The Words of Hyung Jin Moon From 2009

Speech of Encouragement to the Filipino Women's Association

Hyung Jin Moon
September 23, 2009
From PBMK Newsletter

I remember it was August of 2007: I had only shortly before begun my ministry at Mapo Church when I was asked by our Church's Family Department to give a Divine Principle lecture in English, as part of the program to minister for and educate members from English-speaking countries, especially Korean-Filipino blessed couples.

My first official meeting with the wives of Korean-Filipino couples was on August 11th, Saturday, at that Divine Principle lecture session. I gave Divine Principle lectures for English-speaking members for four months until November, and some Filipino women members even came all the way from Choongcheong Province and Gangwon Province with their children to listen to those lectures. I will always remember with gratitude the devotion shown by such members.

Members of the Filipino Women's Association!

You have learned the teachings of the Divine Principle and avowed True Parents as the Messiah and Savior. As Unification Church members, you have been matched with Korean spouses following the ideal of the Blessing of inter-cultural and inter-racial marriage as True Parents have taught, and you have formed families and begun a new life in a foreign land.

The combined challenges, big and small -- such as communication problems, cultural differences, and the forming of family relationships, and more difficult still, the severe cold weather of Korean winter -- must have been a source of real suffering that affected you more than any simple cultural difference ever could have.

I can very well understand that, in Korean society, which rather lacks broad-mindedness and political consideration for multi-cultural families, you must have experienced considerable pain as you kept true to your faith and educated your children as Unification Church members. However, a multi-cultural family raised through the international Blessing is a historic accomplishment, embracing Heaven's dream, headed toward world peace and a new lineage.

On page 263 in the eightieth volume of True Father's sermons is recorded the words of True Father gave under the title, "International marriage is the fastest way to unite the all humanity as one" and I will quote a part of it:

"In this historic time, a white person and a black person brought together in union through marriage are people who have done great service for humanity and God's will and in making the world one.... I know of your pain. I know what anguish you go through, but when you think of marriage as an indemnity offering, you will receive more blessings from Heaven than anyone else, and through your descendants many leaders who can lead the world will be born.

Then what kind of people will become American presidents in the future? Many of the presidents will be those of mixed descent, born of black and white parents. This is the conclusion we can reach."

International marriage, bringing together couples as one, transcending national boundaries, religion, nationality and race, will become the cornerstone of world peace and harmony. These words True Father spoke in Chicago in 1975 came true decades later in President Obama, who was born from a [black] African father born in Kenya, and a [white] American mother.

This is not only the blessing bestowed on international marriages of black and white couples, but the promise of Heaven given to all international marriages. This is because the international Blessing is the fastest way to break down the walls created by the Fall, liberate and free God and True Parents, and unite humanity as one.

Being multi-cultural can have competitive power in the new era. Korean-Filipino couples are ambassadors for peace for the co-prosperity, and for the establishment and improvement of friendly ties between Korea and the Philippines, and they will act as bridges connecting the two nations, both culturally and in heart. As your children grow up, they will learn both languages. That means their lives will become that much broader. Moreover, they will not make "distinctions" based on differences between people, but instead will naturally learn that there is "another way of life." On such a rich cultural foundation, I believe your children will grow up to become leaders of a new generation.

Members of the Filipino Women's Association!

I know well that you are playing a pivotal role in the women's association of the 9th Region world members' service. I have heard that you are actively participating in Saturday services and other church meetings such as the Tuesday and Thursday evening meetings and Saturday Divine Principle lectures, as well as the birthday parties and multi-cultural families' meetings held every month on Saturday for world members' service attendees.

Moreover, you don't know how delighted and thankful I felt when I received the report that you were doing your utmost to connect those Filipino members who had become estranged from the Church back to a life of faith and churchgoing, through home visits and regional Hoon Dok Hae meetings, together with Rev. Michael Brazil and chairpersons of the Women's Association of the world members' service.

I recall that in various events the Philippines Embassy hosted for improving friendly relations between Korea and the Philippines -- such as the Philippines independence celebration in 2008 and the 60th anniversary celebration of amity between the two nations in 2009 -- second generation children of Korean-Filipino families were invited to perform (through the Filipino blessed wives society). This has served as an opportunity to make it known worldwide what warm and proud fruits have been harvested through the international Blessing Ceremonies True Parents have officiated.

In addition, I have also heard that the Filipino Women's Association is in unity with the vision of the Cheon Bok Gung Providence, that you have determined to make an offering of 300 million Won (about $25,000.00) toward its construction, and that you are encouraging all families to participate. Having heard the report that most of the members of the Association are in difficult situations financially, I could fathom that the Filipino Women's Association is focusing on the dream for the future that is to come true through the joint efforts of the Church community, rather than on the difficulties of the present; and that you are marching forward with a firm conviction in your faith and in your hearts.

The Unification Church, which has inherited the true love of the seven deaths and resurrections and the heart of True Parents, is growing and developing day after day together with the Cheon Bok Gung providence. Our Church community will grow and flourish amid the blessings of God and True Parents. The will of Heaven will be fulfilled.

I hope that, in the process of carrying this out, the Filipino Women's Association will contribute toward the development of the Church by manifesting their wisdom and the warmth of their hearts in practice.

May the blessings of God and True Parents be with you and your families. 

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