The Words of Hyung Jin Moon From 2011

Inspirations on the Special Yeosu Workshop

Hyung Jin Moon
January 4, 2011

Hoon-sook nim encouraged me so much. Without her I would not have been able to continue. She used to carry me on my back when I was little. Since then I have always liked her.

I received healing three times. I had put out a disc in my neck, but within a few days, I experienced a lightning-like energy going into my neck, which had been troubling me continuously. This energy completely eased the pain.

These healings are possible due to True Parents. If you participated with a pure attitude and invested your heart, these kinds of healings could take place.

The twenty-one days have ended. But we cannot just think, Oh everything is okay now.

Even now, the situation is very serious. As a chosen nation, this country has no value if it does not accept the Returning Lord. I am sorry to say this. If Korea cannot fulfill that task, thousands of years of preparation will have been in vain. It cannot be used. It's that serious.

If we look at the world situation, it is very strange. Much danger exists. We need to know the kind of era we are living in.... It's a serious time. A time when we can all die in a moment. So, at this time, this country has to quickly awaken. It must swiftly receive the Lord. If we do not do our best and fulfill our 5 percent, this country will face judgment.

We have spent twenty-one days under True Parents' grace, but as the situation remains serious, we must not stop offering Jeong Seong.

Myeong-dae Kim (participant's reflection)

Mr. Kim had been cured of a back injury when Father touched him in 1959; he has been in pain again recently

I could never stay seated, even for ten minutes, and when I sat on the floor, I could not sit straight. I had to stand up frequently for short intervals.... I was so immersed in the workshop program that it was not until yesterday morning that I realized that my back pain was completely gone.

Lucilla Soligno (participant's reflection)

This twenty-one-day condition was a way for us to reconnect with God and bring down the Holy Spirit like a Pentecost. In the evening sessions we had a sung meditation all together, chanting Chan! Bumonim eog-mansei. We began in a sitting position. The vibration of the singing created a stream of energy. After about half an hour we would all stand up and send all the gathered energy to True Parents. When we did that I could feel the energy we were sending in their direction.

During these sessions I felt the heaviness going out of my body, making me feel lighter, and making me forget the discomfort of sitting on the floor, or the tiredness from keeping my arms in the air for so long.

Eight times each day, we offered a special prayer condition for God's will to be done in Korea, usually all together in the main hall. Once or twice a day we offered the condition in our rooms. At first, it wasn't easy to get the children to come to these prayer times. The small children would be jumping and running around. But gradually they all began to take part in the prayer time and to enjoy it.

In our room we were Korean, Japanese and Western, about thirty of us, with three generations represented (as Father had asked). Every single bit of space was taken. To me, this is what the kingdom of heaven means. Everyone took care of each other, like one family in that small space. You are not worried about the external discomfort. We didn't have major personality clashes. I felt the love of God present with us. Once you are focused on a higher purpose, you don't worry about practical or external things. That was wonderful. 

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