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True Parents’ Guidance Regarding the October 14 Blessing Ceremony and Instructions for Holding the Holy Wine Ceremony

Hyung Jin Moon
October 9, 2009

Ref. No. FFWPUI 2009-47

To: Regional presidents, National messiahs, National leaders
From: FFWPU International Headquarters
Date: October 9, 2009
Re.: True Parents’ Guidance Regarding the October 14 Blessing Ceremony and Instructions for Holding the Holy Wine Ceremony

May God and True Parents’ blessings and love be with brothers and sisters in all regions, mission nations and providential organizations who are working hard to inherit the victorious fortune of True Father’s 90th anniversary and True Parents’ Golden Anniversary.

This is to announce the official name of the upcoming Blessing Ceremony, its significance, and True Parents’ instructions, given on October 4 and 5, for the Holy Wine Ceremony. Please guide all families so that they can prepare accordingly and take part in the Blessing Ceremony.

1. Name of Event: “10.14 True Parents’ Cosmic Blessing Ceremony”

2. Guidance Regarding the Blessing Ceremony

True Father: "Families that wish to receive the blessing in this era of the realm of the king of kings should do so unconditionally to make a new beginning. All blessed couples should participate in the Blessing Ceremony with hearts and bodies like those of a virgin.”

From this we can see that the upcoming Blessing Ceremony is a comprehensive grace blessing for all couples, who are participating to be reborn as new blessed families, and who have received the Blessing grace on a cosmic level on the condition of completely repenting about one’s faith and life to this day and of all the mistakes one has made including unresolved problems that went against the Principle. Therefore, all families that participate in the Blessing Ceremony should establish a condition of offering their utmost devotion based on the standard of their conscience for this absolute blessing grace from True Parents.

3. Additional Guidance from True Parents

“All blessed families should all be educated again through the books Explanation of the Principle, Exposition of Divine Principle and Original Divine Principle by October 14 this year. On that foundation they should come together with seven generations of their ancestors and all their relatives and receive the blessing again. (August 16, 2009)

“You must again receive the blessing, which True Parents officiate. To this day, there has never been an intercultural and international realm beyond the level of particular families and nations. Only if I make the condition for this occasion will the substantial reality will come about. The condition of blessing an entire race [the Korean people], all 80 million of them, the 6.5 billion people of the world, and all of the spirit world in the same place must be established even if they do not want it. On October 14, my own family, the blessed families and the families of the saints will make this an occasion to establish a condition on behalf of humanity. (August 20, 2009)

4. Conducting the Special Holy Wine Ceremony

1. Significance

1. This Holy Wine has been given as an important condition for participating in the 10.14 True Parents’ Cosmic Blessing Ceremony.

2. All three generations are allowed to take part in this great grace bestowed through the Holy Wine and therefore have the responsibility of establishing the legitimacy of the blessed realm of three generations

3. All families that take part in the Holy Wine Ceremony should drink the Holy Wine after fully repenting and with the resolution to make a new beginning with the start of a new era.

4. There will still be personal issues that should be restored through indemnity for individuals and families that drink this Holy Wine. Additional guidelines regarding this will be announced at a later date after the Blessing Ceremony.

2. Participants:

1. 1st and 2nd generation blessed couples and their children (single 2nd and 3rd generation)

2. Married couples who are blessing candidates

3. Single 2nd generation blessing candidates

4. Single 1st generation blessing candidates

5. Important notices

1. For those living outside of Korea, patients and those who are unable to participate in the Holy Wine Ceremony due to unavoidable circumstances, a family member should receive confirmation from the local church leader and bring that person’s photo to the Ceremony. Holy Wine should be lightly dropped on the lips in the photo as a condition. Later, that person should take part in the Holy Wine Ceremony officiated by the local church leader.

2. The new Holy Wine made for this occasion should be used for the Holy Wine Ceremony. However, if it is not available, please use the currently existing Holy Wine that True Parents bestowed during the Entrance Ceremony of Cheon Jeong Gung but only after offering a special condition (the national leader and all officiators should offer a condition of 120 bows).

6. Holy Wine Ceremony

1. Procedure

1. Please be sure to offer a brief bow when receiving the Holy Wine from the officiator and staff.

2. The wife should stand on the right; the husband on the left and the children should stand next to the husband in order of birth.

3. The couple should receive one cup and all the children should receive one cup together.

4. After formally receiving the Holy Wine the wife should first drink half the cup and give the cup to the husband who should drink the rest.

5. The children should all drink an appropriate amount from the same cup in order of birth.

6. If a spouse has ascended or if someone is blessed to a spirit person, that person should first drink half and then drink the other half as if one had received the cup from one’s spouse.

7. There is no particular formality in returning the empty cups to the officiator.

2. The Holy Wine Ceremony should be held from October 11 to 13 at the local churches.

3. Holy Wine Officiator: Regional presidents, national leaders or local church leader

4. Holy Wine Ceremony program

1. Holy Song

2. Prayer

3. Guidance regarding the significance of the Blessing Ceremony and Special Holy Wine Ceremony

4. Holy Wine Ceremony

5. Benediction (The family should stand in a small circle when receiving the benediction)

6. Three cheers of eog-mansei

7. Eog-mansei for the victory of the establishment of God’s kingship

8. Eog-mansei for the victorious True Parents of Heaven, Earth and Humankind, the king of kings

9. Eog-mansei for the 10.14 True Parents’ Cosmic Blessing Ceremony

5. Each family that takes part in the Holy Wine Ceremony should fill out and submit the Holy Wine Ceremony Participant’s card.

7. Administrative matters

1. Regional headquarters should submit the results of the Holy Wine Ceremony to the International Headquarters.

2. Deadline: 12 noon, October 31, 2009 (Korea time)

3. Regional headquarters should collect and compile the reports from each mission nation and submit this to headquarters.

4. Please guide all families that take part in the Holy Wine Ceremony to participate in the Blessing Ceremony.

5. Holy Wine Ceremony cards should be filled out by the participants and collected by the regional headquarters. Regional headquarters should compile a name list of all participants in a Microsoft Excel file and submit this to the International Headquarters.

Attachment 1: Holy Wine Ceremony Card

Hyung Jin Moon
International President 

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