The Words of Hyung Jin Moon From 2009

Significance of the "10.14 True Parents Cosmic Blessing Ceremony"

Hyung Jin Moon
October 10, 2009
Headquarters Church, Seoul Korea

Opening Prayer by Eufemia Restor:

Dearest Heavenly Father and True Parents! We would like to thank You so much for this wonderful day. First and foremost, we would like to pray for the long life and good health of our beloved True Parents wherever they are now; for the health and long life of True Children, who are truly working so hard on the frontline, helping our beloved True Parents. We pray for the True Grandchildren as well, that they have long life and good health.

Heavenly Father, today is October 10th. That’s four days before our True Parents are going to give us the great and special blessing. We do pray that each one of us will truly be able to receive this blessing. We are living in this time and age wherein, as a miracle in our lives, we attend True Parents and True Children. We do pray that we, as blessed couples, will be able to accept the responsibility, even though our responsibility is just small. But we pray that we can do it heartistically and with love and joy.

The blessing that we receive should not be kept for ourselves, it should be shared with the people around us; with our neighbors, our brothers and sisters, and with all people because our True Parents aren’t just True Parents for all Unificationists, but they are the True Parents of all humankind.

Heavenly Father, despite our busy schedules, we pray that we can truly find ways and means, and be able to understand the value and context of the blessing.

As True Father says, we only live once, but once is truly enough when we live it right.

Thank You so much, Heavenly Father, for the grace that we can participate in the building of heaven here on earth. Thank You once again, and this we pray in our names as members of central blessed families. Aju!

Welcoming Remarks:
Yeon Ah Nim

Good afternoon, brothers and sisters! It is great to see you all today. Today we have a beautiful blue sky and a cool breeze. We sincerely hope and pray that your day and your family and your week will be blessed in Heavenly Father’s and True Parents’ name. Aju!

Hyung Jin Nim

Good afternoon, brothers and sisters! We are going to start with Cheon Seong Gyeong 2108. Father says,

“This is why love is great. The power of love bridges the distances between upper and lower or high and low. Love transcends space and time, allowing us to participate in the realm where we can immediately share joint ownership. This is an amazing fact.”

Brothers and sisters, you know when we participate this weekend it is really important. Thousands of brothers and sisters are being re-blessed and many blessed for the first time. In preparation for that, we have a very special service today which will be based on that and particularly on the Holy Wine Ceremony which we are going to have a little later.

This Holy Wine Ceremony is based on the victory of true love, the love that will die and die for the sake of the children, so that the children can be free to have eternal life, can be reborn into the kingdom of God. This is the type of heart from which True Parents have lived. That’s the heart with which they have passed through the seven deaths and resurrections. This is the parental heart, the heart where this Holy Wine is coming from. It comes from this heartistic realm, from a victorious inheritance.

So, on this day, let’s all meditate on that and let’s reflect on that, because Father says,

“This is the reason why love is great, because it can bridge the highs and lows, transcend space and time."

And that is exactly the great power and the great love that True Parents have inherited from our Heavenly God. Let’s give it up for our True Parents! (Applause)

Introduction of Guest Speaker Dr. Joon Ho Seuk by Rev. Hyung Jin Nim:

Today I would like to welcome Dr. Seuk to the podium. He is going to explain a little more in depth about the significance of the ceremony that will be occurring on the 14th. Dr. Seuk, as you know, has been an incredible leader within our church. For the last 36 years he has worked overseas in the United States, in Russia, in China -- he is a pioneer, he is one of the warriors, one of the Samurais, of the older generation.

Not only is he a warrior in that he goes out and pioneers, he is actually a real warrior -- he is a ninth degree black belt in Judo. Very few of them are alive! He is also the founder of Tongil Mudo, as you all know. So, he is quite an amazing fellow to work with.

Dr. Seuk came to be with us here in Korea at Father’s direction, and since he has come, we have truly had the privilege to work with such an individual. He is so loyal. Even myself, I really loved the martial arts and things like that, but it really came to life when I came to work with Dr. Seuk. His loyalty, his honor and how he always holds himself with dignity, but yet he is humble. He has integrity and he serves True Parents without question! He has no personal ambition but really seeks to serve the community. This I really admire about Dr. Seuk.

For myself and Kook Jin Hyung, Sun Jin -- while she is here -- it is truly a pleasure to be able to work with Dr. Seuk. It really is a refreshing pleasure and a real honor to be able to work with such a person, who has dedicated his entire life to the service of God and True Parents.

Brothers and sisters, when I welcome him up on stage I want you all to really welcome him as a veteran, as a 36 year veteran and wonderful pioneer of our True Parents. Let’s offer him a great round of applause when he comes up. (Applause)

Main Sermon by Dr. Seuk:
Significance of the October 14th True Parents Cosmic Blessing Ceremony

(He greets the audience in Korean first, then in English.)

Good Afternoon. Should I speak in English or Korean? I spent 36 years in foreign countries, 18 years in America and 18 years in Russia and China. I tried to learn English, Russian, and Chinese. Now I am trying to learn Korean. If I speak in Korean now, you may not understand at all my Korean-English.

Although President Moon gave me too much praise, I am not worthy. I am not worthy of standing on this podium where True Parents and Hyung Jin Nim invested so much heart and prayer. I feel very honored and privileged that I can have this opportunity to speak in front of you. Thank you to Sun Jin Nim, Yeon Ah Nim and In Sup Nim for coming. Let’s give a big hand of applause for all True Family.

We are really living in an incredible miraculous era: working, breathing the same air and living together with True Parents. Furthermore, we already received Blessing from True Parents -- many of you, right? Not everybody yet. Truly this is an amazing era, where we are living and working together with True Parents in this particular time, the first year of the perfection stage toward Cheon Il Guk, January 13, 2013. Do you feel that?

In this particular year, True Parents held the coronation ceremony. Now True Parents became King of Kings, right? Also, this year, True Parents had their Golden 50th Wedding Anniversary. It was a very special year. This year Father gave us his life autobiography, and it was the 55th anniversary of the founding of our church in 1954. It was an important year, in which we received great blessings and grace from Father.

First, Father opened the door where Cain and Abel on the individual, family, tribe, national, universal and cosmic level unite together. Secondly, Father gave us blessing and grace even though we still have remnants and traces of the fall. We all have fallen thinking, habits and behavior, which we must remove completely and become the person and family of original state. Such an era of grace Father is giving to us. Thirdly, Father said a new era of grace has come where good sovereignty overcomes evil sovereignty. “O” symbolizes good sovereignty and “X” symbolizes evil sovereignty. O embraces and digests X; X cannot embrace O. Such a time of great blessing and grace Father gave us this year.

Furthermore, one more great blessing still is waiting for us, and that is October 14th great Blessing. The title of the coming Blessing will be “10.14. TRUE PARENTS COSMIC BLESSING”. In order to accomplish that great grace Blessing, Father gave us guidelines, the way to achieve it, and also a special gift to us. First of all, Father gave us the Wongu Peace Cup Cain-Abel Cosmic Unity Game. Even Father himself developed and founded Hwahap-Tongil, harmony and unity game, and performed a ceremony on April 19th. During a period of 13 days we held these games. There was a Peace Cup tournament in June, in Spain, Andalusia together with a Cain-Abel cosmic unity festival.

On October 12th and 13th, we will also have a Wongu Peace Cup Cain-Abel cosmic unity event. Through that, we can have unity between Cain and Abel and show such kind of determination and new start when we settle the culture of unity. The time has come for all our members to completely unite together and with the True Family. When we unite together with True Mother and eventually True Father, then all our Unification family will become totally one in heart. Furthermore, we will extend our family into the world and we will become one world family.

Secondly, Father gave us his own autobiography, which is a great gift, to achieve such goals. The essence of Father’s life story is true love, the practice of true love. Father’s autobiography is a great tool, a heavenly weapon for witnessing, to save the people. Our witnessing is not just proselytizing people, but we are saving people’s eternal life, connecting them to God’s blood lineage, life and love so they can become a true family, centered upon True Parents. Many spiritual phenomena and miracles are happening now while we are witnessing through the distribution of this autobiography.

From what I understand, the greatest gift is Seven Deaths and Resurrections. This great awakening we can receive through our World President Hyung Jin Nim. Father told us what true love is: it means that we give and give and then we forget what we have given and we still give. Father as a parent couldn’t really say it that much, “I went to death place for you, seven different times, to save you.” Father has been waiting for the day when one of Father’s children would find True Parents’ true love. I feel that Hyung Jin Nim received this new awakening and new revelation not casually, not abruptly, but rather based upon ten years’ efforts of jeong seong condition.

After his elder brother Young Jin Nim ascended into heaven, he started jeong seong condition from early morning 2 am until 3 am, 120 bow condition, prayer condition, jeong seong condition, true love condition. Not just one or a few months or a few years but for ten years, regardless of snow, rain, cold and wet or heat -- that did not disturb him at all. Upon such a jeong seong condition, True Parents gave him spiritual awakening. Father went to the death place not only one or two, but seven different times and resurrected to save the fallen children from hell. Not only his body, but also his spirit went into hell, beaten and tortured by Satan, shedding blood and tears. This great awakening we can all receive by receiving True Parents’ true love, we can resemble True Parents and we can inherit True Parents’ true love, and then we can become one with True Parents’ heart.

In a few days, all of us will receive the Blessing. What is the meaning of this Blessing? Today is Saturday and there is a Saturday service, so I should start reading Fathers’ Hoon Dok material. From tomorrow, at the official Sunday Service, I will read Fathers’ words, but today I will omit reading Fathers’ speech to save time, so please understand this point. What is that special meaning? As you know Father became the King of Kings this year, and as King of Kings he is giving the Blessing to all the people, including all the Blessed Families. For the first time in history, there is a Blessing given by the King of Kings. Let’s give a big applause to show our deep gratitude and appreciation for True Parents.

True Parents were installed in 1960 and they had to overcome all kinds of difficulties, hardships, and had to pay so much indemnity. They got victory in 2001 when the coronation ceremony was offered to God, and Father opened a new era, the era after opening of heaven. In 2006, Father became King of Peace at the entrance and coronation ceremony. This year, in 2009, Father became the King of Kings and as a King of Kings, Father is giving the Blessing to everybody.

What a great Blessing we will receive this year in a few days on October 14th! It will be a Blessing on the cosmic level; before, when we received the Blessing, it was on the church level, and another Blessing on the worldwide level. This is the third level, cosmic level Blessing. All Blessed Couples should go through this cosmic level Blessing. All members and blessed families have fallen mind, fallen habits and fallen thinking, fallen behavior and fallen actions, and all our blood lineage has been stained, corrupted and dirty, so we should purify our blood lineage completely. Our connection to True Parents’ life and love became weakened, so we should strengthen this love connection and life connection. Father said this new Blessing is a Blessing without a trace of the fall, such a great Blessing of forgiveness, based upon your condition. It is not just automatic; it depends on how much you repent, on how much new determination you have and on your new heart, on how much you set a condition of indemnity. Based upon that, Father will give great forgiveness, and grace will come. This Blessing will remove the trace of fall completely.

The coming Blessing will create great harmony through unity between Cain and Abel, from the individual, family, tribal, national, world, to the cosmic level. This will be the first time that newly Blessed couples and already established Blessed couples will receive Blessing together, the first time in God’s providence. What a great Blessing is coming! This Blessing is a condition for the entire clan to receive the Blessing by going through the Divine Principle workshop. I understand that everybody went through a Divine Principle workshop, reviving our spirit. By doing so, we set the condition for the entire clan to receive the Blessing together with us. Also this is a condition for the nation, world and the spirit world to receive the Blessing. Father said 80 million Korean people, together with 6.5 billion population worldwide will receive the Blessing conditionally.

Today we will be conducting the Holy Wine Ceremony officiated by World President Rev. Moon and Rev. Lee. This Holy Wine Ceremony is a great ceremony. Because of the fall, mankind received fallen satanic lineage, love and life. We must be engrafted into True Parents. We all became like a wild olive tree. True Parents are the true olive tree. In order for the wild olive tree to become the true olive tree, it must be engrafted into the true olive tree. Through the Holy Wine Ceremony we receive God’s heavenly lineage, God’s life and love. Furthermore, this Holy Wine Ceremony for already Blessed Couples will remove all traces of fallen actions, habits and remnants completely. It will purify our lineage completely -- such a special meaning.

What should be our mindset to receive this Holy Wine and the upcoming Blessing on October 14th? Father emphasizes absolute sex, right? Do you remember what the motto is for this year? (He recites the motto in Korean). Father and Mother, absolute sex, pure heart, sexual purity, fidelity between husband and wife, creating a beautiful happy family and keeping absolute sexual ethics and absolute purity. Through this, we fulfill our portion of responsibility. Such a determination you must have when you receive the holy wine today. Otherwise you just drink and forget everything, and then it has no meaning at all.

Father said you must receive this Blessing as a virgin. It means a virgin person, who doesn’t know any man or woman. You should go back to that state with a pure heart. Even towards your wife, you may wonder, is this my wife? With this kind of pure heart you should become a newly wed couple. We should receive this Holy Wine and Blessing as a virgin. This is what Father said a few days ago in America. We should live a life of jeong seong condition, like Hyung Jin Nim, a jeong seong life, a true love life, with passion for the truth, for God’s way -- such a life. We should be determined to inherit True Parents’ Seven Deaths and Resurrections and practice jeong seong condition everyday, true love condition, true love action and passion for God’s will.

Let’s show our deep appreciation and gratitude to Hyung Jin Nim who gave us the Seven Deaths and Resurrections, who gave a great awakening to us. Let’s give a big applause. He wants desperately for us to inherit the Seven Deaths and Resurrections, so he did a 21,000 bow condition, a life and death struggle. He desperately asks us to inherit True Parents’ love. With receiving Holy Wine and the Blessing we will make a new determination to create a happy family and eventually all mankind will become a great happy family through True Blessed Couples and Blessed Families.

I will now conclude my speech reading Father’s speech:

I pray that you may form wise and new families of citizens in God’s Kingdom, Cheon Il Guk -- families whose members clearly distinguish between Cain and Abel in their lives, who integrate them into a new realm of Abel, placing goodness at its center, and who restore the realm of the three eras of the Old, New and Completed Testament ages and the three generations of my family. I am asking you to form and live as new true families based on original human nature through which the new true grandparents, true parents, and true grandchildren can enter, hand in hand, into the new Kingdom of Heaven. I pray and proclaim in the names of the victorious True God and True Parents that the new authority of the great blessing of the True God, the king of kings of all nations, can flow abundantly into your new families, new nations, and throughout the new cosmos.
(Book 17, Pyung Hwa Shingyeong)

Thank you very much.

Explanation of Meaning of Holy Wine Ceremony by Rev. Hyung Jin Nim:

Let us just briefly look at the meaning of the very special ceremony, as Dr. Seuk has eloquently explained.

From the viewpoint of the Divine Principle, the Holy Wine Ceremony is a ceremony of completely removing the original sin and changing the lineage. That is to say, through the Holy Wine Ceremony, the evil lineage of Satan will be removed completely. You are being brought from the realm of Satan to the realm of God, from death to life. Only True Parents can bestow this special grace. Let’s give them a big round of applause of appreciation. (Applause)

This Holy Wine Ceremony has three special meanings:

Number one, the October 14th Holy Wine has been given as an important condition for participating in this ceremony of Cosmic Blessing. So, before we partake in the ceremony, the condition is that we receive the Holy Wine again.

Number two, the three generations in the family are allowed to take part in this great grace, bestowed through the Holy Wine, and therefore carry the responsibility of establishing the legitimacy of the realm of three blessed generations. So three generations will be participating with us today.

Number three, all families that take part in the Holy Wine Ceremony should drink the Holy Wine after fully repenting on our individual level, family level, etc. with the resolution to make a new beginning at the start of a new era.

So, now we will partake in the Holy Wine Ceremony.

Benediction after Taking of Holy Wine by Rev. Hyung Jin Nim:

Dearest, most beloved Heavenly True Parents, Heavenly Parents of Heaven and Earth! Father, we thank You so much for this incredible blessing that You have bestowed upon us. You intended the original lineage from the beginning of time and creation, wanted to have children that would be able to inherit Your true love, be able to multiply that true love and spread it and have dominion over the creation, stewarding the world with responsibility, true love, true life and true lineage.

We understand that this portion of responsibility was not fulfilled during the fall and that the lineage of mankind was separated from Your grace, love and lineage. Father, this day, the Holy Wine that we partake of, is upon the victorious foundation of our True Parents, who are the first human ancestors, the first to fully inherit Your true love, Your essence and Your divinity, who are able to stand as the parent of all humankind, who are able to go the path of death, to willingly sacrifice and lay down their life and their soul, multiple times, over and over, so that their children may receive eternal life and may inherit the lineage that You have always intended from the beginning of creation.

We pray that we may understand and that we can repent for our shortcomings this day, that we may be purged of any negative strongholds, fallen natures and that we may come into new birth and new resurrection with the power of the seven resurrections. We pray that we may come into the new resurrected life, so that we may offer our lives, our love and our lineage and our families for the sake of Your kingdom and Your providence.

We pray that we may inherit this type of true love, the true love of True Parents, the true love of Your essence, Your divinity and that through that inheritance we may create the true families which You have so desired from the beginning of time.

Father, we pray that these families may come together and the members of the Unification Church may embody and actualize that and spread and share the message, the conviction, faith and love of our True Parents to all humankind. We pray that the world may inherit this and that we may move into the new realm of liberation and that we may move into the new realm of establishing Your true kingdom here on earth as it is in heaven.

We thank You so much, Father, once more for this most precious gift and grace that You give to us and bestow upon our families and descendants, our ancestors and upon all the families that are here with us in this sanctuary and joining us around the world.

Father, we pray that this may be the preparation for receiving the Cosmic Blessing of the King of Kings, our True Parents, on Oct 14th, this Wednesday, and we pray that we may have a prayerful and thankful heart when we receive the incredible cosmic grace and blessing. We thank You so much and we pray all these things returning all glory and thanks and gratitude to You, as central blessed families, we pray in True Parents’ name. Aju!

Three Cheers of Eog-mansei:

On this special occasion, we thank Hyung Jin Nim and Yeon Ah Nim for leading and guiding us and for the guidance from Dr. Seuk today, and also for the presence of the True Family here. It is a great, great privilege for us all. We want to celebrate this occasion with three cheers of Eog-mansei:

Eog-mansei for the victory of the establishment of God’s kingship! Eog-mansei!

Eog-mansei for the victorious True Parents of Heaven, Earth and Humankind, the King of Kings! Eog-mansei!

Eog-mansei for the 10.14 True Parents’ Cosmic Blessing Ceremony! Eog-mansei! 

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