The Words of Hyung Jin Moon From 2009

Japanese Brothers And Sisters Truly Have Been The Owners Of Our Church

Hyung Jin Moon
June 3, 2009
Original Divine Principle Workshop
Edited: Department of Education and Planning
Chung Pyung Heaven and Earth Training Center

On June 3, 2009, Mr. and Mrs. Kook Jin Nim and Mr. and Mrs. Hyung Jin Nim came to Chung Pyung to talk to the Japanese members participating the ‘Education Proclaiming the Completion of the Liberated Realm of the Portion of Responsibility in God’s Providential History’ (Original Divine Principle Workshop) held in Chung Pyung. Nearly for an hour, Hyung Jin Nim spoke and shared his heart with the members.


Good to see you brothers and sisters, it’s really tremendous joy. You know we are always so moved and so grateful when we see our Japanese brothers and sisters. Wherever we go we always tell everybody that our Japanese brothers and sisters truly have been the owners of our church. We know the brothers and sisters have worked through the indemnity periods of serving True Parents, serving our entire unification family, around the world. Sacrificing, giving their whole hearted devotions, never stopping to be loyal to True Parents, walking the way of the path of tears, the path of suffering.

This has really been our brothers and sisters’ course in Japan, for the last 30 years. We are truly humble, and we truly believe, because of that sacrifice, Japanese members stand in the position of true filial children to True Parents, and this cannot be denied.

Positive Changes

I understand that you also had, based on True Parents’ direction and brother Kook Jin leadership, the first elections to elect the regional directors in Japan, that’s the first time in history. That’s a very big change for our Japanese movement and I am sure that you all felt that.

In Korea that change happened, about a year before and initially it was elections by ministers to select a new regional director. That had never been done in Unification Church history. That was very moving into the Realm of Liberation and Complete Release and moving away from the Indemnity Period type system.

Recently in Gangnam region we had one regional director who had had retired. There had to be a decision made for a new regional director for Gangnam region. There were recommendations from other regional directors where then the ministers will decide and elect the next Gangnam regional director. But we said no that’s not a good idea.

So for the fist time ever in Unification Church history, just a couple of weeks ago actually, the owners of the Gangnam region, the owners are people who have been contributing to the community of the faithful by practicing a life of tithing for one year without any missing. The owners of the church voted to elect the new Gangnam regional director, first time ever in the unification church history.

That is a very big change, because in this new Realm of Liberation and Complete Release, our leaders cannot just treat their superiors well and not treat the members well. Now in this new Realm of Liberation and Complete Release the leaders have to be accountable also to the membership, the owners of the church.

The information of the candidates who were running for the Gangnam region was disclosed transparently. From educational background to career and personal assets, all were fully disclosed so that the membership could completely see everything and decide who would become the leader. (Applause)

So this is also another amazing change that True Parents allowed it to happen in the church. Due to brother Kook Jin's professional team and their help, we have been able to run the ministry with full transparency of members contributions. Data that we would not release in the past is now open to the public and members can see where the donations that were offered at the Headquarters Church are going and what they are being used for. And this is also a very big change in our church management and a very big change on how we manage our members’ blood sweat and tears.

Unification Symbol

We have this symbol, our official Unification Symbol. So many people believed that our Unification Movement was going to die. Many people believed that this symbol would no longer mean anything. And that this would become just something in the past never to come up again.

For this symbol, all the 1st generation who sacrificed their life and sacrificed their hearts, and walked a path of suffering, persecution, pain and torture, all that, we will not let be thrown away. Tongil-gyo (Unification Church) will not disappear. (Applause) This is why we wear our Tongil Symbol with pride. (Applause)

This mark is what we fought for. This secret Principle that True Father revealed the give and receive action, the Four Position Foundation, all centered on the True Love of God. The secret of heaven, the secret to peace, the secret to unity, this we must not let die, this we must not let disappear. This is our pride as church members, this is our heart, is our principle.

I had lunch with President Eun-ju Park, who works at the top publishing company, Gimm-Young Publishers, in Korea that published True Parents’ Autobiography. At that time I was wearing the Unification Symbol around my neck and I said that I wanted to give this to her. I explained, this is True Parents’ teaching. We have give and take action, in the middle we have the Four Position Foundation, God, spouse and children they’re all centered on God’s true love. God’s true love is selfless love. It’s a love that can bring Satan to natural surrender. When we can inherit that true love, then we can become god’s equal partner, and this is a very important teaching. Because this is the teaching that our True Parents have given, and by giving us that teaching they have liberated almighty God.

Liberation of God

If you study the great thinkers of the past or the religions talking about God, we see that God has been very distant and very powerful, almighty, omnipotent and omniscient. According to them, human beings cannot comprehend the almighty God because He is mysterious, that His essence cannot be known because we have limited human understandings.

But from God’s perspective, He’s so lonely. Nobody can come near Him. Nobody can understand Him fully, He is completely alone. Even though God has millions and millions of fans, not even one can fully understand His heart.

True Parents discovered the essence of God, true love, a selfless love. A love that can bring even Satan, the worst evil force, to natural surrender. They realized that if human beings could inherit that love then they could become God’s equal partner. And when True Parents did inherit that love, they became God’s equal partners. They erased the thousands and thousands years of loneliness. And that is why they have liberated God. (Applause)

So that is why we want you to have hope. Because there is a saying, ‘Without hope you cannot have faith.’ Faith; believes in things you cannot see and if you cannot hope for and believe in for a better future and hope that the Unification Movement will one day truly be able to be impact the world. So I truly pray that you have hope even in your difficult moments. We are always praying for you and our Japanese movement.

Brothers and sisters we pray always for you in Japan. Don't let the situation in Japan deter your faith that we have come this far by believing in heaven and still heaven has a path and heaven has a way. So I thank you so much brothers and sisters for all you have done. We will always pray for you, thank you so much.


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