The Words of Hyung Jin Moon From 2009

Live Webcast Information For The 10.14 True Parents’ Cosmic Blessing Ceremony

Hyung Jin Moon
October 9, 2009

To: Regional presidents, National messiahs, National leaders
From: FFWPU International Headquarters
Date: October 9, 2009
Re.: Live webcast information for the 10.14 True Parents’ Cosmic Blessing Ceremony

May God and True Parents’ blessings and love be with all regions, mission nations and providential organizations.

The “10.14 True Parents’ Cosmic Blessing Ceremony” will be held at the outdoor plaza of the Sun Moon University in Korea on October 14, 2009, with True Parents officiating. This ceremony will be broadcast live via the internet. Members who are unable to come to Korea for the event can view the ceremony through the internet.

1. Event name: “10.14 True Parents’ Cosmic Blessing Ceremony”

2. Date: 11:00 am, October 14, 2009 [Korea time]

3. Venue: Outdoor plaza, Sun Moon University, Korea

4. Webcast time

Date: 11:00 am, October 14, 2009 [Korea time]

Please go to and follow instructions.

A VOD of the event will be available on the homepage of the Korean Headquarters ( after the event.

5. Details of the webcast

1) Live webcast will be provided in Korean, Japanese and English.

2) Live webcast will be accessible on the homepage 30 minutes before the start of the event.

3) Live webcast schedule may be subject to change according to the local situation. The broadcast quality may be affected due to unforeseen incidents or server overload.

6. Requirements

1) Personal computers connected to the internet through ADSL, Cable, etc

2) Please check to see if your computer has a Sound Card and Speaker installed.

3) Web browser program such as Internet Explorer 6.0 or higher

4) Media Player Program 9.0 or higher

7. Additional note

More information will be provided later for those living in areas where internet access is unstable or unavailable and for those who are unable to participate in this Blessing Ceremony via internet due to unavoidable circumstances. We are currently planning to make and send out DVDs of the “10.14 True Parents’ Cosmic Blessing Ceremony.”

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