The Words of Hyung Jin Moon From 2011

Realm of Shim Jung

Hyung Jin Moon
January 9, 2010
Cheon Bok Gung, Yongsan Seoul Korea

Today I'd like to talk to you about the realm of Shim Jung.

Let's start first with looking at True Parents' words. This is from Cheon Seong Gyeong p.341 and let's read together,

"What kind of people are True Parents? True Parents symbolize the hope of all people. They symbolize the absolute hope before fallen humankind. They are the fruit of history, center of the age and the starting point for the future when human beings can be connected to this world where they are living today."


And let's look at Galatians 2:16, and let's read together,

"Know that a man is not justified by observing the Law, but by faith in Jesus Christ. So we too have put our faith in Christ Jesus that we may be justified by faith in Christ and not by observing the Law, because by observing the Law, no one will be justified."


This is such an important piece of St. Paul's works. In America we hear these kinds of quotations all the time, but I never could understand the meaning behind this. I remember when I was a student at the divinity school, and there was one other 2nd generation blessed child, a sister, and I remember her telling me, "You know we are so Jewish!" She said that to me.

I was studying Buddhism and Eastern religions and I did not know what the heck she was talking about, but she said to me, "We are so Jewish!"

And as I continued on, I realized what she was saying. St Paul is directly talking about this. He's telling us that no matter what, how perfectly we may be observing the Law, or how perfect we may think we are… In this case it was the Pharisaic Jews. They were the most sort of exemplary of all the sects; they were the ones that were following the Mosaic Law to a T, and they believed that by following and obeying the Laws perfectly; because of that, they would be justified before God.

St. Paul is saying, "No! You can never be justified by your deeds before God! Only because of the Son whom He has sent, who gave his life for you, because of that sacrifice, that love, are you justified when you have faith in him. Then you are justified before God."

And this was a very big thing. Because I remember when I was younger I used to think," I follow True Parents' laws!" I did not have any girlfriends in high school, in middle school, or drinking, smoking, drug problems. I followed the Law! "I follow True Parents' laws. So I am morally perfect, more than you! I am justified because I follow the laws, and that's why I can stand before God!"

You see he said that there are two types of grave sinners. The first type of sinner does everything against the Law, against God's commands. God gives us the commands not to control; He gives us those commands out of love, just like you would tell a child, "No! Don't jump off that car or that building- when it's a baby!" You do that. You give that command because you don't want it to die, leaping down twenty stories.

And [this is] the same thing! When we face God, when we are before God, then it's because of the greater love of God and the one He has sent that we can stand before Him; it's not because we obeyed all His commands.

This was huge! I remember when we were growing up; there was a very strong culture of self-righteousness in our church. I could understand what the sister was telling me. We could remember brothers and sisters that had hard times in church, and maybe left the church. When they would try to come back, they would be condemned, chastised, "Because we obeyed the Law, you didn't!" They were chastised, chased away!

This is just like the Pharisees. The second of the gravest sinners obeys all the laws. The first one break all the laws, the second obeys them all perfectly. But he makes a grave error. He thinks that by obeying the laws, he is morally greater than anybody else, and that because of that he can stand before God.

That is arrogance and that is what the Pharisees were. The ones who obeyed the Law perfectly, those are the ones that killed Jesus, that crucified him. Isn't that ironic, that the ones that obeyed all the laws crucified Christ?

This is what St. Paul is telling us. He is telling us, "You must always be wary. We follow the laws, not out of fear of God's judgment. We follow laws because of what God and Christ have done for us. We do it out of gratitude and thanks!" Totally different motivation!

You see that is the real difference between normal religion and true religion. Religion in Latin is 'religio', that is 'to reconnect'. That's what religion means from the original language. See, normal religion seeks that, "Through my effort to follow the laws and obey the laws perfectly, I can stand righteous before God. If I train a lot I can find ultimate enlightenment; I can do these yogic practices, and I can find the moksha and liberation from samsara out of my own effort."

But you see, true religion means 'to reconnect'. It's not searching for a self-realization, or a self-liberation, or even standing self-righteous before God. It's seeking a relationship that was lost, to reconnect back to Him. That is the difference.

True religion understands that no matter what we do, we stand before God imperfect. No matter how great we may think we are, or how amazingly perfect lives we have lived, still when we look at our hearts we see that we have self-centered thinking, thoughts, words, actions, every day! We sin every day.

Last week, I shared at Yeosu the work of Dr. Andrew Delbanco who is a Columbia University humanities professor. He studies alcoholics and drug addicts, and he researches them, their patterns and their healing, and their getting free from those addictions.

In America they have AA, Alcoholics Anonymous, and they are active in all the states. He writes in one of his books, entitled, "The Real American Dream: a meditation on hope." I shared about that in Yeosu. He writes about an episode when he was attending an AA meeting in Manhattan.

One guy got up. He was very well dressed; he had his business suit on and his little brief case and everything. And he said, "You know what? I've got to get control of my life! I've got to get a hang on myself now. All those people who scarred me, I got to show them right now. I am going to break this habit!" He was up there saying, "I have to believe in myself more. I've got to know that I can do this."

And while he was saying this, next to professor Delbanco there was another man, an African American man with long dreads, and he leaned over to him and said, "I also thought like him. I thought like him. I was just like that guy until I discovered my low self-esteem." Del Banco was thinking, "What are you talking about?"

But he reflected on this and he wrote about it in his book, and he said, "This man sitting next to me had discovered the key to winning, the key to overcoming this terrible addiction, and that was realizing that he was a sinner, realizing that it was not everybody else's fault (that's why I am drinking, it's your fault that I am drinking. Give me that!)" He realized it was him who was a sinner. He was the one abusing the substance, and he was the one abusing people.

Now until he realized that he was a sinner, he never asked for forgiveness. He didn't have to; he was perfect. It was everybody else's fault! It's only when he realized his 'low self-esteem' as he called it, that he could be free from that addiction, and actually win over the alcoholism.

You see this is the key point, and this is what St. Paul is warning us about; "Never be proud in your accomplishment or even how perfect you may think you are morally" is what he is saying to the community of Galacia.

And he is saying, "Remember it's not because of your actions that you are justified before God. It's because of what Christ did for us that we are justified. Because of that immense love, that is why we are justified. We obey not because we are scared of hell fire, but we obey the laws because of he who gave himself for us out of love. It's the only rational response." This is what St. Paul is reminding us to do.

But then, in there he is also facing the same type of comments that you will get,"OK, I believe. OK, I am saved; I am saved in True Parents, saved in Jesus. OK, I understand that they went the path of sacrifice to pay indemnity so that I can stand justified before God; even our family can stand justified before God. OK, I understand. But now that it's all done, I can go see God, I can stand before Him, now I'll do what I want." And St. Paul also says this, "Now I can do whatever I want. Alright I believe Jesus saves me; now I'll do whatever I want!"

Can you do that? Of course you can. That's free will. You can do that. But I told the Korean members, "What would it be like doing?" You see in Korea, sixty years ago, there were men and women from sixteen allied nations and the Korean peninsula that fought, risked their lives so that this nation could be free. It's not like in America for hundred years ago. This is sixty years ago.

Those people are still living. We meet them all the time when we do the Seunghwa ceremonies of ascension. Some of them have no legs. They lost them by explosion from grenades, or mines. It would be like going to those kinds of people saying, "You know what? You gave your life so that I can live in a free world, and let me spit on you." That's what it would be like, "Thank you for doing what you did. But you know I am really so great you had to do it anyways." And it would be like spitting on them.

That's the same thing that happens when we say, "Oh! God you saved me. OK, fine! Let me do what I want." Same thing! I asked the Korean congregation, "If you saw people who did that to a patriot of a nation who gave their life for this nation, for your freedom, and you saw somebody spit in their face, wouldn't you go up and challenge that person saying, 'What are you doing? Don't you know this person laid down their life for your freedom?' Wouldn't you challenge that person? Wouldn't any honest person challenge that person?" The answer of course is 'yes' because that's wrong.

And that is the same thing that St. Paul is dealing with. He's dealing with all this in this amazing quotation. We are justified not by our moral perfection, and the Law like the Pharisees thought, the ones who killed Christ. We are justified because of Christ, because of his immense love.

Let's move to Galatians 2:20. This is a little continuation of this; very famous, you have all heard this one too. Let's read together,

"I have been crucified with Christ and I no longer live, but Christ lives in me. The life I live in the body, I live by faith in the Son of God who loved me and gave himself for me."


This is so famous! The emptying of the self, the kenosis, the emptying of the self! Paul is talking about love. When we look at the self, maybe we are thinking some kind of meditation technique, he is talking about love.

Jesus said, "Those who seek to live will die, those who seek to die will live" That's a crazy statement, crazy! That is a crazy statement if you see it just from your normal eyes, "what do you mean 'those who seek to die will live?' Does that mean that we should all commit suicide and we will live? That's crazy!"

No! That's not what he is talking about. He is talking about this thing in the world of love. See, in the world of love you have to get rid of yourself to find deeper love. You have to; it's a rule. I cannot in my marriage say, "I am only going to do what I want Omma, and you have to respect. I can do what I want, come back when I want, with whoever I want, and you can't say anything. That's my independent human right." Yes, if you do that, you won't have a relationship, right?

There's this one famous person in Korea, he's saying, "I have an open marriage. I am a very open free-thinking man. I have an open marriage. I let my wife see other boyfriends, I can see girlfriends. We are cool with that!" There's a problem. There is no possibility for deep love in that relationship. Absolutely not!

Because it's simply hiding behind self-pleasure, hedonism. "I want the girlfriends. OK, you wife you can have the boyfriends to do what you want, so I can retain my independence." Almost self-congratulating! You see that relationship has no possibility of deepening, absolutely zero. No way! It's only when the couples lose their independence to one another that they can find the greatest love in their inter-dependence.

This is the law of love. This is how it is. And this is what Jesus is talking about and this is also what Paul is talking about, that, "I no longer live in myself; it is Christ who lives in me, because I live in the love of his heart." Amazing! Amazing! It is so insightful!

You know during the twenty one days, every night we had a nice training, a holy spirit healing service, and every day we saw miracles happening. People were being slain by the spirit, and people were being overtaken by spirit, sometimes feeling immense peace, sometimes their sickness was healed. Incredible experiences! And these miracles were occurring. But I always warned everybody, "Remember this is not magic like magic spells." What is the difference between magic and miracles? Magic, human beings can control, miracles, only God can control.

When we are singing, "Chambumonim Eog Mansei" this is not a magical spell to get what I want all the time. This is an expression of our deepest internal nature. So it is not a magic spell. The reason the miracles were happening is because we were offering it with a pure heart, mind and intension. That's why the miracles were happening.

And what I am so amazed about is that we have some people on staff, they had hard times in the church actually, very hard times. They were ostracized, they were chastised, and they were chased out; but, they are part of our staff now and they were persecuted when they came onto the staff, "How could somebody like that be on the staff?" And there was always this sense of the pharisaic culture.

But you know this time this brother came down with us, and for the first time he felt like a brother to everybody; that's what he said. In the power of 'True Parents Eog Mansei', the praising of True Parents, all those divisions, all those pharisaic concepts, "I am morally more perfect than you. You sit back there! "No! We are all sinners, we all have sin, and it's because of True Parents' love that we all are here. And when we praised that name we became one. That's amazing! We became one!

And this brother, they were embarrassing him and weeping and he was crying; he actually is an outside guy, but he is our brother. He was in there doing all the practice with us. Amazing! He is our brother.

You see in the realm of Shim Jung, all the walls break down. That's the power. And I want to read together with you Galatians 3:28, because here it is; this is it! Let's read this together. This is it!

"There is neither Jew nor Greek, slave nor free, male nor female, for you are all one in Christ Jesus. If you belong to Christ then you are Abraham's seed and heirs according to the promise."


I never understood this thing! I never could feel it, never! I heard it many times. I could not feel it! What was so amazing is that when we were all together, sweating and sending True Parents energy, changing the vibration and frequency, and chanting, "Chambumonim Eog Mansei" -- my God! -- we were all doing it with the same heart, the same pure intension in mind and heart to love True Parents, to send filial energy, "Even if my legs fall off, Father, you have strength in your legs today!"

That kind of heart is what everybody did it with. And when we all were one in that love, when we were sending all this to True Parents we became one. We lost ourselves, we lost our ego, and we became one in the love of True Parents.

And I never cried that much in my life! My God! I have trained a lot during meditation. I could control my tears, but not there! Not there; I could not control it! I can't believe it. I am quite embarrassed when I start crying in public; it's quite embarrassing, honestly. But I could not control it; it was unbelievable. I was saying," What is happening?" It was incredible!

When we were there we also had amazing discoveries about Principle, about the truth that was revealed. When we were there, of course for the last two weeks we've discussed –many of you have probably seen the video twice- the video of the Fibonacci spiral that we can find in nature.

We can find the sequence in nature from the phyllotaxis, the way the trees branch out, and also from the way your veins branch out in your body, petal numbers 1 – 1 – 2 – 3 – 5 – 8 – 13 - 21; same sequence, same pattern, same spiral that can be created from the mathematical formula. And that spiral is what you see all over nature, from the spiral galaxies, the spirals on your finger tips- your finger prints- from your DNA helix, from parrots' bird beaks, to horns of sheep and all that. Exactly same! Exactly same! 1,618 is the ratio wherever you go in nature, from sub-atomic particles, in zero gravity, the buoyancy, shells, fossil forms, everything. Everything in nature!

I was looking the other day; there was a pineapple. And I said, "My God! There is a Fibonacci spiral on that pineapple!" Take a look, you'll see it. In Yeosu there are pine trees. You look at the bottom of pine trees; there is a Fibonacci spiral right at the bottom of the pine trees. It's everywhere in nature, everywhere!

We have all seen that video so I am not going to show it again. But what is amazing is that we also discovered that in order to make this Fibonacci spiral, you have to first settle some conditions. Let's look at some of the formula. I want to go through this quickly, because we did this last week.

This is the Fibonacci formula, golden ratio formula. In order for me to make a Fibonacci rectangle and from it to create a Fibonacci spiral I need first a perfect square. I need first a perfect square. Then I can divide the base; create a new radius; than new big circle is created. Then I double the base and where the circle and the double length of the base intersect I raise a line and I create a rectangle. That's the Fibonacci rectangle, and then when I keep dividing it up by squares, perfect squares, it keeps spiraling into itself. And that is where you get the Fibonacci spiral.

So in order to make any of those amazing forms, the Fibonacci forms that you find in nature everywhere, everywhere, spiral galaxies, finger prints, DNA helixes, whatever -wherever you go, you'll see it, if you know what to look for- in order to make that, I first have to have more foundational forms. I first have to have more basic forms. I need a perfect square. We went over this last week.

From the whole singularity, 13.7 billion years ago, we have a one dimension, the singularity. In order to move into a two dimensions, I have to create a line. So the line extends from the singularity. Now I am in the two dimensional form. Now time can be plotted.

But I don't have space yet; I can't gauge relative distances, because there's no boundaries. It's just lines extending into infinity; so I need to close these off in order to get space. I close them off; now I have space!

With this square if it rotates, the edges, the corners create a perfect circle. That's a very interesting shape! Have you ever seen a circle, and inside, it has a square and some lines to the center? I think I saw that form somewhere before! I think I saw something like that before! (Applause) Praise God! Praise Him! Oh Lord! Yes I absolutely got crazy about this because this is unbelievable. I love math now!

OK, let's look at the next one; watch this. This is unbelievable! So in order to make the Fibonacci spiral which is found all over nature, you first have to create the formula, or in order to create the spiral you need a perfect square, you need a square. From this form, the most basic forms, we see there is male form and female form. Male is straight, female is curved.

What is interesting is that you can't make a circle from a dot. You can't. Geometrically you cannot draw a circle from a dot. You first have to create lines. So you first actually have to have straight lines before you can create radiuses and then create circles. So it is very interesting. This is actually mirroring what we see in the creation in Adam and Eve; first the make a form, and then the female form, at least in the Genesis depiction. This is also geometrically true.

From the center the two dimensions come, time and space emerge, the most foundational forms emerge and they expend to the entire universe.

What we do when we manifest the Principle, we go backwards, "Give and receive action, four position foundation, may I inherit the true love of God!" We go into the universe, the center.

OK, next: If we do this in up, down, right, left and back and front, which Father talks about all the time, then we get what is known as an octahedron and then this rotates in all directions and then we get a perfect sphere. Perfect, perfect sphere! That is to say that anything that is spherical in this whole universe including the planets and the sun and all that, in order to create them you first you need the more basic architecture of more simpler forms and that is circle, square, lines and center. Oh! My God!

Now watch this. Once you have the circle form, then you can create what is known as the vesica piscis and that is when two circles overlap and they share the same radius. They share the same radius and they overlap. So that is like that little football form in the middle of those two circles overlapping. There is a little football form, you can see it; it's where they overlap.

From that comes all of trigonometry; all of trigonometry emerges from that shape, all of it! Ovals, of course triangles, 60 x 60 x 60 triangles, 30 x 60 x 90 triangles; that's where they are born. That's why ancient artists call the vesica piscis the womb of the universe.

All of trigonometry emerges from here. A whole division of mathematics emerges right from here. In order to get this, you need to have a circle; in order to get the circle, you need the lines, you need the square, and you need the dot. You need the principle forms. The first forms mentioned in the Principle that says the whole universe is created off of this forms.

OK, keep going.

Once you extend this and you have six circles around a center -- so seven circles are there– all of them share the same radius. This is called the flower of life. This you'll find everywhere, from the Mediterranean to Egypt to Korea. If you go to see temples, on the doors you'll see beautiful little flowers, six petals. This is this pattern. It's made from this architecture, from circles that are sharing radius. This can expand. You can just keep drawing this continuously to infinity.

Keep going. Right there. Stop please.

This goes on, every layer. From this pattern, you get every shape IN THE UNIVERSE, IN THE UNIVERSE! Everything, everything from hexagons to all hypotonic cells, the tetrahedron, the hexahedron, the octahedron, the dodecahedron, the Icosahedron, the Metatron's cube, everything comes out of here, every shape, every single shape you know comes out of here in the universe. This is all based on a circle with a square with lines to the center. It's all based on the foundational forms of the Divine Principle!

Praise God! Let's give God some glory! (Applause) Come on people! Are you sleeping? Oh my God!

It's amazing, geometrics! You cannot have math without these foundational forms. All math is connected to geometry. Trigonometry does not exist without these forms. You can't have it!

If you understand what immense power is within this, the beginning of time and space, the universe, the foundational architecture of the entire universe, THE ENTIRE UNIVERSE is right here. That's why I tell you, "Wear your medallion, it may save your life one day!"

Watch this. We talked about that last week. Watch this! This is unbelievable! Next one, please. When you are conceived -- that's when you are conceived -- when mommy and daddy's seed come together, that is you! That's you! Now by a process of mitosis, that is cell division, you are going to start doubling. So you go from one cell, then you go to two cells, and then you go to four cells and then you go to eight cells. This is an actual picture when you were four cells big. You are in a sphere and you are organized in this pattern. All of us, including myself. I was once this small guy.

Now watch this! Unbelievable! Notice they are not just floating around in some fluid. The four cells are not just floating in fluid; they have a pattern! Watch what the pattern is; three at the base, one at the top. That's the pattern when you are four cells big.

When you connect the centers of those cells with a straight line, you will get what is knows as a tetrahedron. You will get that. Then by cell division, you will become eight cells, and when you become eight cells, you will have another tetrahedron, not facing up, now facing down and they are merged together and that is called the star tetrahedron. See it, when you connect all the centers. That's called the star tetrahedron.

But there is something phenomenal about this shape. Don't think I am crazy! Watch this. There is something phenomenal about it. You have seen this probably in the Star of David and shapes like that. Watch this. When it's 3D it's totally different. Watch this as it rotates, and …stop!

It's a perfect cube within a circle! A PERFECT CUBE within a circle!! (Applause)

Did you know that when you were eight cells big, you were actually the Tong Il mark? My God! Did you know that? When you are eight cells big, you are the Tong Il mark. Can you believe that?

Now watch this, very famous painting. It's called the Vitruvian Man by Leonardo. I should have put a fig leaf there, I am sorry! (Laugh)But that's how he drew it, so I am just being true to the artist OK? So anyway this is the Vitruvian Man.

Vitruvian Man

Now you can notice obviously Leonardo himself drew some forms around him. You see some of the same forms. You see the square and you see the circle. So this is an average. If you are going to take a hundred people, you stand them in crosses like this, how the man is standing on a cross. The length between their hands will be the same as their height. That's why there is a square drawn around that man, because the length of his hands becomes his height, perfect square. Averages OK? You take a hundred people, one, one thousandth of an inch will be the difference. Literally a perfect square!

The center of that square… Where did Father say the center of the human body is? What did he say? No, we are Unificationists, don't be shy about it. It's fundamental to our theology. It's your reproductive organs, my friends.

Guess what the center of that square is? It is that organ. That's the center.

Now when he's standing with his hands up like that and he's got his legs open, this creates a radius, from the navel which is now the center, and now you have a big circle. But watch this. Now you have two different centers. When you merge those centers together, when they come together… I think I saw that form before! I think I saw that form somewhere before. You found the same foundational form when you are eight cells big and when you are an average adult. SAME PROPORTION, SAME FORM! The Principle mark.

Now watch this. Father says the center of the body of course is what we talk about now, the sexual organ, and the center of our spirit body is our heart. So we have the distance between the heart and the reproductive organ that creates a small little sphere. And then there is a small little sphere within the square. The ratio between those is 123.67. Did you know that that happens to be the ratio between THE EARTH AND THE MOON! Praise God! Come on praise Him People! (Applause)Praise Him! Do it!

You heard in the Principle, the microcosmic, the macrocosmic, God creates from the logos, He creates from the foundational forms, which is the four position foundation, the give and receive action, and all of creation is patterned in the image, and that you see it right before your eyes.

You see once we discover this truth, when we see that this is really the architecture of the universe, we can see why True Parents have discovered the secret of heaven. We can see that this is true. The Principle is true. The forms that God wanted to create -- the four position foundation and the give and receive action, that is true! You see it from when you are an eight cell organism to the pattern and the ratio of the earth and the moon.

What does it mean to say that the earth we walk on is in the same proportion as that of a human being, is in the same proportion as you have when you are conceived? It's mind blowing!

So when we understand this is true, then the one who has revealed it and the center of the Principle, the center of the four position foundation, the center of the give and receive action is the purpose of creation, is True Parents. When we realize that and we move towards that together as one, one vibration, one voice, singing "Chambumonim Eog Mansei", we will truly then discover what is the culture of heart.

People always ask me, "What is the culture of heart? I don't know what you mean by that." I did not know how to answer what is the culture of heart. It's not clear, it's very abstract.

Now I can answer it. It's so simple!

The culture of heart is "Chambumonim Eog Mansei"; that is the culture of heart! Within there we have filial love. Within there we have love being returned to the ones who gave themselves to us. We have the desire to glorify, to love, to elevate True Parents. In there is where we touch eternity; it's where we meet our eternal life, and it is within that power that we also become one. And it is with that power I believe that the world and the nations also can become one.

Brothers and sisters, let's give True Parents and Hananim a big, big round of applause because they deserve it.

Let's all rise up, and let's end with True Parents' final words. This is from Cheon Seong Gyeong 341, and let's read this again, "Consider the three Chinese characters that make up the term 'True Parents'. It is through True Parents that history is governed, through True Parents that the foundation for returning to the new original world emerges; through True Parents that the internal connection to subjugate Satan is established, and it is through True Parents that the center is determined. I will occupy the external world, conquer Satan and finally liberate God and resolve His sorrow. Aju!"

Hyung-jin nim's Final Prayer:

Let's all gather our hearts and offer our final prayer. Let's lift up our hands in the heart of glorifying heaven. Let's pray.

Dearest most beloved Heavenly God, our most beloved True Parents! We thank You so much. Father, we are not proud before You. We know that we are sinners; we have sinned. We know we do it every day. But Father, your son that You have sent that comes from your dual characteristics, from your logos, he had to walk the path of indemnity, the path of Christ, perfecting the role of Christ.

It is in that love that we stand justified; it is in that love that our families are justified before You and receive the blessing, receive resurrection and new life and eternal life. It's not our own effort.

Father, let us realize this today. Let us realize that we need forgiveness. Let us be humble enough to ask for forgiveness in our own lives and always be humble enough to ask for it before You. Father, give us that strength because, ironically in the world of love, when we rid ourself of ourselves, we find true happiness. We find a happiness that cannot be contained by the self, a happiness that is everlasting and eternal, a love that is ever flowing, an outpouring that is over powering.

Father, we pray that we may enter into that realm of Shim Jung, that tonight at 7:30 when all our brothers and sisters get together in this sanctuary once again and we sing with one voice, we sing with one frequency and one vibration, the sound of 'Chambumonim Eog Mansei' will emanate through the halls, and into the universe, shaking this universe and giving strength to True Parents, giving You inspiration in your heart that we are children that are worthy, Father, to stand before You.

We thank you so much because we know You love us not because we are great. You love us because of what True Parents have done.

Father, we want to come before You today, we want to truly understand your realm of heart. Let us come into your heart. Let us move beyond ourselves and move into your eternal nature.

We thank you so much Father. We pray all these things in our own names, as we glorify You and our True Parents, in our names as central blessed families. Aju!

Let us manifest the Principle one more time. Give and receive action, four position foundation, may I inherit the true love of God, and glorify heaven till my ascension. Aju! 

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