The Words of Hyung Jin Moon From 2009

Let's Run Together

Hyung Jin Moon
December 19, 2009

International President Moon Hyung-jin and Rev. Lee Yeon-ah visited Taiwan in December to conduct a Blessing Ceremony. Hyung-jin nim spoke to the members on a number of occasions. The following is taken from a speech he gave to leaders.

We are on the ground and running with the members, because we are excited! For the first time, we have a road map of how this can be done in a practical way. And we have made results up to now that show we can do what we say.... When we say we are going to make Cheon Il Guk for True Parents, we are not joking. We are going to make it so that True Parents are recognized as the king of peace, not just in a ceremony but in reality. Hundreds of thousands, millions and tens of millions of people will call out True Parents' names, as the Messiah, the returning Christ, the Savior of the world. That's how Cheon Il Guk is actually going to be made.

When we are working on the ground, when we say we have to inspire a witnessing culture, we mean it. When we say to all the leaders, "Throw away all your titles; go witnessing," we mean it. That's what I'm doing. I have seven titles. The titles themselves mean nothing to me. It's all about witnessing for the glory of True Parents. That's what we're here for. So that's what we're actually going to do....

Our 5 percent of the responsibility is to believe and to testify. We are already working on this. Now we need all the members and leaders to start focusing on faith, to go witnessing. Run with the members. Hand in hand with the members, go witnessing. This is the only way we will create a culture in which we testify to True Parents, an honest culture in which we teach the world that they have come.

We are going to keep doing that in Korea. When we enter Cheon Bok Gung, we're going to be announcing that to the world. It's going to be on national broadcasts. Every week, those programs will not only be for the Unification Church, they will be broadcast nationally. The whole of Korea can tune in....

We are here to make result. As leaders, that's how we live or die, based on how much result we make. That is a joy and a blessing. It's a great blessing in that we can live and die for True Parents. It's the greatest thing. It feels good to be alive.

All the religions -- slowly, one by one -- will come to understand that the returning Lord, the Mandi, the Maitreya, has returned and that he is here to create the kingdom of God. Aju. [Aju!] I hope you believe that. We are not joking when we say that religions will start turning and will realize True Parents are the Messiah. That's why I keep telling you that it's not going to be on our ability or effort alone. It's not an individual effort. It's on faith; strong faith and testifying. Because through that faith and honesty we will be able to attract very talented people into the community who will help us build the church. They may become leaders above us. That's good, though. Then we have to elevate them with joy. We're not here to have a position; we're here to succeed as the Unification movement, to announce that True Parents are the Messiah and to bring them glory.

As people who truly believe in True Parents, our only goal and aim is this. It is the sole purpose of our existence. I want to get that on the inside of all of you, because you are people with responsibilities. I'm not trying to beat you down; I'm just trying to get this on the inside of you, so that you can understand that this is going to be real, this is not fake. We are already making results in Korea -- results which, two years ago, members in Korea did not even imagine. When Father said, "Build a temple with a capacity for twenty-one thousand members," and we announced that, members in Korea all rolled their eyes and said, "We can't even witness. How are we going to bring twenty-one thousand members?"

But do you know what the atmosphere is like at the Headquarters Church now? We're going to do it! We're going to the temple! We're all fired up. Everybody's witnessing. We're all going in there saying we're going to succeed. That's an incredible change in two years.

That happened because True Parents gave us the ability to have faith. It's all based on faith. If we believe in True Parents, if we truly believe they are the Messiah and we testify to that, miracles happen. That's why we have all these professionals joining our church. Of course, my older brother Kook-jin nim has guided them. He's fulfilled his 5 percent. But Heaven has done its 95 percent. I am telling you it's ready. All we have to do is the 5 percent.

We've turned around the media in Korea. We've made the church grow; we've had a 110 percent increase in donations in less than a year. The business group has turned around, going from bankruptcy to one of the top seventy businesses in Korea. Yonsei University is now teaching that the Tongil Group is an up-and-coming business group. This is not fake. These are real results. We are not joking when we say we are living and dying for True Parents. We want to do that. While we're here we want to make Cheon Il Guk. I hope all of you want to do it too. Because while we are here, this is what we have to be doing...

The Unification Church will be victorious for True Parents. We will glorify them. At this time even, with this level of foundation, they are the most successful religious leaders in the history of the world's religions. We're not satisfied with that, however. We want the world to recognize them while they are here. We want to see tens of millions of people declaring their belief that Rev. Sun Myung Moon and Rev. Hak Ja Han Moon are the Messiah and the Second Coming of Christ, the Savior of humanity. If we are to actualize that, what do we need first? We have to get back to faith in the Divine Principle. Everybody's getting back to faith. So please brothers and sisters have faith! [Yes!] …

The true love that we speak of is the greatest love that anyone has ever known. Aju. Why? Because the true love that we teach about is not simply a normal parents' love for their children. It's True Parents' love! It's a love with which True Parents can sacrifice and die for their children, not just once, but over and over, and never seek a reward. And not only for their children, but they will die even for Satan, and subjugate him through love. If you understand the seven deaths and resurrections theology -- the true love theology -- you understand why that true love is even greater than the agape love of Christian theology. Then you understand why True Parents, who have actualized that true love, who have inherited the fullness of God's true love, are the greatest. I'm not even comparing them with patriots; I'm comparing them with the greatest prophets of the world. Yet they still stand as the greatest champions for God.

The seven deaths and resurrections theology completely changed my life. I am a different person. I am a different man. I'm like a baby again. I tell everyone about this. All my monk friends, the media-1 don't care who it is -- I tell them about the seven deaths and resurrections. It's just incredible if you understand that that was the true love by which God created humankind, created all things, the love of a parent who would die for the sake of their children, over and over, not just once. If you understand that God lived through the entire providential course of restoration with that kind of love, and if you understand that Jesus was to inherit the fullness of that love, and if you understand that the True Parent, the returning Christ, has inherited the fullness of that love, you understand the True Parents of Heaven and Earth's phenomenal victory. Let's give True Parents thunderous applause! [Applause]

In teaching the Principle, we ran a test once. We had thirteen people who had gone through all kinds of peace ambassador education over many years. We did a survey by asking each of them the question, "What is your view of Father?" There were four choices: a) a patriot, b) a peace activist, c) a great educator and d) the Messiah. All those ambassadors for peace selected "patriot" or "peace activist." None of them chose "Messiah." Then they attended a two-day Divine Principle seminar and they heard the seven deaths and resurrections theology. After that, among those thirteen people, none of whom had chosen "Messiah" as the term they would use to describe Father, ten stepped forward and declared Father is the Messiah, and they are now members of our church.

We received this understanding of the seven deaths and resurrections from True Parents. Afterward, I wrote a letter to True Parents. That was when I did the twenty-one thousand bows, in repentance. People don't really understand that as repentance. I was doing that in order to repent, because I had been ignorant. I had studied all the religions, I had lived with people from those religions, but I was ignorant as to what the essence of true love was. This is the center of our theology, and I didn't even know what that was. So I did that as a condition of repentance. Then I offered the letter to True Parents. In the middle of my doing the bows, Father was trying to stop me, "No more bows, no more bows!" He was trying to stop me from doing the penance, but I had to repent. After I was done, Father was very happy. I told Father, I'm going to teach the true love theology. What is the principle of true love? True love allows us to give and give and what? [Forget!]

I realized that Father is the actual embodiment of true love. He died for us, he died for our children, he died for our tribe, he died for our nation and world, and he died for the spirit world. Yet not once did he say, "You owe me." He forgot. Every time he had to walk to his death, every time he had to be tortured physically and spiritually, every time he had to descend into hell, he died and forgot. But because of the power of that true love, he was resurrected in the flesh and in the spirit. And he is walking around today, as we can see. This is the ultimate testament to the victory of True Parents as the returning Christ.

When I wrote the Chinese characters after True Parents showed me this understanding, I just wrote "Seven deaths and resurrections, the completion of the eight stages" very quickly. Later, I thought it might have been nicer if I had written something more poetic, such as "Opening heaven's gate," (that would be pretty!) or something like that. But as time went on I realized why Father had me write that. The completion of the eight stages is really the key. In the Principle we learn of the completion of the eight vertical and the eight horizontal stages. We have the horizontal stages (individual, family, clan or tribe, people, nation, world, cosmos and God) and we have the vertical (servant of servants, servant, adopted son, stepson, son, mother, father and God) -- eight stages.

Our witnessing office has studied each of the resurrections. We went back to 1944 and the Gyeong-gi Province prison, site of the first death and resurrection, while Korea was a Japanese colony. That death matches exactly with the servant of servant level and with the individual level, with what Father was doing as an individual at the time.

We went through each of the deaths and resurrections, culminating with the helicopter miracle -- the substantial resurrection. Now you know why Father called it the substantial resurrection. At first everyone was wondering, but after hearing of "the seven deaths and resurrections," I think people understand why it was the substantial resurrection. Incarceration in Danbury was the worldwide level and the mother level. The father level was the cosmic victory of the helicopter-accident attack, the death and resurrection there, where none of the disciples of the True Parent denied him at the final hour in the deadly inferno in the way that Jesus' disciples denied him before his crucifixion. The disciples in the helicopter did not deny True Parents; they worked to get them out first.

We could see the spirit world was working: my older brothers Hyo-jin nim, Heung-jin nim and Young-jin nim all came. Hyo-jin nim was the big tree that stopped the helicopter from colliding with the mountain and prevented the impact from killing everyone in the craft. We see inside the craft, we see the different spiritual phenomena that match up at the cosmic level of indemnity, liberation and resurrection.

We can see how the process of the seven deaths and resurrections is connected level by level -- servant of servants, servant, to the adopted son and up to the stepson, and how these relate to the individual, family and all the way up to the level of God.

None of us have the right to be in heaven; you and I. I have no right, my children have no right. We can understand that based on the victory through indemnity that was paid from the individual level up through the cosmic level, that is, based on True Parents' victory in the seven deaths and resurrections, we have the blessing of going to the eighth stage, which is the level of God and which in the Principle is called the realm of God's direct dominion.

That victory made it possible for us to enter the kingdom of God, the ideal world where we will live in God's direct dominion. That is why True Parents are the saviors of humanity. Aju. [Aju!] 

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