The Words of Hyung Jin Moon From 2009

Walking The Way

Hyung Jin Moon
September 19, 2009
Headquarters Church, Seoul Korea

Opening Prayer by Anne Inoue:

Good morning Heavenly Father. We are so blessed and grateful to be here this morning. You have given this opportunity for us to get together once during our week, to share our hearts with You, our struggles and our joys of the past week; to meditate on our lives, and to have a chance to receive from You some inspiration and guidance that will help us through the upcoming week.

We pray that You can be with each one of us during this time, that our hearts can be opened to You, that we also receive love from the brothers and sisters next to us, that we can really support each other as a community and make a source of power that will really let You work here in Seoul, in Korea.

We also pray that You can really reach out through our speakers today. Help us to understand once again Your heart, our True Parents’ heart, Hyung Jin Nim’s and Yeon Ah Nim’s hearts, so that our hearts can become like that too.

We offer this time to You in the name of our brothers and sisters from all around the world. Aju!

Welcoming Remarks:
Yeon Ah Nim

Good afternoon brothers and sisters! (Good afternoon!)

It is really great to see you all again. Today we have a beautiful day to worship Heavenly Father and True Parents. Today we sincerely hope and desire that you and your family will be blessed in the name of Heavenly Father and True Parents.

Welcome brothers and welcome sisters. Aju!

Hyung Jin Nim

Good afternoon, brothers and sisters! Good to see you all. Let’s start by manifesting the Principle: (using hands) give and receive action, four position foundation, coming together. May I inherit the true love of God. Aju!

Today we’re going to look at Cheon Seong Gyeong pages 640 and 641. Father speaks. He says:

“What is the one thing to be done in the world of humanity? The light of love must be bright. For that to happen, you must catch fire internally and externally. From what? (From) the motive force to love. Therefore, do not be intimidated even if you are insulted. Take it and move on with dignity.”

I love that! Can we get an “Aju”? (Aju!) I love that!

You know this week we’ve been doing a little street witnessing. We went out introducing ourselves as the international president couple of the Unification Church. It was good, sharing our faith and talking to the wonderful people that we were able to meet. There are some people that we met who said, “Oh! No interest! Bye-bye,” like that. But you should not get insulted. Just like Father says, “Do not be intimidated.” He says, “Don’t be insulted. Even if you are insulted, take it and move on with dignity.”

Yesterday we were out in the park, handing out the brochures and flyers about the Unification Church. On it we declare confidently that True Parents are Messiah, they are the Lord and Savior. We declare it very strongly, and people receive it. It’s amazing because about 80-90% of the people receive it. Totally different scenario now!

So, really it is up to us and our confidence now. The outside world is ready. It’s so amazing because yesterday when we started the first lady I approached was sitting on a bench. I approached her and I said, “I am from the Unification Church. My father has just written his autobiography. It is the seventh best seller in the nation. Here is some information about our services.” And she just said, “No, I don’t want to hear it!” Then I said, “Have a great day Miss,” and we just left, moving on to the next person. It was amazing because during that time we could have gotten really discouraged. It started out not so good.

This was the second time we went out during the week. But then we met a couple of other people. One elderly man started encouraging us tremendously, saying, “Hey! Rev Moon is amazing! He is amazing! He’s better than all the churches!” Let’s give it up! Come on -- let’s give it up for the Unification Church! (Applause) He said that and we were very encouraged that day.

Brothers and sisters, it is time. It is time! It’s time for us to be proud of who we are, proud of our identity, and to share it with confidence and pride.

Words after meditation:

God and True Parents have blessed us with the blessed life, and that is to inherit the true love of God, the parental heart; to be able to bring better and greater blessings to our spouse, our family, nation, world, cosmos, and to God. Let us all join our hands and once again manifest the Principle: give and receive action, four position foundation lifted up, bring our hands together. Say, “May I inherit the true love of God. Aju!”

Interesting Story:

We always like to start with something a little interesting. Do you like my English accent today? (Laughter) That’s a New York accent, by the way.

I heard a little story. Adam was having a conversation with God, and Adam said to God, “God, why did you make the woman so beautiful?” God said, “Well, so that you would love her.” And he asked God, “God, why did you make woman so irrational?” God answered, “So that she would love a fool like you.” (Laughter)

Main Sermon

Today brothers and sisters I’d like to talk to you about “Walking the Way.” Does that sound very mysterious?

Let’s start with Judeo-Christianity, Isaiah 42:6. Let’s read this together:

“I am the Lord, I have called you in righteousness, I have taken you by the hand and kept you; I have given you as a covenant to the people, as a light to the nation.”

Can anybody say Amen? Aju!

Let’s see Buddhism today. This is Dhammapada 76-77. Let’s read that together:

“Should one see a wise man, who, like a revealer of treasure, points out faults and reproves, let one associate with such a wise person.”

Hinduism, this is the Katha Upanishad 1:3:14.

Let’s read this together: “Arise! Awake! Like the sharp edge of a razor is that path, hard to tread and difficult to cross.”

Let’s look at True Parents words. This is Divine Principle, Predestination Chapter 3-4. Let’s look at this:

“God, being omniscient, foreknows who has the qualifications necessary to become a central figure in the providence of restoration. God predestines those whom He foreknows; then He calls upon him to fulfill the purpose of the providence. Calling the person is God’s responsibility, but that alone does not entitle the person to be justified before God and given glory. Only when the person completes his responsibility after being called by God is he justified and then glorified.”

Aju! I love that. Beautiful!

Brothers and sisters, you know there come times in our history where we have to face very pressing challenges. There come times in the community where we have to address serious realities which are happening to our Unification Movement.

There always come times during our life of faith, where we have to even understand and really try to empathize with the suffering of others -- particularly within our worldwide community. That helps us become more righteous and more God-like, not in an arrogant way but in a truly selfless way.

Two weeks ago when we were in America and Father requested that we do the American tour, Kook Jin Hyung was here. He shared with you some of the realities of what is happening in Japan with our community there. There in Japan are tens of thousands of brothers and sisters, Unificationists. And I’m sure some of you have heard that it is important for us to understand their situation from a real heartistic perspective. Just this past week, on Thursday actually, we were at a meeting of the association of those who have been abducted illegally against their will in a free democratic country, particularly in Japan. We had this association opening meeting on Thursday, where we understood the severity of this issue.

This is not a minor issue, brothers and sisters. This is a major human rights violation in a democratic country. The fundamental and most core aspect of a democracy is the freedom of religion. It’s the freedom of faith, to be able to believe in the religion of our choice as citizens of a democratic nation. This has been forcibly taken away from over 5,000 brothers and sisters in Japan. Those of us who live in very privileged nations will not even realize how severe that is. We will not understand what kind of severity is happening in terms of religious persecution to our brothers and sisters.

We were at this opening ceremony and I heard the presentations. Kook Jin Hyung was there speaking and I just could not stop weeping the whole time. I was like a little baby. I needed boxes and boxes of Kleenex. It’s so grievous and outrageous what has been allowed to happen to the citizens of a major super power -- a democratic nation -- based on religious persecution.

So this is something that’s very real to our community, brothers and sisters. We may not feel it in places like America or different countries, but we have to understand this. When the German forces were exterminating Jews in World War II, it was not simply a German problem, not simply a Jewish problem.. That was not simply a German-Jewish problem -- that was a worldwide problem. So as a world community, it is very important that we understand that this issue is not the violation of human rights only in Japan, but this violates the very fundamental right of us as Unificationists, the right to believe that True Parents are the Messiah and the Lord and Savior. Aju!

The issue is our freedom of religion in a democratic society. Nobody can take that away from us in a democratic state, nobody. But in many cases that freedom has been systematically stripped from citizens of that nation. This is outrageous.

So I want to warn you that this is a very serious topic and it’s not for the faint of heart. This is a case of huge persecution. What you hear today are things that are very shocking if you were not here two weeks ago. But these are not made up stories; we are talking about real families and real brothers and sisters. So please, understand that.

We are going to focus on some Scriptures today. All week this has just been totally eating at my heart. So when I was preparing the service, I found some of these words of Jesus. This is from Mathew 7:13. Let’s read that together:

“Enter through the narrow gate. For wide is the gate and broad is the road that leads to destruction, and many enter through it. But small is the gate and narrow the road that leads to life and only a few find it.”

Christ encourages His disciples to enter through the narrow gate. Notice, that it’s a narrow gate, it’s a very narrow gate, a small gate. But also notice that it’s a narrow WAY. Many people forget that. We want to notice that it is not just a narrow gate that we pass through, it’s a narrow PATH. Remember just like in the Katha Upanishad that we saw in Hinduism, it’s like walking the path that is difficult to tread; just like walking on the edge of a razor. Even in Hinduism we see that.

Narrow is the gate; it’s small. In order to get through, we have to be small, have to be thin, so to speak. You know what I mean. We can’t be centered on big ego or have self-centeredness. That makes us big, that makes us bloated. But we have to walk through that narrow gate. When our brothers and sisters found the truth they chose to leave the broad road, to walk through the narrow gate. They found the Messiah, they found the one who was foretold in the Scriptures; and we walked a bitter, bitter road as a community.

Just on this street that you have all walked up to come to the church, if you were going to the Unification Church in the 1960's and people knew about it, you would be persecuted. Even physically you could be assaulted. Brothers and sisters were stoned. We had brothers and sisters whose apartment and houses, like the windows, were shattered -- just because of the fact of attending that building, where Father ministered first.

So there were Christians at that time, who saw us as heretical and they created stirs. They told parents that their children were being brainwashed, and that they had to deprogram them; that their children are being stolen, etc. Those who found the true way and were walking with the returning Lord just like the Apostles of Jesus, they were persecuted. Our communities were persecuted. Often I think that our younger generations forget this. We really were persecuted very heavily.

The question is: How can you believe that the returning Lord comes to Korea? It’s totally insane! But is it REALLY that insane, if you think about it? I mean, is it really that far fetched? If so, then it is at least AS far fetched as the belief that the Living God -- the Creator of all the universe, and all the stars and all the rocks and all the elements of the entire universe -- was walking around as a Middle Eastern man 2,000 years ago in the desert. We don’t believe that Jesus was the Living God. We don’t believe that he was God. We believe he was the Son of God, that he was a human being, who was to inherit the essence of God, the true love of God.

Actually one could argue that our belief is less far fetched than the belief that Jesus is the Living God, the Creator of the entire universe, a belief that over one billion people profess in this day and age. So is it really that we’re so crazy? Is it really that our theology or what we believe is so out of the ordinary or so radical? Or is it that there is a bias and there is a targeted persecution?

In this situation, I’d like to draw your attention now to the second Scripture. This is Matthew 7:15, 21-23. I want to read this together because this is very intense. This is very, very intense. Remember this is from the Christian Bible; this is very intense. Listen to what Jesus said. Let’s read it together:

“Watch out for false prophets... Not everyone who says to me, 'Lord, Lord', will enter the kingdom of heaven, but only he who does the will of my Father who is in heaven...”

Notice -- I want to bring to your attention -- “Lord, Lord.” Not just once. “Lord, Lord.” That means that their whole life time they could have been professing Jesus, prayed in Jesus’ name, repented their sins in Jesus’ name, "I pray in Jesus’ name, I bless you in Jesus’ name. Lord, Lord, Lord" -- but: “Not all who say Lord, Lord, will enter the kingdom of heaven.” This is actually very contrary to what many Christians believe.

Okay, let’s continue:

“... Many will say to me on that day, ‘Lord, Lord, did we not prophesy in your name, and in your name drive out demons and perform many miracles?’ Then I will tell them plainly, ‘I never knew you. Go away from me you evildoers.’”

This is the word of Jesus as seen in the Christian Bible.

I bring attention to this because in Japan we have been systematically persecuted for the last forty years. Since 1966, anti-Unificationist Christian ministers -- who were not that many in Japan, the Christian community is very small in Japan -- but certain anti-Unificationist Christian ministers and communist educators, and a group of lawyers who are partnering with them, have created an illegal, criminal organization to illegally kidnap Unificationists. These are some of the people. (Photos shown on the big screen) These are some of the ministers and de-programmers, so to speak. They have created an illegal criminal organization, illegally kidnapping Unificationists. Illegally kidnapping them, torturing them and forcing them to agree to THEIR teachings, holding them against their will, in a democratic country. This is the second most powerful economic country in the world!

This organization makes tens of thousands of dollars per kidnap victim who is de-programmed -- anywhere from $10,000 to $30,000 per person, per head. So it is an illegal business; and it is organized and systematic. We have up to 5,000 cases of Unificationists that have been kidnapped -- 5,000 brothers and sisters... 5,000 people! When North Korea kidnaps ONE person, a Japanese person, that’s all over the news -- all over the news in Japan, in Korea, everywhere. But 5,000 citizens of the nation of Japan are illegally kidnapped against their will, and not ONE media article about it! Not ONE!

For the last forty-three years the severity of these cases is such an outrage, from kidnappings that happened from the duration of a week to a month, and in Goto-san’s case, twelve years and five months. Twelve years and five months! He was kidnapped. He was forced to live in an apartment. He was starved. Twelve years! He went in when he was in his late twenties, and he came out at forty-one. This is our brother! This is in the nation of Japan! This is outrageous! (Pointing to photos on screen) He was starved, look at him -- he is 182 cm, that’s about six feet one. He was thirty nine kilos when he left, when he escaped after twelve years. That’s like seventy pounds. He was totally starved. This is a human rights violation. This is violation of the freedom of religion, the fundamental core of a democratic state.

In another case we have a sister who was kidnapped and she was systematically raped for three months... three months... everyday... because they knew about the Fall. They understood the Principle. And so in order to break her marriage, and to defile her so vehemently, they organized systematic rape of that sister. This is real. This is our daughter, our sister. The father who paid those people to do that, who paid the de-programmers, the illegal criminals, to do that -- he found out about what happened to his daughter, and he committed suicide because he was so guilt-ridden at what he had done to his own daughter.

We have other sisters that had taken their lives in the apartments while this was happening to them. This is in a democratic nation which professes freedom of religion! This is outrageous, brothers and sisters! It’s absolutely an egregious violation of human rights, of fundamental democratic minority rights… human rights. This has happened systematically to our 5,000 brothers and sisters.

I was talking to some Japanese sisters who this happened to. They told me they cannot return to Japan. They can’t. If they go to Japan, they know... they live with the fear. They are returning to the second most powerful democratic nation in the world. That’s really, very wild, if you think about it. It seems so unreal. They’re returning to one of the "safest" places in the world. This is not a war-torn area, as you know; this is not a third world country. And they cannot return. If they return, it is with fear that they will be kidnapped.

We had one sister who testified just Thursday that her Korean husband came and had to forcibly rescue her. Thank God, Korean husbands do something right sometimes! (Laughter) You know... my God... it’s outrageous! I saw this quotation in Matthew... let’s put the Scripture back on. Matthew 7:15, 21-23: “Watch out for false prophets…..Not everyone who says to me, “Lord, Lord”, will enter the kingdom of heaven but only he who does the will of my Father who is in heaven. Many will say to me on that day, “Lord, Lord, did we not prophesy in your name -- did we not kidnap in Your name? -- and in your name drive out demons -- did we not persecute in Your name? .... Then I will tell them plainly, ‘I never knew you, go away from me, you evildoers.’” If there is something truly evil in this world - and there ARE forces of evil -- then this violation towards Unificationists is a serious evil indeed.

So we will do something about it. We will absolutely work. We are taking class action law suit against these criminals. We are bringing this to the attention of the media. We are organizing this not only in the United States, but also in Korea, and also in Japan. We will be suing them. We will be working with the law. We won’t be irrational.

I am so grateful to Kook Jin hyung’s leadership here. For the first time, in forty three years, finally we have a leader who is stepping up to protect these people who have been violated, stepping up to bring justice to them and to stop pushing them under the rug. (Applause) Let’s give him a big round of applause. (Applause) I love what he said.

(Pointing to the big screen) This is Rev. Walter E. Fauntroy. He was working with Martin Luther King; he will be working with us. There are also other individuals. We will be appealing to the UN Councils. We will be appealing to the Korean Government and the Department of Human Rights. We will be appealing to the Japanese Embassy here and all over the world. We’ll be appealing to, of course, the Japanese Government. This is serious. We’re not going to let this pass. This is a major atrocity, and religious persecution.

People say, “A real family, a true family, a family that is real -- sticks together not only in the times of celebration, of goodness and feast, but a family stays together in times of trouble.” A family stands together, protects one another, and defends one another. This is what we are called to do, brothers and sisters. This time we have to stand up for one another. When the faith of our brothers and sisters in a different country is attacked and violated in such an egregious level in a democratic state, we have to rise up because that directly threatens our own democratic human rights in the other countries that we live in. This is very much a pressing issue.

In the Acts of the Apostles we meet Saul. He is a Pharisee and he is involved in the stoning of Stephen. Stephen is one of the seven Deacons elected by the Twelve Apostles after Christ had passed. He was stoned for his belief in Christ. There was a man named Saul who was stoning Stephen. He was laughing and saying, “Good, good, more, more.” The Bible says that Saul went around and persecuted the Churches in Jerusalem; he persecuted the believers of Christ. He taxed them, he encouraged terrorism against them.

But then, all of sudden, one day, Jesus comes to him in a vision and said, “Saul, Saul, why do you persecute me?” Saul asked, “Who are you?” And Jesus said, “I am the Lord. I am the one whom you persecute.” Then Jesus took away Saul’s eye sight. For three days Saul couldn’t see. He was blind. Jesus then appeared to Ananias and told Ananias to go and find this man Saul on the streets in Jerusalem. “Go and find him and pray over him, and I will heal him of his blindness.”

So Ananias goes, finds Saul and says, “The Lord came to me in a vision and told me to meet you here. May I pray for you?” And he prays for that person, Saul, Saul of Tarsus. He prays over that person Saul, and Saul’s eyesight was renewed; he was able to see again. It’s in the Scriptures.

Do you know who that person Saul was? That Saul becomes the Apostle Paul. He becomes the greatest proselytizer of Christianity, of early Christianity. He was a terrorist against Christians, was somebody who persecuted Churches and destroyed believers and encouraged stoning. This man became one of the most successful witnessers of Christ. He created communities in Colossia, Athenians, Rome and all around Syria, all around the Mediterranean. He reached out to the Gentiles in particular. This opened up the way for Christianity to go to the world.

But notice that Paul, this man who was Saul before, if he was not chastised by Jesus, if Jesus didn’t come and take away his eyesight, if he wasn’t chastised, he would probably have persecuted Christians until his death. But Jesus knew that in order to use this person’s gift, his true gift, he had to be able to see with renewed eyes, renewed spiritual eyes. Jesus punished him, and based on that punishment he opened his spiritual eyes.

It is the same for these anti-Unificationist ministers and lawyers that have operated this criminal organization. That is not the purpose of their lives. But God has a purpose for them just like Saul. You see, for their benefit, for their sake, so that their eyes may be renewed, it is important that they are brought to justice and be shown what damage they have done to people in their own country. They have prayed in the name of Jesus, they have prayed in the name of the Lord; and yet, systematically they have abducted and tortured and gone against the very heart of Christ.

I believe that when these people are brought to justice... and Kook Jin hyung is so cool. He was at the association for the victims of the abductions, and he said, “We will bring them to justice!” His name is Justin, by the way. “We will bring them to justice and we will put them in prison!” That’s what he said. Let’s give it up to God. Come on, let’s give it up. (Applause) They will be put behind bars because what they do is criminal.

Let’s take a look at Mathew 7: 24-27, and let’s read this together:

“Therefore everyone who hears these words of mine and puts them into practice is like a wise man who built his house on the rock. The rain came down, the streams rose, and the winds blew and beat against that house; yet it did not fall, because it had its foundation on the rock. But everyone who hears these words of mine and does not put them into practice is like a foolish man who built his house on sand. The rain came down, the streams rose, and the winds blew and beat against that house, and it fell with a great crash.”

Brothers and sisters, it’s so important to defend our faith and to rebuild our faith. It’s so important that we rebuild it and renew it on the rock that Jesus talks about -- the rock of our salvation, the rock which is stable and steady. The fundamental human right of freedom of religion is being attacked, and that is a violation of human rights, according to the UN Council.

What is being attacked on a more fundamental level is the Unification faith. We are under attack, our faith is under attack. It is important that we have faith, a strong faith that is built on the rock which in spite of rain and persecution does not fall. Even when the streams rise, even when the winds blow and beat against that house, it does not fall. It is important that we strengthen our faith. This is what we do when we are standing strong for those brothers and sisters in Japan. We are declaring our faith to the government, we are declaring our faith when we go witnessing. We are doing that on purpose because we are saying that we have the right to believe what we believe, and our believe is not really as far fetched as people may think.

When we go out to witness, as I shared with you, we are saying on our pamphlet, right on the pamphlet of the Unification Church, that we believe that True Parents are the Lord and Savior. We put it right up there. No more hiding our faith. We are very upfront with our faith because it is being attacked and we are being persecuted. So we will take actions against this criminal organization.

Brothers and sisters, this is so important.

“What can I do?” The question is, “What can I do?” What can you all do to defend the faith, to defend our belief, to defend our human rights, to defend our brothers and sisters who have been violated? What can you do? We can witness! We can share our faith. This is what we can do. We can share our faith and we can share the fact that we have been persecuted, we can share that we’ve been persecuted because of religion, which is illegal in a democratic society. Actually we Unificationists are proponents of democracy. We believe that our democratic right of freedom of faith is central to the freedom of a nation. Sharing this is what we can do.

You see, even in Japan we’re witnessing at this time, telling straight up who we are, who we are, maintaining our faith and being clear about our faith. This is very important, brothers and sisters. No longer can we hide behind different names, because while we do that, our brothers and sisters are being kidnapped and persecuted. Only if we stand strong with our faith and show that it is our right in a democratic nation to believe and choose our religion, and only if we stand up for those who’ve been persecuted, only if we do that, will this type of illegal kidnapping and abduction stop. Only then will those perpetrators be brought to justice. Only then will our families finally truly have peace in their hearts. So many of our brothers and sisters in Japan are connected to all of your communities, wherever you may have come from.

So this is a serious thing to us, brothers and sisters, and we really need all of you to be family members. Don’t just be observers. Be family members who stand up for your brothers and sisters, not taking the easy and broad road but the narrow path that is sometimes hard to do. But we have to do it because we have to stand up for each other, stand up for our belief. Only then we will be heard; only then will our rights be given to us and be protected.

Brothers and sisters, it is truly my prayer that on this day we can remember this most precious path that we are on. I will stand up for it, too. I will stand up. We’re doing it every time we go out witnessing in public, we’re doing it. So we ask you and implore you also to stand up and join us in standing up for our faith. Not through any immature means, but always through legal means; always through mature rights-based means; and never with arrogance, but always with humility and confidence. It is our hope that all of you will join all the activities that will come up in the future and that we will bring more and more light, more and more awareness and more and more sensitivity to the plight of Unificationists and to what they had to endure based on their faith.

If you receive this, brothers and sisters, let’s give a resounding applause to God and True Parents and to all our brothers and sisters around the world as our Unification community. Come on, let’s give it up for all of them. (Applause) We love you guys. We’re standing up for all of you. We’re going to stand up. Let’s bow our heads and enter into our final meditation and prayer.

Let us close our eyes and lift our hands up! Let’s touch the face of God! Let’s wipe away the tears of True Parents! Let us pray!

Hyung Jin Nim’s Altar Call:

Heavenly Father,

Thank you so much for this day, Father. We are in Your presence, and Father, we want to recognize today that a family is not only together and stands together in times of feast and good times; but Father, a true family learns how to stick together and stand for one another and defend one another in times of crisis, in times of persecution. Father, we pray that today we may mature to that level.

Father, call in us the heart that is not only centered on our own need. Father, let us expand to the needs of those who have suffered so much for us. Father, our Japanese movement has sacrificed and has held the entire financial responsibility to fund every church in America, every church in Korea, every church in Lithuania, every church in Africa. They have shouldered that burden for the last 30 years. They have paid for our church buildings; they have paid for our ceremonies and our events. And Father, we are indebted. They have sacrificed the most, and they are our saints.

Father, we may feel that we have done a lot; but You know how much Your Japanese sons and daughters have suffered! Those who truly know, do know how much they have suffered for the sake of all our communities around the world. Father, we want to pray for them today and particularly for those who have been illegally abducted, Father, in a democratic state, against their will. Father, they have been not only persecuted but tortured, and imprisoned! Some of our sisters, Father -- we don’t even want to repeat what happened to them! Father, these grave misdoings and sins are against Your people, Father!

We pray for Your forgiveness because, Father, this is truly, truly painful for You to see. Father, we want to be here together for them; we want to pray for them today. And we don’t want to just pray -- we want to step out in action, for it is said in the Scripture that he who hears the words and puts them into practice is the one who builds a house on a rock. Let us hear these words, Father. Let us put into practice our faith. Let us share it and declare it, so that nobody can take it away from us or from our brothers and sisters in Japan, or in Africa or in Russia or anywhere else.

Father, let us protect our faith; it is time for us to stand up for one another. Father, we want to do that. We are mature, we are adults, Father. Father, we know that we want to stand up for them, and give us the courage to do so, to stand up. Father, we pray that You may encourage the brothers and sisters from Japan who see this service. We pray that they may be encouraged today. Encourage them. They truly need it. We love them so much. We love You. We are pouring our hearts out to You, and we thank You. Father, we thank You once again for being with us at this time, and we will do our 5%. Thank You so much.

We pray all these things in our names as central blessed families and proud Unificationists. We pray this in the name of True Parents. Aju! Aju! Aju! 

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