we can stand before You in that love. Father, that is the love of grace and, Father, let us be humble before that.

Let us also be glad and joyful before that. Father, let us rejoice that You love a sinner like me; that You love an imperfect child like me; that You love sinners like my children and grandchildren; that You love imperfect children because of True Parents love, because of the love that moves You. That is Your essence. Father, we want to come before You this day not with arrogance, not ego-centered and full of ourselves, but emptied of ourselves.

Father, that we may die in the spirit but, Father, Your spirit may fill us with new life; that Your Holy Spirit may come into our new heart and give us a new heart. Make us reborn from the ashes of death and come into Your everlasting life Father. Let this be the day that You allow this rebirth to occur. Father, let this be the day that we may repent, Father, to take the spotlight from loving or hating ourselves and, Father, put the spotlight on the one who is only worthy of worship which is You and the son and daughter You have sent. Father, let us love them with all of our hearts. Let us love them with all our might. Let us love them with all our strength, Father, and let You see that, Father. Let, Father, You gaze upon that and be glad this day.

Allow, Father, Your heart to be filled with beauty and joy in seeing Your children, Father, repentful children who come asking for forgiveness and receiving Your love and a new heart, Father. Let this be the day, Father, we can turn ourselves anew not by our power but by Your amazing grace.

Father, let this be the day that we may stand up again and truly love the eternal love. Let us not anymore focus on such a limited love, a love centered on our worship of ourselves, addiction to our ego. Father that is such a limited love. Let us love the one that is truly eternal, that is beyond time and space, that is endless, limitless, infinite, and let us find the infinite world, the infinite world of peace, the infinite world of joy, the infinite world of purpose, and the infinite world of love which is Your heart.

Father, let us enter into Your heart today. That key to entering into Your culture of heart, Your universal heart is Chambumonim Eog Mansei; the love within there. Father, allow our pure mind and intention and heart to be pure this day so that we may love the one whom You have sent with all our might and our strength and, Father, allow this day to be a blessed day. Bless this day. Bless this day Father. We offer thanksgiving and grace and gratitude to You. Father we are so grateful.

On this day, we want to offer all things to You in our own names with humility and with gratitude and abundance of joy in finally finding our eternal purpose, our true selves which is the self that is not living for ourselves; a self that has died; an eternal self that seeks You Father. Thank you so much.

We pray all these things in our own names, the Central Blessed Families and we give ourselves to You. Aju!

End of representative prayer.

Brothers and sisters, let us gather our heart in unison prayer and offer prayer in unison that can move the heavens and the earth. Let us pray together in unison.

Unison prayer:

Dearest most beloved Heavenly God, the only one worthy of worship, the only one Father worthy of our love. The one whom You have sent, Your begotten son from Your dual characteristics, the returning Christ Father, our True Parents; the one who had walked the course of blood, sweat and tears of crucifixion, of torture, Father, so that we may live in the presence of Your eternity. We may go before You not as righteous man but as repentful children who are bathed in Your love, who can feel the glory of Your love and who seek to return that love back to You; to return that joy back to You; return that peace back to You. Father, that is the love that You have given us.

Father, this day we pray You may bless this congregation who is humbled before You. We who admit we are not perfect, Father, but we admit that Your love is perfect. We admit that Your heart is perfect. We admit that Your grace is perfect and, Father, we admit that we are in the presence of Your Holy Spirit. Father, let Your Spirit descend as Holy Fire into our hearts. Let us be reborn. Give us new heart, give us new life, give us new love, new eyes to see this world, change our frequency, change our body, change our mind, change our spirit and let it come into Your eternal presence. That is the culture of heart. The culture of heart begins with loving the one whom You have sent. The new culture is in True Parents Chambumonim Eog Mansei, filial piety heart, the heart of love, the heart of gratitude, the heart of service, the heart of returning benevolence, the heart of glory all is within our faith, Father, in You.

Father, we are so grateful that this day we pray that it may be the day that will start a new history, Father. Start the Cheon Il Guk process now, Father. Start the healing process now. Start the changing process now. In Your world of heart, Father, there is no sickness, Father. In Your world of heart there is no death. In Your world of heart there is no depression, there is no power of evil, Father, that can overcome the power of Your spirit.

Father in Your heart there is true peace, there is true life, there is true love, there is true lineage, there is true happiness, there is true joy, there is true rejoicing Father. Let this day be the day that we discover that anew and we can be reborn in Your Holy Spirit and leave here as new creatures, born in Christ, born in Your love, born in Your grace, emerging from death and coming into life, emerging from darkness and coming into Your light. Father, let this be that day that You have made. This is the day the Lord has made and it is good, indeed.

Father, thank You so much. We are grateful that You are showing Your Holy Spirit upon Your children like a Pentecost, like the Holy Spirit showering down. Father, we feel the bathing in Your Spirit, the purifying of Your Spirit and the love of Your spirit.

We thank You so much. Let this vibration and energy go all throughout the universe. Let it go throughout the whole world Father. Let it go throughout this whole nation of Korea as the chosen nation. Let it awaken the hearts and souls of the Korean people to accept the one that You have sent. Let them not repeat the sin of Jerusalem who rejected Your Christ, who rejected Your Son, but let this chosen people choose True Parents. Let them rejoice that Your Son has come. Let them rejoice that True Parents are here.

Father, let us be brothers and sisters, one in the love of Christ; neither Jew nor Gentile, neither male nor female, neither high nor low, neither slave nor master; one in the love of Christ, one in Your love, one in the love of True Parents, the perfected Christ. We are not one blessed child, nor first generation, nor second generation, nor Jacob child. We are one in Your love. We are one in loving Your Son and daughter.

Thank You for everything, Father.

Father, we pray that this nation, this people, these tribes will come as one and we can come together as one in acknowledging, Father, the grace of Your love, the grace and the path of Your love, and let that be glorified. Father, use us for Your purpose only. Use us for Thy kingdom and Thy will, and let us be an instrument, Father, to glorify Your true son and true daughter, the perfected Adam and Eve, the perfected Christ, our True Parents of heaven and earth. Let us be an instrument to glorify them, to give them love and strength. Father, use us in that way and we will find our true selves, our true purpose and everlasting life.

We pray all these things with gratitude, thanksgiving and full of rejoicing and gladness. We offer these things in our own names as Central Blessed Families. We pray. Aju!

End of unison prayer. 

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