The Words of Hyung Jin Moon From 2009

The Korean Peninsula Has Never Ceased To Amaze And Enrapture The World

Stanislau Shushkevich
June 27, 2009
Headquarters Church, Seoul, Korea
Transcribers: Anna Schneider / Naoko Brazil
Proofread/Polish by: Sylvia Santelli / Bruno Klotz

Opening Prayer by Rev. Michael Brazil:

Please join me in prayer.

Our Heavenly Father, our Heavenly Mother, we thank you so much for this wonderful day You are giving to us. We truly want to lift Your name on high. We want to raise You up; we want to give You our hearts, our minds; we want to thank You for the incredible love and grace that You have showered upon us and constantly continue to do so. We really want to invite You to be here with us and join us; we want You to delight in our presence today. We ask that You join us; we ask that You be with us and help us to open our hearts and minds to hear Your word today so that we can feel your continued love and grace as we leave today so that we can be strengthened for the week ahead. Again, we thank You so deeply, and we most humbly offer our deepest gratitude to You, as blessed central families from around the world. AJU

Welcoming Remarks:
Yeon Ah Nim

Good afternoon brothers and sisters. (Good afternoon.) It is really great to see you all. We sincerely hope and pray that this week is abundant and blessed with Heavenly Father and True Parents. Welcome brothers. Welcome sisters.

Hyung Jin Nim

Good afternoon brothers and sisters. (Good afternoon). Good to see you all. We are going to start with centering ourselves with the Principle. Let’s do that. Ready to make the mark; everybody ready to make the mark, let’s get ready. Hands together, give and take action, give and receive action, four position foundation. All together, coming into one, centered on God’s true love. AJU. Thank you so much.

Brothers and sisters, we are going to start with Cheon Seung Gyeong today, page 452,

“Originally the focal point of the universe is a place where all vertical and horizontal combinations of love come together so that the parental love and the conjugal love and the children’s love can unite. In the Unification Church this form is called the Four Position Foundation.”

You all just made the symbol. When we make that symbol we are establishing that Four Position Foundation. The parents, the spouse, the children, it could also be the grandparents with parents and children, the three kingships. And, in here, we know that that was originally God’s intention for humanity to create that ideal of creation. So when we start with Father’s words, we start with understanding the importance of centering our lives on that kind of selfless love, the love that can bring enemies to a natural surrender, we start with understanding the heart of service in this Four Position Foundation, for example the heart of service that a child must take to the parents, the heart of service and the selfless orientation that a husband must take towards their wife etc. and vice-versa. True Parents show us that in this selfless living for each other true peace is established. This is really the profoundness of their teaching It is so simple, so poignant, so powerful.

Brothers and sisters, this day, at this service, let’s not only observe but be participants. We have an incredible guest today whom I will introduce a little later. It is a true delight to be able to be here and give joy and strength to True Parents and God. When we do that we are going to be more blessed this week, we are going to be more effective this week, and we are going to become more victorious this week. When we do that we are bringing glory to God every single day. Brothers and sisters, once again, welcome to service.

Meditation Practice:

Let us now unite our mind, body and breath. Let us start with our body. We will stretch toward the earth today feeling the power of the Universal Prime Energy from the earth; breathing in towards our heart. As we pass our heart let us stretch our hands to the heavens today. Let us stretch our faith today, too, and see what God wants to give us today, new hope, new inspiration... Breathing in, and, as you pass the living heart, breathe out, stretching toward the earth today. Bring that stabilizing energy, breathing in as you pass your living hearts, breathe out towards the heavens, stretch your faith today allowing God to give you this new insight and new wisdom today. Breathing in, as you pass your living hearts, breathing out. Let us now prepare our minds.

Let us be seated on our chairs. Let us try to sit near the front of our chair so we can keep our back straight, so we can keep our breath full and alive. Let us gently close our eyes now, and now let us visualize, not this sanctuary, but let us visualize us walking in a beautiful forest. We can feel the afternoon sun rays coming through the beautiful leaves and canopy. We can feel the coolness of the shade that is created by those beautiful leaves. We can see the flowers in bloom. We can feel the cool breeze. Each step of the way we can feel the softness of the earth, but also the strength of the earth that lifts us up and supports us. As we look up ahead we are going to notice a beautiful meandering stream…….

Let’s walk up to that stream. Let us stand behind, before this stream… Seeing the beautiful transparent waters … The glorious sun rays coming through, illuminating the river floor, the river bed… We can see beautiful fish swimming around, swimming about, and let us remember that in our life, God’s stream of blessings and love flows endlessly. Let us take time to listen to that stream. Take time to listen to that beautiful soothing stream. In that image now, let us close our eyes, continue to listen to that life stream. As we breathe in, in our hearts let us say, ‘I am alive’. As we breathe out, in our hearts, let us say, ‘Thank you’. Once again, as we breathe in, in our hearts, let us say, ‘I am alive’, as we breathe out old life say, ‘Thank you’. Once more, as we breathe in new life, 'I am alive', as we breathe out old life, ‘Thank you’.

Let us always know that God and True Parents have blessed us with a blessed life. That is a life where we inherit the true love of God. Where we can establish that true give and receive action, that four position foundation, become a greater blessing for individual, family, community, city, world and cosmos and to God. Let us all gather our hands one more time as we create the unification mark. Give and receive action, in the center, the four position foundation lifted up, all coming into one. May I inherit the true love of God. Aju, Aju.

Brothers and sisters, let us take this time to pray. We are going to pray for the brothers and sisters who have passed before us. They are in the spirit world, they are still with us. It is always so important that, even once a week, we should remember those people who are with us. It could be our brothers our sisters, could be our parents, could be our grandparents, our uncles and aunts, and let us pray that they are there and protecting us. Let us take this time to give an offering of prayer and give thanks to those able good spirits, take this time for prayer. We are going to pray in unison as we listen to the songs of praise. Let us pray.

Hyung Jin Nim prayer

Father, we thank You so much for giving us this time to share together, to share our hearts, our encouragement. We pray that those able good spirits can be encouraged today, those guardian angels may be recognized today. We pray that you may speak through our speaker Former President Shushkevich, that he may inspire us to truly understand the incredible mission that True Parents have given us as Unificationists and to our Unification movement. Father, let us hear his words and let us be inspired by his insight today. We thank You so much. Please be with him and we pray all together as Central Blessed Families, praying for our able good spirits and praying for our distinguished guest, Former President Shushkevich. We thank you so much and pray all these things together as one. We pray in our own names as Central Blessed Families. Aju.

Hyung Jin Nim remarks

Thank you so much brothers and sisters. We are now going to take time to stand up. Because this is a very important practice to actualize in our four position foundation. If you came with your spouse it is time to encourage your spouse. Give her a great big hug. Hug your spouse. I love you, thank you very much. Please give your spouse a hug, a beautiful hug.

Introduction of Special Guest by Hyung Jin Nim:

Thank You, God and True Parents. Let’s give it up for God and True Parents! Thank You so much. Oh my goodness. Please be seated.

We have a tremendous honor today and a privilege to be able to introduce a real global leader, Former President Shushkevich, who was born December 15, 1934 in Minsk. He became very well known as a Belorussian politician and scientist. From September 28, 1991 to January 26, 1994, he was the first leader and head of state of the Independent Belarus after the dissolution of the Soviet Union. A tremendous leader. He supported a free market and democratic reforms. He played a key role in the creation of the Commonwealth of Independent States. We were just told and briefed downstairs by Mr. Betancourt that Former President Shushkevich also was the key player in the disarmament of the Belarus independent state -- getting rid of the nuclear weapons they had there. He was a key player in ridding the nation of the nuclear weapons.

Before his Presidency he was a prominent Belorussian scientist, corresponding member of the Belorussian Academy of Scientists. He is a Doctor in Physics and Mathematics, the recipient of various state awards, a professor, an author of and originator of award winning textbooks and has written over 150 articles. He has an incredible career, for which any explanation or any introduction would not be sufficient. On December 8th 1991, together with the leader of Russia at that time, Boris Yeltsin, and the leader of the Ukraine at that time, Leonid Kravchuk, he signed a declaration that the Soviet Union was dissolved and replaced by the Commonwealth of Independent States. That was known as the historic Belovezh Accords.

He had been a tremendous political figure in the Belorussian state, he has sacrificed his life for the freedom of the people of Belarus and for the support of a democratic state. He continues to be active in politics and heads the Belorussian Social Democratic Assembly as well as working to unify the opposing forces in Belarus at this time. He is a tremendous leader, a world renowned scientist, a figure who has contributed greatly, who the whole world is indebted to in terms of creating a more peaceful Belarus and a more peaceful world.

Former President Shushkevich comes to the stage! Let us offer a humongous round of applause!

Main Sermon by Former President Stanislau Shushkevich: (through translator)

It’s a great honor for me to be here, to see your joyful faces. I would like to dedicate my message today to the important initiative started by Rev. Moon, True Father, and True Mother, the initiative of building the World Peace Temple here in Seoul.

Of course, I’ve prepared an official script of my message, but I’m full of energy and I would like to add a couple of words before I start my speech. I would say, this is really an extraordinary initiative, to build a Temple here in the middle of Seoul, where people of different faiths, different traditions, can meet together and work for the sake of world peace.

The Korean Peninsula has never ceased to amaze and enrapture the world by its global-level innovations. South Korea, having partaken in the joys of liberty and democracy and experienced the respect for human rights and a prosperous life of the majority, is now generating initiatives directed at seeking for mutual understanding and establishing and strengthening world peace. North Korea, whose people are also Koreans, using the talent, diligence and patience of the people, is nonetheless continuously keeping the entire world in a state of concern and worry. Certainly, the peace initiatives of the South, promoting peace and justice, should meet unanimous support. Also, there should open up means to change the direction of the political aspirations of the leaders in the North. Exactly at that level is the wide-ranged initiative -- building the inter-religious World Peace and Unification Temple in Seoul.

“The South Sea” was the name given to the huge ocean by the first to see it, Vasco Nunes de Balboa. But now the generally accepted name is the Pacific Ocean, bestowed by Magellan; it means in Latin, “Peaceful Sea.” Magellan’s expedition suffered no storms during more than three months’ navigation through this ocean, though some of the crew suffered greatly from hunger and thirst and then died. Hence, the first Europeans who crossed the Pacific Ocean experienced its peacemaking influence.

Nowadays there are many reasons to speak about the Pacific Rim civilization and its center -- Korea, which Rabindranath Tagore, the great Indian poet, predicted will become the “Light of the World.” This opinion is today shared by competent professional experts, who that Korea is the center of Northeast Asia and thus of East Asia. In other words, there are ample reasons to consider our age the Age of the Pacific Rim civilization. I’m quite a pragmatic person, but in my understanding, too, this place should be the center of a new civilization of peace.

Civilizations rose and developed in interaction with faith. The Pacific Rim civilization also needs a center of faith and it should be multifaith, embracing religions of all the countries along the Rim. The core of the center should be the Temple that will be open for the followers of all religions, embodying clemency, faith, benevolence, magnanimity, generosity, faithfulness, forgiveness, compassion, kindness, devotion, loyalty, self-sacrifice, and self-denial -- all aspects of true love. They are comprehensible to all people, speaking any language, following any religion. They cover interests of governments of the Pacific Rim region, as well as leaders in business and finance, who will benefit from the relaxation and elimination of all barriers that prevented good relations between countries and peoples. They should unanimously yearn to give their strongest support to the construction of the Temple that will also become the patron of civil society structures, promoting the ideas of true love, peacefulness and mutual understanding.

My first encounter with Father and Mother Moon was in 1992, when I was invited as President of Belarus to participate in a conference that took place in Seoul. I was astonished by Father Moon’s youthful ardor, his persistence, dynamism and stunning energy that emanated from him. Though I knew he was older than me, I could hardly believe it.

When Father Moon finished his speech, I realized this man would always find the resources to realize his vision and to accomplish his mission. This understanding of the great meaning of the deeds accomplished by Father Moon is always on my mind.

At that time I already wanted very much to welcome Father Moon to my country, Belarus. And to a certain extent I managed to realize it: A few months later Mother Moon visited my country, and my wife, as the First Lady, was happy to officially welcome her to our capital, Minsk.

It was the time when we had just ended 70 years of totalitarian Soviet communism that had dominated our land and left its imprint on our history, culture and faith. The communist regime replaced our original moral principles with an alien thought system, based on atheism, violence and fear. Unfortunately, after embracing democracy in 1992, many vengeful former communists managed to force Belorussian society to re-establish an authoritarian system. Nonetheless, the ideas and activities of Father Moon helped us to restore morality and justice.

Now let me say a few words about people who are present here.

Father and Mother Moon and their sons, Kook Jin Moon, chairman of the Tong-il Foundation, and also Hyung Jin Moon, who inherited the religious mission from his Father and is now the chairman of the Family Federation for World Peace and Unification International, took responsibility for building this Faith Center for the Pacific Rim Civilization. The Temple to be erected will also be the essence of what another son of Father and Mother Moon, Hyun Jin Moon, is doing, creating “One World Family under God” and holding Global Peace Festivals. To create a “One World Family” we need the Temple as the common home for all.

Father and Mother Moon and their children, who took up the task of continuing the mission of their True Parents are reliable guarantors that the World Peace and Unification Temple, Cheon Bok Gyeong, in Seoul, will be built and fulfill its lofty mission.

Today I had a brief chance to have a conversation with the sons of our True Parents, and I realized that my understanding of your movement before was quite superficial. Now I can see how much has already been done, and also I could see that these people are quite humble in how they evaluate themselves and what they have done. And so I felt much hope for what's going to be achieved in the future.

So I wish them success, and let these initiatives be supported by those in power as well as by the leaders of the world and the leaders of businesses! Thank you very much.

Hyung Jin Nim' Closing Prayer:

Once again, for President Shushkevich let us give a warm round of applause. Thank you so much Sir. It is truly an honor to have you in our sanctuary here. We want to present you with just some flowers here. Let’s give him another big round of applause. Thank you so much. Thank you Sir.

Let us briefly pray.

Heavenly Father, dearest most beloved True Parents. We thank You so much that You have allowed into your realm of victory this incredible son, Former President Shushkevich, who has done so much to contribute to your ideal of creation. He has served and worked with our True Parents for so many years and has been one of the greatest supporters of True Parents incredible providential role.

Heavenly Father, he has understood that they are not just normal individuals but that they have been sent by heaven and that the True Parents communicate with heaven. Father, we thank You so much for the faith You have allowed in this incredible son. A faith that is inspiring us today, as Unificationists, and a faith that allows him to believe in our Unification family. A faith that allows him to believe in the Principle, a faith to believe in the ideal of creation, a faith to believe in your model of peace and in the four position foundation.

Father, we thank You so much that today You have shared your words through Former President Shushkevich. He has encouraged us to truly make the Chung Bak Gyeong World Temple a place that can unite North and South Korea, a place that can bring unity to the Fatherland, a place that can bring a new model of peace for the Pacific Rim and a place that can inspire the world.

Father, we thank You so much that You have inspired us and given us this incredible mission. We pray that we may be victorious as Your filial sons and daughters just like President Shushkevich, to truly contribute to the changing of this world, to contribute to inheriting the true love which you have always yearned for mankind to inherit. Father, we pray that as we do that, greater and greater blessings may come to our families, our nation, our world, to our cosmos and to You, Father. Thank You very much. We want to praise You once more. We want to give You a thank You from the depths of our heart and offer our everlasting love to You in our own names as Central Blessed Families. We pray here as one. AJU.

Offering Prayer by Sister June Darby:

Please join me in prayer

Our beloved most Heavenly Father, we thank You so much that You, the most Holy powerful Creator, have created us as Your children, out of Your great love, Father. We are so grateful that You have given us life and that we can love You as our Heavenly Father and Heavenly Mother. Father, we are so grateful for the talk we have heard from Former President Shushkevich. Thank you so much for his vision, Father, for the greatness of his mind, and for the humility of his heart, Father, that he could really understand the greatness of Your work at this time.

Our Father, I pray that I can offer these donations and offerings that have been given with a sincere heart today, that they may be acceptable in Your sight. Father, these offerings that reflect the essence of each one here, I pray that they will be acceptable in Your sight. Help us to make a new commitment that we can eventually love as You love, with true patience, understanding and compassion; that we will truly understand the greatness of the blessings and victories and teachings of our beloved True Parents. We pray that we can truly stand with a new mindset, Father, and be totally confident of bringing victory for You on every level. And that we can truly bring You joy by our joyous acceptance of the liberation True Parents have brought us at this time. That we can truly stand with each other and become true sons and daughters You have longed to see. Father I thank You and pray this in all our names and in my name, June Darby, Blessed Central Family. AJU. 

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