The Words of Hyung Jin Moon From 2009

Now Is Our Time

Hyung Jin Moon
June 6, 2009
Headquarters Church, Seoul Korea
Transcribed by: Mary Hapeman / Kevin Brugman
Proofread / Polished by: Jennifer Yashiro / Bruno Klotz

Welcoming Remarks:
Yeon Ah Nim:

Good afternoon, brothers and sisters! It is really great to see you all today. We are really blessed by God to have such beautiful weather and beautiful company around us. We are always honored to have you in this sanctuary; and for those who are joining us through the Internet, we are welcoming you as well. Welcome brothers, and welcome sisters.

Hyung Jin Nim:

Welcome, brothers and sisters. Today we are going to start with Cheon Seong Gyeong 854 and 855. Father speaks about the spirit world. He says:

“The spirit world is a world where it is possible for things to exist or occur beyond anyone’s imagination. For those who know of that world, there is nothing on this earth that they can feel attached to. That is why even when I am locked up in prison, I have no problem. Our short life on earth is like holding one’s breath for an instant, when compared to life in the eternal world.”

Here Father is reminding us on one side how short life is, but on the other side how precious this life is. Brothers and sisters, it is so important to know that we only live once; and so it is so important for us to be able to actualize all the incredible potential that God has placed within us.

If you had a little stress this week, if somebody was talking behind your back this week, then now is the time during service, let it all out! It is time to praise it out. Get it out. We want to get that out to start the new week with a new powerful attitude, a victorious mind and an overcoming power, knowing that this week we will be able to return more glory and victory to God. If you want to do that, let’s give it up for Him this day. (Lots of applause)

Welcome, brothers and sisters. Whenever we start service, we always want to remember to not only observe, but let’s participate. The Two Rivers’ Choir they are giving it their all to really inspire us and to give us new energy for the week; and it is our time as well. Sing with them. Lift those praises up. That’s when the blessings start coming down. When you start coming and participating like that, then the Heavens can open up, and your new week will be more powerful, and more harmonious, more amazing. If you believe it, let’s return the praise up to God today. (Applause) Welcome, guys. Welcome to service.

Family Pledge:

At this time I would like to ask you to all rise and up and recite the Family Pledge together.

Family Pledge - Number 5

Our family, the owner of Cheon Il Guk, pledges to strive every day to advance the unification of the spirit world and the physical world as subject and object partners, by centering on true love.

We will recite the meaning of the Family Pledge as well.

The mind is in the subject position and the body is in the object position. Likewise, the spirit world is in the subject position and the physical world is in the object position. Therefore, we should live a life on earth in accordance with the spirit world. We should lead lives of deep experiences through which we can feel the spiritual world and God’s sorrow and joy. Only God and true love can link the spirit world and the physical world. We should strive every day to advance God’s will. Without stopping, we must advance toward God’s will every day, even if it is only one step. Aju.

Meditation Practice:

Brothers and sisters, let’s take this time to unite our mind, body and breath. Let’s start with our body. We are going to stretch towards the earth today, and really plant our feet down, almost as if the roots of trees are growing from our feet into the ground, holding us down. Stretch towards the earth, as you breathe in the earth’s energy, breathing in towards our heart. As we pass our living heart, let’s stretch up towards the heavens today. Really stretch. Let’s receive what God wants to give us today… new life, new hope.

Breathing in, as we pass our living heart, breathing out towards the earth, stretch towards the earth. All the stresses wash away. Let’s breathe the earth’s stabilizing energy. Breathing in towards our heart, as we pass our beating heart, breathing out towards the heavens. Really stretch towards the heavens. Let’s stretch our bodies, stretch our faith. Breathing in God’s new compassion, God’s new hope for us, breathing in. As we pass our living hearts, breathing out.

Okay, let’s be seated now. Let’s prepare our minds. We’re going to sit at the front of our chairs, so we can keep our backs straight, and keep our spine long, and our breath deep and natural. Let us now gently close our eyes and let’s move into our first meditation and visualization practice.

Let us visualize ourselves now walking in a beautiful spring meadow. We can notice that we are walking in this beautiful flower meadow. I invite you to smell the fragrances of the new flowers that are blooming. We can notice the birds flying from tree to tree. We can notice the beautiful sun above us. We can see the beautiful shade beneath each of the trees. We can feel the soft grass under our feet.

As we walk up ahead, we will notice a beautiful stream that is meandering down. We can see the sparkles of the sun dancing atop that stream. We can hear the water run over the smooth stones in the river bed. We can hear the beautiful stream, the sound, the healing energy of the stream, the water energy.

Let us stand near that ever flowing, ever alive stream. Let us gently close our eyes in this incredible place; and let that sound of that healing water completely wash over us, melting away any stress. As we breathe in, in our hearts let us say, “I am alive.” And as you breathe out all the stress or knots, breathing out, in our hearts let us say, “Thank You.” One more time, as we breathe in this beautiful new Spring, “I am alive”; as we breathe out old life, breathing out, in our hearts let us say, “Thank You.” One more time, breathing in new life, deeply, “I am alive.” Breathing out old life, in our hearts, “Thank You.”

Heavenly Father and True Parents have blessed us with the blessed life to inherit the true love of God, to be able to be embodiments of that selfless love that can even bring the worst enemy to natural surrender. If we inherit that love, then we will be greater blessings to our families, to our community, to our city, to our nation, and our world.

Rev. Michael Brazil’s Opening Prayer:

Let us pray.

Our Heavenly Father, our Heavenly Mother, We thank You so much that we can be here today. We thank You for this past week and the blessings You showered upon us, for protecting us and allowing us to be here. We want to come together and join our hearts, to offer them to You. We want to welcome You, and invite You to be here with us. We know that You do not go where You are not welcomed; and we truly want to welcome You here. We want to open our hearts to You and allow You to flow in, and to be excited and inspired by what You see and what You feel.

We want to make this time our time, that now is the time that we can be here together for You, together for each other, to draw on Your power, Your love, Your spirit, Your truth, Your Beauty, to be made alive, anew, reinvigorated, re-inspired so that we might more brightly shine and reflect Your love, so that when You see us, You see Yourself, so that when we see each other, we see You. Our Heavenly Father, our Heavenly Mother, we truly want to be true mirror-like reflections of Your heart and Your truth. So be with us today. Help us to open our hearts and minds to receive Your word. Speak through our speaker today. Shower Your love and truth through him that we may be even more empowered to do more for You and for each other Again, we thank You and we most humbly offer and report all this to you as blessed central families from around the world. Aju.

Interesting Story:

I would like to start with something a little interesting story. Actually one of my Buddhist monk friends sent this. And there is the question, “Why did the Buddha have such a difficult time vacuuming his sofa? Why is that? Because he had no attachments!”

Main Sermon:

Brothers and sisters, I'd like to talk to you about 'Now Is Our Time'. You know, we learn from the Principle, that when certain conditions are met, then a victory can be achieved. And now that we have successfully, as a movement, overcome the indemnity period, and True Parents opened the age of liberation, we are ready for victory in our lives. It is now our time. Of course, because of our five percent responsibility it is our effort that really will substantialize this. When we're open to changes that happen in our lives, even though at the time they may seem undecipherable, and we cannot fully understand them, God can use those moments to bring more victory in our lives.

While we're patient with Him and let Him mold and adapt us to the new door He's opening or preparing for us, then we're getting ready for His blessings to come in. And learning to keep strong during the condition period and prepare with faith for the victory, this is one of the keys to living the blessed life. We'll take a look at some of these world scriptures today.

Let's take a look at Christianity today, from I. Corinthians 10:31. Let's look at that together:

“Whatever you do, do all to the glory of God.”

Even when we're in times that are tough, even when we're in the valley of the shadow of death -- so say the Psalmists -- it is in those times, where it is even more important for us to offer our praise, to let the praise out and to, whatever we do, do all for the glory of God.

Let's take a look at Islam today. This is the Koran 40th Suda. We're going to read that together:

“He is the living one. There is no God but He. Call upon Him, giving Him sincere devotion. Praise be to God, Lord of the world.”

Once again, God is helping us through the difficult times, even the seemingly irrational times when we can't understand why God is putting us through this. But when we praise the Lord and allow God to be praised, even in times of difficulty, He can come and bless us.

Let's take a look at Confucianism today. This is the Book of Changes, the I Ching, verse 50. We're going to read that together:

“The superior man, taking his stance as righteousness requires, adheres firmly to Heaven's decree. He allows Heaven to work through him."

And let's take a look at True Parents' words. This is Cheon Seong Gyeong, page 2164. Let's read that together:

“From this viewpoint, what kind of stance do you all need to take? In meeting this new age, your conviction for the dawning of the homeland must be burning in your chest, more passionately than any other thing. In other words, you have to feel pride in becoming a flag bearer, who builds the homeland that God has longed for, for six thousand years.”

In the Biblical tradition there's the story of Jacob. We know, of course, that Jacob received the inheritance that Esau, his elder brother, was to receive. And so he had to flee, he had to flee to Padam Aram where he worked under his uncle Laban. And as the story goes, he toils there for 21 years, to earn the daughters as brides; and also to earn a large inheritance from Laban.

But Laban did not treat him kindly. From day one he was giving him trouble and grief, discouraging him, telling him negative comments, saying, “You’re worthless. I don't know why my brother has a son like you.” Laban actually changed his wages ten times, trying to limit the blessings and fortunes of Jacob.

In Genesis 31:6 Jacob is talking about how God protected him through those challenges. When Laban said, "I think I'm going to change your wages. The sheep that have spots on them, I think those will be your wages from now on," whenever he changed the wages like that, then miraculously, supernaturally, the sheep started having those kinds of offspring, with the spots. And then, when Laban says, "I think I'm going to change my mind, you're going to have now the ones with the stripes," then, supernaturally, the sheep bore striped sheep.

And so, even though Laban was trying to trick and to steal what was rightfully Jacob's, God used that to turn it around to bless Jacob even more. And what happened here? The situation was really relentless. Jacob was constantly being abused by Laban, his uncle. He was always being cheated out of his own wages that he had been slaving and toiling for. And so God turned this situation around. What was meant to destroy Jacob, God turned that around to bless Jacob.

And Jacob didn't know what to do at the time. It seemed so irrational. Many nights he wondered, I'm sure he wondered, “What am I doing under this crazy uncle? I don't know what I am doing here, in Padam Aram, all the way in Mesopotamia. I don't know why I took the inheritance from my brother Isaac. I don't know why this all happened. This is a total nightmare.” On top of that, God all of a sudden tells Jacob to go back to Canaan. He said, "Now I want you to go home, after you betrayed so many of your family." And he obeys God. He takes Rachel and Leah, takes the children, and takes his livestock that he earned, that God supernaturally gave him, and he leaves.

But this story doesn't end here. Because Laban comes after him, he chases after him, wanting to kill him. He captures him and hunts him down, and then they have a confrontation. And Jacob challenges Laban, because Laban is saying, “You stole all of my flock, you stole all my riches. How can you have stolen them?” And Jacob said, “If the God of my father, the God of Abraham and Isaac, had not been with me, you would sure have sent me away empty handed. I know you were going to steal everything from me, to use my labor for free and give me no blessing, but God turned that around. And every time you tried to steal my blessing, God gave it back to me.” So this is what happened in the story of Jacob.

And life is like this. Many times we face unfair circumstances in our life, unfair bosses that we may work under, or co-workers that speak against us. We slave away in some aspect of our life, but really have no recognition there. No matter how hard we try, how hard we try to improve, it seems that somehow the whole world is trying to sabotage our promotion and the blessings that God wants to bring to us. But during those times it's so important to remember who is in control. No boss or unfair circumstance in our life is a writer of our destiny or of our success, of our fortune, of heavenly fortune.

In the end, when we remain faithful to God, God and all the spirit world mobilize to turn our situation around for blessing, just like Jacob, just how they turned it around for Jacob. And Laban changed his wages, Jacob's wages, to enslave Jacob, to keep him as a slave, to keep him impoverished, etc. But God made it so that that very impoverishment, that very enslavement, became his liberation; and became his blessing. And he walked out, as the richest man in all of Canaan. Let's give it up for God. (Applause)

I heard about a team leader working in one company. He was working under the director of the department, and he worked very hard. He created a lot of results. But the director would never realize this young talented man. He would take for himself the credit for all the work that the team leader was doing. And so this team leader was very discouraged, very down. Every day it was a battle going to work. Every day he wanted to quit, "I want to give up, I just can't go, I can't go to work. I can't work under that person every day”, and he doubted himself, "Maybe I'm not as talented, maybe it is true that he's doing all the work, and I'm not really contributing.”

But he adapted to this stress, positively. He began to exercise, and he began to go volunteering and mentoring. He started doing things that helped him contribute, to feel value in his own life. And what happened? When he started doing these positive activities, he found that his stresses, the fear and the anxiety, the doubts of himself, began to melt away. He saw things from a different perspective; and he found joy in serving, and took care of his health, making sure that he stood strong in his mind, making sure that he kept positive, and he kept praising God through the rough times. And God showed him that He, God, was in control. That director, who harassed him, who took all the credit for his work -- guess what? He was supernaturally moved to another company, and now that team leader was promoted to be the director. Let’s give it up for that team leader. He is director now!!

Let's remember that God is always taking count. He's watching our lives. He knows what happens. We may think at times, when unfair things come towards us, “God, You left me. You really don't know my situation.” Well, see, God is taking count. He knows exactly what is happening in our lives. During those times, let's always remember, that God never abandons His children. Rather He bands with His children. He allows us to experience other things that we may have never, ever had the chance to experience, even though at the time, they may be tough. When we get through them we become better, we become stronger, more persevering. We have more overcoming power. We become stronger in every aspect.

And so, if we stay faithful, God can turn around that situation. He can bring us more blessing, move the director, He can make the sheep have spotted sheep, speckled sheep, striped sheep. This is the way that we want to keep our faith in our life.

As you know, this week we had the autobiography party for Father's autobiography book. Father's book is now number two national best seller, number two (Applause) in the nation! And so we are all so very proud of Father, very happy about him, so pleased. That's my daddy, yeah! We're so happy.

And the CEO of the publishing company was there, at the very front. She was so proud, so proud of True Parents. And so Father came out to speak; and initially he was scheduled to give a twelve minute speech. It lasted a very "short" three hours (Laughing). And it showed his incredible desperation. He was so desperate to truly share with the nations, to get them awakened to the fact that God is alive, that God wants to establish true families that are centered on God's true love. He really was sharing his whole heart, pouring, overflowing with emotion.

At one point he was tearing up and crying, saying, "I feel like that I'm still far from accomplishing my mission." He was tearing up at that moment during the speech. So much emotion and so much heart was pouring out. But the situation was not the most ideal. We heard that the English translation was not done at the best level, and so the heart of True Parents was not communicated; rather, a more sarcastic view of True Parents was communicated. So, we were all very worried. We didn't know how the dignitaries would deal with this. We didn't know how it would all be taken. And we were preparing the next day for the media to say something negative about the event, probably some kind of media onslaught upon the event.

So the next morning a lot of us were stressed out. The next morning I called the PR manager. And I asked him about the articles, how did it go? And he told me how shocked the reporters were. For many of them it was the very first time that they saw Father speak. They had read his book, and they were really expecting a very peaceful message, a very calm message, but Father came out with so much enthusiasm and passion. You can see his desperation. But many of them couldn't understand why Father is so enthusiastic, why is he so powerful up there. Our PR manager explained, that Father is 90 years old. He has this incredible mission to save the world. And he has such a pressure on his shoulder. And he's sharing his heart. He's letting it out, so that we would become awakened. It was really amazing.

When I called the PR manager, he said, "I believe there's not going to be anything negative about the event.” When I heard this, honestly, I really didn't believe it. I thought somebody was going to write something negative about us. But we checked the reports all day. We checked them all day. And what happened? God really allowed those people to emotionally understand True Parents' and understand True Father's heart, understand that at 90 years of age he's still standing on the forefront, trying to fight for peace in this world. And that day every single article that came out was praising the event! Let's give it up for God! Let's give it up!

That was a tremendous, tremendous change! There's a tremendous change. Kook Jin hyung was just recently in Forbes magazine. He was in Forbes magazine! Our Kook Jin hyung was in Forbes magazine! Let's give it up, come on! (Applause) He was in Forbes, because of his outstanding business management here at the Che-dan. Fantastic, Forbes magazine! I am so proud, so proud of him. Also there were some really wonderful articles, like in the Newsweek of Korea. We had an interview there. So, it's very positive.

Sun Jin nuna's travel agency is now one of the top ten travel agencies in Korea! Let's give it up for her and In Sup hyung! They're doing a great job! And so society is looking at us differently, they're really looking at us differently. They're starting to be very interested in us as a tradition. The media has been extremely kind to us, for the last year. A lot of them have actually become our friends. They've become very close associates. We're very thankful for the media. -- so positively about the changes in our organizations, about the changes in our leadership, etc. And I really saw that spirit world is moving, that spirit world is helping us.

Just a few weeks ago I had a dream. Hyo Jin hyung and Heung Jin hyung came in this dream, and they said, “Thank you.” They said, “Thanks, hey, Hyung, thanks.” Because every Wednesday we do for their kids their day, one by one. We take them to get pizza or whatever they want to eat that day; and we have a wonderful time, teach them good principles, etc. We have a nice snack and go to 7-Eleven and buy nice candy or whatever and share with all the nephews and nieces. So, we have this wonderful time that we spend with our cousins.

And so Heung Jin hyung and Hyo Jin hyung as their parents came to me in the dream and they said, “Hey, thank you for that. Thank you for really taking care of the kids, but, but…” I always get the ‘but’, “But why aren't you taking care of your sisters-in-law, boy?” (Laughing) I said, “Oh my God, I'm busy, you know, Heung Jin hyung, Hyo Jin hyung, I’m sorry. I've been thinking about the kids, I got the kids on the list, but I didn't get the sisters-in-law. I'm so sorry.” Okay, so what we did, two weeks ago, on Monday, we had a sister-in-law day. (Laughing and applause) Let's give it up for the sisters-in-law! We bought them food; we went out shopping in In Sa Dong.

And it was really amazing. Here we are at In Sa Dong on the sister-in-law day. We're out shopping in this women's clothes store. I'm the only male in there. (Laughing) I'm there, my wife is there. And all the sisters-in-law they're putting on their clothes. I'm choosing stuff for them, and they're walking down like models, down the runway, down the store. (Laughing) They're having a great time. And then, two ladies about fifty and sixty in their age, come into the shop. They see all of us having this incredible time. And they start getting affected by this. And they ended up starting to put on things, and my wife was choosing stuff for them, “Hey, try this on, lady.” She doesn't even know the lady. And then at some point they were saying, “Hey, you're such a wonderful husband.”

I was ten hours shopping, ten hours shopping day, ten hours! (Applause) But God gave me praise that day, God gave me praise. God gave me praise, because the ladies, they encouraged me. They said, “You're such a nice husband. You're so patient.” I said, “It's training!”

So we were having such a wonderful time. And I introduced, “Here's Hoon Seuk onni. Hoon Seuk onni, she is with the Universal Ballet. She's a top ballerina in Korea. I'm sure you know her.” The ladies said, “Yes, we know her, oh yes!” We come to find out that the lady sitting right in front of us is the wife of the CEO of Mae-a Kyung-je. I had no idea what Mae-a Kyung-je was. She said it was a newspaper. So I thought, okay, it's a small newspaper here. She said, "It's kind of like the Wall Street Journal!!"

And so I'm sitting there thinking, “Oh my gosh, the lady right in front of us that we were choosing clothes for, is the wife of the CEO of the ‘Wall Street Journal’ here in Korea!” And she was there with another lady, who was a politician’s wife, as we found out. The politician’s wife told us how just a few years ago they were at North Garden in Kodiak, Alaska, fishing with True Parents, with the President, CEO, of Peh-wu Corporation over there in Alaska. They said they stayed in one of their rooms, and I said, “That was my room. You stayed in my room.” I don't have a room there. I was just joking. And the wife of the CEO of Mae-a Kyung-je, the other lady, said that her father-in-law -- he’s a four star general -- wanted to go into Cheon Jeong Gyeong museum one time. So he drove all the way up to Chung Pyung to see Cheon Jeong Gyeong museum, but you know, not everyone can just get into Cheon Jeong Gyeong museum.

So, he ended up not being admitted to Cheon Jeong Gyeong museum. At that time he just showed up at whim. And so she told us how sad he was, very sad, very angry, and he has resentment. So she said, “Can you get us to visit Cheon Jeong Gyeong museum?” I said, “Yes, we can. We can do it.” And so, right in front of us, she calls the four star general. She says, “Abonim, we're going to take you to the museum. We just got access. Unificationism is right in front of us; and we're going to take you in.” To make a long story short: They'll be coming with us on June 18th to visit the Cheon Jeong Gyeong museum. Let's give it up for God and True Parents! (Applause)

Think about it: There are millions of shops in Seoul; and all the incredible peak-a jongs, nam-dae boos, that -- I'm sure -- all of you have explored. Then, how is it that they just showed up right at that place that we were at, at the right time, the right day, the right exact situation, on sisters-in-law day? When my brothers told me in the dream to go out and have a sister-in-law day, I realized, "Oh my goodness, the spirit world is moving. They're moving us." And here we are, we end up bumping into some of the most powerful women in Korea, ladies that we definitely want to share our Unification faith with. Let's give it up for Unificationism!

It really is a different time. You know, right now from Father we have the blessing to now do the second phase of restructuring of the church. We're going to strengthen the churches by uniting smaller churches into bigger churches, so that the bigger churches have a better environment. We can invest into bigger churches and make cafes in there. We can vamp up the churches, so that they're not dilapidated. You create more positive witnessing environments here; and education programs and new teachers will come in for the kids. And we can stand united to witness to the nation.

You know, after phase one of restructuring here in Korea, for the first time in thirty years, we had Unificationist membership up from 14,000 to 16,000. Last week, we checked the results, we checked the statistics. We're now up to 18,000 Unificationist worshipers nationwide. So, it is continuing to increase.

We know that when we stand united and face the nation to witness, to share our faith, we will continue to grow and grow and really be able to share this amazing tradition with the rest of the nation and the rest of the world. If you believe it, let's give it up for Unificationism! (Applause)

Brothers and sisters, God is really preparing a turnaround for our movement. Not only internally, like in our own community, but externally, how society is viewing us, how we are relating with society. We may have been unfairly treated, persecuted, attacked, like Jacob during the indemnity period. But True Parents are standing in the front. They are leading our community; and they have paid the indemnity for all the past failures of providential history. And many times we may have felt that all the success is being stolen right before our eyes. But God is always watching, and He is always in control, especially in this age. See, He sees the entirety of the providence, not just what we see in our own life; and He sees all the failures, all the mistakes.

But He also sees True Parents, who have been victorious. He sees the community that's standing up in faith. He sees us becoming more proud to share our faith. And when He sees this, when we're standing up to really move the Cain-type world, not by force, but by inheriting His true love and naturally subjugating the nations, God is here to bless us. He is really here to work behind the scenes to make it happen. Now is our time.

See, of course, in this age we have to work harder, of course, more efficiently, more honestly, transparently, professionally, selflessly, organizationally, etc. But, in the end, I believe that whatever challenge we have to face, God is going to supernaturally allow us to come through that, to come into more victory, and to be able to show this incredible tradition and all the investment and sacrifice and blood, sweat and tears, that have come to build this incredible tradition to what it is. I really believe, that now is the time for the Unification Church to stand up strong in the age of liberation; and to share our faith with the rest of the world. If you believe it, if you receive it, let's give it up for God and True Parents today! Now is our time. Let's put our hands together and let's enter into our meditation practice.

Final Meditation:

Let us enter into our homeland meditation practice. Let us gently close our eyes and visualize ourselves, not in this sanctuary, but walking in a beautiful meadow. It is noontime and the sun is up; very bright, very beautiful, it’s not too hot; beautiful spring breeze. We can feel the soft grass under our feet; the earth supporting us, lifting us. With each step we can see beautiful flowers blooming around our feet; almost if like magic, like supernaturally blooming around our feet. While we look to our left, we’ll see a beautiful stream meandering down, with the little sparrows bathing in the stream, and flying away.

As we look up to the sky, we’ll see a beautiful blue sky; totally vast horizons; vast sky; limitless. When we look up ahead we’ll see True Parents waiting for us. Let us walk before them, and be seated before them. True Father with his right hand, True Mother with her left hand, place their hands atop our heads, anointing us, blessing us. They bless us saying, “May you inherit the true love of God.”

As they anoint us with that blessing, feel the power of that blessing move through our entire body from head to toe, like a wave of energy that is moving through, purifying and cleaning our body. If there are any sick cells, stressed cells in our brain; let them be completely healed. Let that stress be completely washed away. Any stress in the neck, shoulders, body, internal organs, all the way down to our feet; let those impurities be washed away.

You’ll notice our spirit body, if there are any dark spots, that now our spirit body is completely revived, illuminating in the 12 directions. In our hearts let us say to True Parents, “I shall inherit the true love of God.” As you breathe in, in our hearts let us say, “I am alive.” As you breathe out, in our hearts let us say, “Thank You.” As you breathe in new life, “I am alive.” As you breathe out old life, “Thank You.” Final inhalation, as you breathe in, “I am alive.” As you breathe out old life, in our hearts let us say, “Thank You.”

God and True Parents have blessed us to live the blessed life, to inherit the true love of God, to be a greater blessing to our family, and to our community; to be a greater blessing to our city, and our nation and our world; to truly be the great blessing that He has blessed us to become.

Hyung Jin Nim’s Final Prayer:

Heavenly Father, thank You so much for this day. Father, we want to know that today is a new day. We want to know that now is our time. Father, we endured the bitter winters. We endured the indemnity period. Unificationists all around the world were persecuted, and, Father, they were demonstrated against. They were put in prison, and even tortured for their faith. But Father, we want to know that day You have allowed us to walk into the Age of Liberation; and oh, what a day! What an incredible era!

Father, we know that now You are liberated. True Parents have enlightened us to Your loneliness, and have been able to comfort You, freeing You from that. And Father, we know that You want to bless us in this age. We know that all the wrongs that were put against us as Unificationists, You want to redeem. You want to make new; and, Father, we believe that today.

Father, we thank You so much that we may be present here in this incredible homeland. We pray that we can truly share our faith as proud Unificationists, as those who are truly upholding our faith, airing it proudly to the world; seeing the world being transformed before our very eyes. We thank You so much. We want to thank You for everything that is right in our lives; for our children and our breath; for the fact that we can be alive in this time. And I thank You for our families. We want to thank You for the beautiful summer weather. Father, we want to thank You for everything. We thank You so much that You have guided us into this path; for even though we have a long way to go, Father, You have taken us, You have brought us a very long way. Father, thank You so much. We want to offer all the victory and all the praise to You this day. We want to do that here, this day, as Blessed Central families, in our own names, united as one, we pray. Aju. 

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