The Words of Hyung Jin Moon From 2009

Seasons of Change

Hyung Jin Moon
May 9, 2009
Headquarters’ Church Seoul Korea
Transcribed by: Beatrice Clyburn and Cathy Quebral
Proofread and Polish by: Robin Debacker and Bruno Klotz

Welcome Remarks:
Yeon Ah Nim:

Good afternoon brothers and sister! (Good Afternoon) It is really great to see you. Today we have a glorious day outside. I hope you have a blessed and beautiful week. We are always grateful to have you with us, and for those who are joining with us via internet, we are also grateful to have you here with us.

Welcome brothers and welcome sisters. You see, brothers and sisters, it’s important that when we’re in these seasons, to understand they are impermanent, they do pass, and to remember that this season is for growing, for planting, and that harvest is coming around the corner. When we do that, we will be able to overcome the Canaans in our life, the giants in our life, the obstacles, the challenges, because the power of this kind of thinking, of this kind of heartistic quality is stronger than any of those challenges.

Hyung Jin Nim:

Welcome brothers and sisters! Good to see you all!

Today we’d like to start with Cheon Seong Gyeong page 1298. Father says,

“The family is the representative training ground that teaches love for humanity. It is a representative place where the center of heart is established. When members of a family love and trust each other and live a life of happiness, the center of the whole universe is thus established. And everyone can enjoy happiness. This is the beginning of the ideal realm. There is no meaning to existence without love.”

Brothers and sisters, I love that one middle sentence: “When members of the family love and trust each other and live a life of happiness, the center of the whole universe is established.” It’s so important that we understand that. When we hear Father say something like this, we can see that he is really centering everything on true love, which is selfless, which exists for the sake of the others in the family. When family members reach that level of maturity, when they are able to give and receive that kind of love, then we can trust each other naturally. We become trustworthy. And when that happens then the family becomes the center of the universe, the beginning of the ideal realm. And once again Father reminds us that there’s no meaning to existence without this kind of true love.

Brothers and sisters, it’s so important to understand that whenever we are creating the ideal family, sometimes we may feel, “Hey, you’re supposed to be trusting me, loving me.” But we have always to remember the Principle. Everybody has their 5% responsibility to truly LIVE the life of true love. That is to actualize it, that is to live for the sake of the others in the family. When that happens then that person is trustworthy. That person naturally receives so much love. And that’s really what Father’s key teaching is today, and really it’s the key to the whole Principle, to the whole teaching. Brothers and sisters, this quote, in a nut shell, really exemplifies, "Inherit the true love of God!" The entire Principle is in that one sentence. If you just remember that, you will understand Principle. Just understand, "Inherit the true love of God!" That’s Father’s entire teaching. Very simple, very powerful.

Brothers and sisters, our hope is that during service we’re able to inherit that true love, that we’re able to inherit that true love in our families, that kind of true love. When we actualize that, that’s the beginning of the ideal world. That’s what our Father says. Brothers and sisters, we hope that we can start with the right heart here in this service and that we’re able to then bring the blessings, the training, the practice, into our lives. We do believe that if we go with that kind of heart, we’ll definitely find ourselves with more victory this coming week. We’ll get more things done this coming week. God will bless us in a whole new way. If you believe it, let’s give it up to God one time. (Applause) Once again, welcome to service. Let’s have a great service. Return the glory and joy to God and True Parents today. Welcome once again.

Yeon Ah Nim’s Message:

Yesterday, there was Parents' Day in Korea, so we also went to Chung Pyung to offer flowers to True Parents and a little gift. As we offered flowers to True Parents, they said, “Oh, actually we already got flowers!” “Ah, okay.” They showed us the flower basket that was actually given by their grandchildren. It was a paper flower basket, and I could see the flowers a little bit crooked and not perfect, but Parents were so happy and proud to show us what they received from their grandchildren.

And at that moment I remembered what Dr. Fauntroy said when he was in Headquarter Church, “We all become once an adult, and twice a child." So maybe that’s why probably they have this emotional and heartistic connection, and it was so wonderful to see.

Brothers and sisters, True Father said, “Our relationship with God is a parent child relationship, and in order to experience God’s love, it is really wonderful to attend your physical parents, if they are in the spirit world; because they are Abel spirits. Just like in my case: My physical mother is in the spirit world. It is equally important to attend to your parents when they are in the physical world. So please, call them and please write them letters, and please visit them before its too late. Brothers and sisters, I love you so much, and we believe in you. Aju!

Opening Prayer by Rev. Michael Brazil:

Our Heavenly Father, our Heavenly Mother, we thank You for this beautiful day that You have given to us, for the love that You shower upon us, for the love that envelops us, holds us up, strengthens us, encourages us, gives us hope, belief, faith.

We are so grateful that we are here, that we can be here. We thank You from the bottom of our hearts that You have blessed us, that we know what we know. And we pray that that knowledge will give us strength, that it will give us the power, the heart, the love, the love that would be able to embrace and envelop ourselves, our families. And then it will be able to grow and reach out to our tribe, our clan, our city, community. It will be large enough to reach out and embrace our nation and even the world, and then, Heavenly Father, it would be large enough to embrace You, that You will feel embraced and loved. Imagine that, You being embraced and loved!

Heavenly Father, we want to become those kinds of sons and daughters. As yesterday, Parents' Day was celebrated here in Korea, we want to honor You as our True Original Parents, thanking You for all the glory and gifts and honor that You have bestowed upon us. But we want to turn around and give it all back to You and thank You, not just in words or thoughts, but even more powerfully in our deeds.

We want to invite You to be here today. We want to welcome You into our hearts so that You will feel truly welcomed. Again, we thank You so deeply. We ask that You be here with us, that our hearts might be open to hear Your word today, so that we can become even better sons and daughters, better brothers and sisters, better fathers and mothers, better grandfathers and grandmothers or grandsons and granddaughters.

Again, we thank You, and we humbly offer all this to You, as Blessed Central Families from around the world, Aju!

Hyung Jin Nim's words at the end of meditation practice:

God and True Parents have blessed us to live the blessed life. Through the blessed life we are to inherit the true love of God, a love that is selfless, that can even bring the worst enemy to natural surrender. Through inheriting that true love let us become greater blessings, individually, to our families, to our communities, to our nations and our world.

Remarks about prayer by Hyung Jin Nim:

Brothers and sisters, it’s so really important to remember that God is our ever-present helper in time of need, and He is there and He is truly hoping for us to become everything that He has placed within us.

One thing is really remarkable about Father’s way of prayer. One thing, that Father discovered about God, is very amazing. It is that God, just like our Pastor Brazil prayed, needs consoling. How happy He must be when He has children who can give it back to Him, all that love, all that care, when He can receive that back from His children. How amazing that is!

Sometimes in our life -- we talked about this a couple of weeks ago -- we will feel the need for help other than from our physical friends around us. But many times we may feel that God is very distant and very far away. We may even feel sorry to ask God, because we understand His suffering that He had to endure.

In our lives -- we talked about it two weeks ago -- we have people that God prepares for us. We have relationships that He has set in motion, that He has prepared. And these relationships are not only physical. And those are our Abel angels, like our guardian angels -- we talked about that. We all have somebody who loves us, who -- we know it -- is absolutely there for us. That person maybe has passed away into spirit world. For me it is my brother, one year older than me. I know he loves me. I know he is there. I know he’s present, I know he’s caring for me, he’s protecting me.

Brothers and sisters, it’s so important to remember these friends that we have. They may be your mom or dad that are in spirit world, maybe your grandfather, maybe your uncle or aunt. But these Abel angels, these Abel good spirits, these friends, are so relevant, because in our life we can’t do everything alone. We need to understand that we can lean on friends and ask some help. It’s very important to understand.

Brothers and sisters, today I really do believe, every one of you, as you live your week, as you take your kids to school, as you go about your business, do your work and raise your children, I do believe your Abel angel is guarding you, protecting you. She or he is with you, making sure that car doesn’t swerve and hit, making sure that you have the right person to meet that day. That’s a great friend.

Brothers and sisters, I want to take this time of prayer just to acknowledge that friend. We want to give that friend some encouragement. When I’m praying to Young Jin hyung, just thanking him for being with me and comforting me this week, this is really important because Father teaches us that when we pray for our brothers and sisters in spirit world, we help them grow spiritually.

So brothers and sisters, I want to take that time today. Let’s take this time to pray. Let’s pray with our Abel angels today. They’re with us. Let’s pray that they will be with us this week. Let us pray and ask them to be with us for the next week. Let’s take this time to pray for our Abel angels. Let’s take time!

(Everyone prays, Hyung Jin Nim prays with low voice. Before the end of the unison prayer Hyung Jin Nim prays with loud voice:)

Thank You so much! We know you guys are with us. We know that the Abel angels are protecting and guiding us. Heavenly Father, thank You for sending them to be with us, for allowing these everlasting relationships to endure in spirit world, beyond physical life. We thank You and pray all these things together with our Abel good spirits, Abel angels, in our names. Aju!

More remarks of Hyung Jin Nim about prayer:

It is so important, I cannot tell you how important it is to remember those very precious loved ones who are in the spirit world. We can get very busy during the week and kind of forget them. But it is so important to remember that they are with us, that they are helping us.

True Father says that when they are in the spiritual world and working with Hyo Jin Nim, Heung Jin Nim, Young Jin Nim etc, that they work with the authority of God.

So let us remember those brothers and sisters who are with us, those Abel angels. They are sent to help us. This is a really great source of comfort for myself. I am always so grateful for this, particularly for my brother Young Jin hyung who is always looking after me. I am so grateful.

Thank you so much for praying for those Abel angels, brothers and sisters.

Interesting story:

Before we start sharing words, I always like to start with something a little interesting. I heard a story about a little grandson that asks his granddaddy. He said, “Grandpa, is it true that everybody who didn’t ride on Noah’s boat died?” And the grandpa said, “Yeah, that’s what the Bible says, dear.” And then the little grandson said, “Grandpa, were you on Noah’s boat?” Grandpa said, “No honey, I’m not that old. I wasn’t on the boat.” The grandson said, “Then, why are you alive?”

Hyung Jin Nim’s Sermon:

Brothers and sisters, today I’d like to talk to you about “Seasons of change." In order to live the blessed life it is so important to understand that all things move in seasons. In life there will be times where the seasons are slow, where improvement seems slow, where progress and success and victory seem slow. But when you get out of that season, all of a sudden you find yourself with supernatural increase and supernatural success. Supernatural victory starts coming your way.

You see, God always moves life through the seasons so that we can reach our full potential that He has given to us. Understanding that a slow season doesn’t last forever and that a slow season eventually always comes to an end, and keeping enthusiastic about the next season of harvest that’s coming, is one of the keys to living the blessed life.

Let’s take a look at some of these World Scriptures today:

We’re going to look at Judaism-Christianity, Psalm 102: 25-27. Let’s read that together,

“Of old thou didst lay the foundation of the earth, and the heavens are the work of thy hands... they will all wear out like a garment, thou changes them like raiment, and they pass away. But thou art the same.”

Again we see that everything that has been created by God, including the earth, this temporal world, is subject to change. They change like the seasons, like garments, the Psalms tell us.

Let’s take a look at Islam today, the Koran 55th Sutra. We’re going to read that together. Let’s all read that together,

“All that is on the earth will perish, but will abide forever the face of the Lord” (Qur’an 55: 26-27).

Again we see the temporal world is subject to change, subject to impermanence, subject to diminishing. But behind that, there is the face of the Eternal. There is something that is unchanging.

Let’s take a look at Buddhism today. This is the Diamond Sutra, 32nd verse. We’ll read that together,

“By detachment from appearances abide in Real Truth. So I tell you, thus shall you think of all this fleeting world, a star at dawn, a bubble in a stream, a flash of lightning in a summer cloud, a flickering lamp, a phantom, a dream”.

Once again we see that in Buddhism one of the key teachings is impermanence, the notion that everything is subject to change and that our lives are like a fleeting star, or a passing bubble in the stream, etc.

Let’s center on True Parents’ words. This is the 66th book page 181. Let’s read it together,

“If we look at the whole year, we can see that together with the seasons everything else is also changing. Therefore not only nature has the potential to change, but everything else, too. Even in one day we can see something similar to the change of the seasons."

Once again we understand that everything is subject to change in this temporal world.

But brothers and sisters, let us remember that not all seasons are harvest seasons. When we live our life we would like to have the continual success and the continual fruition, the continual blessings and continual abundance. But you see, life does not work out that way, and God does not prepare us in that fashion. Not all seasons are harvest seasons. You see, just like a seed, there are planting seasons, and then the seed needs to be nurtured. It needs to have time to germinate and to spread its roots down, and then it needs to mature, and then it’s ready for harvest. In other words, it has to go through the respective seasons in order for it to reach its full potential.

And if we get anxious and we get frustrated and try to go against nature and harvest ungerminated plants or immature crops, what we will get are crops that are inedible. They taste horrible, and they are totally not nutritious. They haven’t reached their full potential. You see, in order for the crop to reach its full potential, it has to go through the different stages that lead up to harvest. And in order for that crop to have fruition in that season of harvest, patience and faith must be there. See, one must believe and know that after the crop goes through the necessary seasons that it will, without a doubt, bloom and ripen into that beautiful harvest.

See, it’s the same in our lives. When we are in a growth season, we can’t blame God or others for not having a harvest season. See, this only prolongs the harvest season, or jinxes it, kind of curses the harvest season that God is preparing for us. The more we say things like, “Oh, this is all my luck! I always get the bad fortune. I knew it would happen to me like this!” the more we do that, the more we are showing God that we are not ready to receive His blessing, that we are not ready to receive His harvest.

But if we turn it around and we start thinking in a different way, we start thanking Him for planting us, “God, You planted us. I may not be in a harvest season now, but I am in a planting season. I’ve been planted. Thank You, God! You see I’m germinating right now. I’m putting my roots down. I’m being nourished. I’m growing through the season. Thank You, God, for letting me grow in the season.”

See, when we show this kind of strength and this kind of fortitude, God is already getting ready to bless us. His hands are already getting tickly. He wants to start blessing us. He knows we are mature enough to start actualizing, receiving those blessings.

There was once a story that I heard about a rich man who approached his master. He approached the master and said, “Master, please write down something for me, that will encourage the prosperity, fortune, and happiness of my family and my descendants to come. And this would be something that the family would cherish for generations and generations." On a large piece of paper, that master wrote the following phrase, “Father dies, son dies, and grandson dies." The rich man was so angry, so angry, “Why are you writing me something like this? I asked you to write something down that would give me happiness and prosperity for my descendants. Why do you write something so depressing, Master?”

And the master replied like this, “If your son died before you this would bring unbearable grief to your family. If your grandson should die before your son, this also would bring tremendous sorrow and misfortune to your family. If your family, generation after generation, passes away in the order that I have written, this shows happiness and prosperity to your family!” (Applause) Oh! You like that one! The master spoke.

You see, all seasons happen naturally. Sometimes we don’t realize that naturalness is the greatest blessing. The winter is a natural season, and that is actually a blessing. Through this natural flow blessings and prosperity come in the harvest season. We know that after winter always spring will come.

If we are enduring a winter right now, we’ve got to quit jinxing ourselves by saying, “It’s never going to get any better. I am over now. Oh! My friend told me I’m over now!” We have to stop believing those things, and we have to start believing in a different way. We have to start saying, “God is preparing my spring. God is preparing a new season for me. I may be in a growth season now, I may be in a planting season now, but God is going to preserve a harvest season for me; He is preparing that for me.”

You see, when Joshua and Caleb led the Israelites into the land of Canaan, God told them in the Biblical story to circle the walls of Jericho. He said, “Do it seven times." If you’ve been around Jericho, it’s kind of big. It’s not like this sanctuary where you can do seven rounds in maybe a couple of minutes. Jericho! It’s going to take you at least seven hours to do seven rounds around that city, OK?

And then, as the Biblical story says, after circling the city seven times they were supposed to shout a holy shout, and that holy shout was supposed to make the walls crumble.

And that’s how they entered into the land of Canaan. And notice, by circling and having faith, but then by expressing and declaring that faith, shouting for the Lord’s promise, the walls came down with the expression of that faith. You see, they had to express it, they had to declare it; this shout had the holy power in it. It had the declaration power to shake the foundations of what Jericho had become. It had become a fortress.

You see, in life, brothers and sisters, it’s the same thing. We have to remain faithful to God’s promise when we are circling around our Jerichos, our obstacles, our circumstances. And you think about how the Israelites may have doubted God or thought, “This is crazy! It’s not going to work. We are circling this thing for 3 hours. There’s no way this thing is going to work 4 hours later. I don’t know what Joshua and Caleb are thinking. This is not going to happen. We’re going to shout. We see these walls; they’re so hard and big. There is no way these things are going to come tumbling down!”

And before they entered the land of Canaan, before they went there, they were already scared, “There’re giants in there!” But now as they’re walking around the walls, think about how much more intimidating that is! They can feel the presence of those giants inside the walls of Jericho. Maybe the giants were up on the wall, shouting and screaming and throwing rocks at them. That’s even more scary!

And now I want you to just imagine how long each round must have felt. Each round took maybe an hour to do, an hour and a half, but think about how mentally taxing that must have been to keep concentrating on the Lord’s promise, to keep concentrating on the promise that God had given, “It’s going to be a better day.” Think about how hard that must have been walking around this city, with violent people up on the wall, with giants throwing stones.

You see, they had to concentrate; they had to remind themselves, “You know what? God is bigger than this problem. He is bigger than Canaan; He is bigger than these giants that are inside it. He is bigger than my challenge." And then they had to practice believing it. They had to believe it for the rounds, rounds that they made around the city, and then on the 7th round they declared it. They said it after having believed, and they shouted. And this faith brought down the walls, the story says.

And this kind of power, this kind of holy power, the power that we have when we truly believe and we truly declare, this is the same power that allowed the Israelites to have those supernatural miracles. It has the same supernatural, miraculous power when we use it in our own life that God is preparing for us. And see, if God could do it for THEM, He can surely do it for US, and this is one of the things to remember.

You know, whenever we do interviews the reporters ask me this question -- they know I shaved my head, when I studied Buddhism, when I was studying religions, etc -- so they always ask me, “What appealed to you about Buddhism? You come from a Protestant Christian background -- you know Unification tradition is from a Protestant background -- you studied at a Catholic university for two years, and then you studied Buddhism. What appealed to you about Buddhism?”

And I have a very simple answer, because it’s the true answer. I tell them that the Buddhist teaching that truly helped me was the teaching of impermanence, that change is natural and a normal course of existence. You see, we all grow old and we all die one day, and this is natural. Understanding this is not like a pessimistic view, not a depressing, negative worldview. It’s actually quite liberating; it’s actually quite freeing. Because one realizes how short and actually how precious the life we have is. One can go at any second, and if one really, truly understands and is enlightened to this truth of impermanence, then it compels one to try to be the best, not yesterday, not tomorrow, but every day, today.

I struggled so much when Young Jin hyung passed away. This was a winter season for me, a big winter season. And in this period I inherited his books. He was studying at Columbia, and he was studying Asian religions and I started reading those books. And by radically accepting the truth of impermanence, the truth that everything changes, and that we all pass away one day, and realizing that I, too, will die one day, I felt compelled to find deeper meaning in my life. I felt compelled to train myself to find deeper meaning.

Realizing that I could die at any time helped me to appreciate the value of a single breath of air -- when we are meditating, we focus on the breath -- the value of my wife, of spending time with her, the value of my children, of being able to train and spend time together, the value of friends that I have around me, trustable friends. Once I started shifting this worldview, the annoying things like the kids crying and complaining, “I don’t want to go to school! I don’t want to do this! Don’t change my diaper!” all these kinds of things, became the sounds of life, beautiful sounds.

Traffic and other annoyances -- I did drive from Boston to New York all the time -- traffic was so annoying, frustrating. Getting into Boston you get tons of traffic. And this used to cause me tremendous stress, frustration and anger. But then all of a sudden, once I understood the notion of impermanence, once I understood how precious actually this life is, the traffic became quite a blessing.

If you ever get stuck in traffic the next time, I would like you to practice this one exercise. When you are in traffic the next time, look up in front of you. You’ll see all these cars. I’m sure you understand that. But then look more closely. You’ll notice that each car is a beautiful little face that’s smiling at you. You’ll see the little tail lights as the eyes, you’ll see the little bumpers as a smiley face. And all of them are different. Every single car has a different happy face, and they are encouraging you as you are in traffic, ”Don’t get angry, you don’t need to. Don’t get frustrated, you don’t need to. You are alive. See, my happy face is telling you that." Try that the next time you are in traffic.

See, once this shift occurred in my mind, once I understood the nature of impermanence, the preciousness of life, then slowly things started to change. Slowly this winter season started to give rise to a spring season, and a new hope began to emerge in my heart. You see, instead of remaining dark, cold, angry and bitter at life and bitter at God for stealing my brother, or whatever, accepting impermanence let me be grateful for life, and let me be grateful for the time I HAD with Young Jin hyung -- that was 21 years -- grateful for all the great teachings he gave me, the memories he taught me, grateful for all the tough times and the good times we had together.

By accepting impermanence I became grateful, and by becoming grateful I stopped trying to blame somebody else for my pain. When I did that I learned to let go. When I learned to let go, I became free. This freed me from the suffering, and now this winter season was not so much winter any more.

I was now free to discover the preciousness of life, free to discover the preciousness of the people that I lived with and maybe took for granted, too, the preciousness of this once in a lifetime chance to live. And I can testify that God did supernaturally change that winter season. He changed my season.

When I started thinking and declaring differently, when I was walking around Jericho, I had to start concentrating, I had to start thinking differently, declaring differently.

And this really reminds me of a story that True Father experienced. When he was crossing the 38th parallel -- this was decades ago -- Father was escaping for his life, he was fleeing from North Korea. He’s been imprisoned multiple times there because of no freedom of religion. As Father was now crossing the 38th parallel, he cannot take too many supplies because he has to bring one of his disciples. And he decides to bring the disciple; he decides to pull the disciple on a bicycle across the parallel where it’s flat. But as you know of the Korean landscape and geography, it’s so mountainous, it is so mountainous! It’s not like near New York City or something like that. It’s extremely mountainous.

And so when Father had to cross the big mountains in Korea, on his way down to the South, then he had to give this guy a piggyback ride. He actually had to carry this man through the different places. I love what Father said here. Think about him in this situation. He’s been persecuted, he’s been chased out. He could think God had left him. He could think, “It’s all over!” He could say, “Oh! Just my luck! Another winter season. I have to carry this fool on my back! “He could be thinking like that, but Father chose to think in a different way. He said, “As I hold you, I hold humanity.” I love that! He said, “As I hold you on my back, and I carry you on top of the mountains, I carry with me humanity.” I love that! He decided to be truly a victor and not a victim in that stage.

And that man promised Father, “Father, I will never leave you. I’m going to be with you to the end. I’m going to stick with you through thick and thin. I will be there when you pass to the spiritual world. I will never betray you!” This is what the man promised to Father. Of course, during the course of life, the man did leave Father. He did end up leaving Father. And Father spoke about this, how much pain he felt. How much betrayal he felt from the person that he actually suffered for, physically endured for, who promised him out of his own mouth, that he would never leave him. He betrayed Father.

How painful that was! But once again, Father decided to use this winter and to see it in another way, to see it as a natural process that God is training him for, to see his heart being able to become bigger, to understand God’s love and suffering more. And this is how Father overcame these obstacles. For me this is a very powerful example of how our thinking and how our practice begins to shape our life.

Brothers and sisters, what can we learn today? You know, there are seasons in our life. We must get through the seasons to get hardiness, to prepare for new growth. And if you want the harvest, you’ve got to go through the different seasons to get to that harvest. See, when we are in the seasons that are difficult, the seasons that are growth seasons or planting seasons, it may seem like they never end. “It just doesn’t end. I did it yesterday, I’m doing it today. It’s not going to end!”

But brothers and sisters, we have to understand, just as that master wrote, that things move in their natural course. It’s important that we don’t start jinxing our harvest that’s coming on its way, but start encouraging it to come, by declaring, “Yes, I am ready for it. Yes, I’m mature for it. Yes, I’m moving towards it.”

You see, check out the world today. You see the world? We were just talking to brothers and sisters in Kuri during the week -- you know a thousand members from Japan came here to listen to the Principle lectures -- and Kook Jin hyung now spoke about how the world is really in an economic collapse. “We see that in America with the mortgage collapse, we see that in Japan that has the biggest negative growth in all of Japan’s economic history,” he said. So the world is under economic collapse, swine flu is on the verge of this pandemic status -- this is what they’re saying -- religious warfare everywhere, nuclear weapons have the potential to destroy the world several times over, we all heard that a million times.

We are in a world winter, but God is preparing a new season for this world. He is preparing the new spring for this world. And I do believe that as we move to the growth stage of Cheon Bok Goong, and as we move to the perfection level world temple, I believe and I declare that Unification Church will be leading this season into the new spring. Let’s give it up for Unification Church, brothers and sisters! (Applause) God is preparing something special for us to do.

You see, brothers and sisters, it’s important that when we’re in these seasons, to understand they are impermanent, they do pass, and to remember that this season is for growing, for planting, and that harvest is coming around the corner. When we do that, we will be able to overcome the Canaans in our life, the giants in our life, the obstacles, the challenges, because the power of this kind of thinking, of this kind of heartistic quality is stronger than any of those challenges.

See, if we move forward like this, I do believe we will absolutely find ourselves with more victory, more illumination and more peace, and we will live that blessed life, inheriting the true love of God and being a blessing to this world.

If you receive it, let’s give it up for God and True Parents today! (Applause)

Ending of Hyung Jin Nim’s Final Meditation:

True Parents have blessed us to live the blessed life, to truly be able to inherit the true love of God, a true love that is selfless, that exists for the sake of others, and that can bring even our worst enemy to natural subjugation. Let us become inheritors of that true love and become greater blessings to this world.

Hyung Jin Nim’s final prayer:

Heavenly Father, True Parents, thank You so much for bringing us here today. Father, we understand that in the age of liberation You have done an incredible thing, and True Parents have liberated You from your thousands of years of loneliness. Father, we know that many religions and many ideologies have seen You as the almighty, all powerful deity, who has all power and control, who can do all things, who’s created all the universe. Father, we have understood that through the courses of time.

But Father, True Parents have enlightened us to a new realization, that is the fact that, Father, although You may have been powerful, You have been completely alone. Thousands and millions of fans, but no one to share your heart! Father, we understand how important that is, and that that is your purpose in creating the whole existence.

Father, let us inherit this true love, Your true love which is Your essence and Your divinity. Let us inherit the true love that is selfless, and Father, that can bring our worst enemies to natural subjugation. Let us inherit that true love and, Father, we know that through that we will become your true object partners, and we will be able to truly receive and give joy and love back to You.

We thank You so much, Father. We hope that we may understand that all things are impermanent. Things in this temporal world change, but Father, Your love, Father, Your hope in us -- we realize today -- does not change. We thank You so much. We pray that we can remain mature in our planting seasons, and in our growing seasons, Father, and that we may always remain enthusiastic about our lives, as we press forward to our harvest seasons. Father, we know You are preparing them for us, and we know You are greater than any of our challenges that are facing us today.

Father we pray that if there are any Canaans, that are facing our brothers and sisters here today or those that are joining us via the internet from around the world, we pray that You may truly give them confidence this day. Let them know, Father, that You are with them, let them know that the Able spirits are with them, and Father, let us know that we WILL overcome, in True Parents’ names, we will.

And we pray this altogether, in the names of our central blessed families, together as one family, one unified Unification family, together as one. Aju! 

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