The Words of Hyung Jin Moon From 2009

Greeting to Members at the Renew-America Campaign

Hyung Jin Moon
March 28, 2009
South Point Hotel, Las Vegas, NV

Brothers and sisters, it’s a real honor to be with you all here today. Thank you so much for coming out on such short notice to really support our True Parents here in Las Vegas. We’re really so grateful. I’d like to extend a great round of applause to all the blessed families that are out here. Let’s give it up for all the Blessed Families. (Applause)

Today we just want to be able to greet you, to really extend our gratitude. We know all of you have really done so much behind the scenes to make everything possible with all the events that have taken place today. And also such enthusiasm and such great love and filial piety for True Parents. We are always so moved and so grateful to see so many families from around the world really carry on the mantle of filial piety to True Parents. Thank you so much for that constant loyalty and that constant fidelity.

One of the things that we just want to share briefly is that, you know, True Father has been very excited about America. And we are also very excited about America. We love America. We really believe that America has an incredible potential. And we’re so happy to see In Jin nuna stepping up as the guide, the leader, of America. Let’s give it up one time for In Jin nuna. Come on. Let’s give it up. (Applause)

In Jin nuna has always been kind of like a mother figure in our family. She’s raised really the half of the family that was born in America. She’s always been kind of guiding us and helping us, whether it be with school or even in our faith life, etc. Really, we are so happy that Father is very enthusiastic about her ministry that will be starting soon. And we’re so happy to see that we can really focus our energies on church growth and really be proud of ourselves as Unificationists, really moving towards the age where our True Parents can be glorified and also our tradition as well, all the Blessed Families that have sacrificed until now, really serving and attending True Parents. We really want those families to shine.

You know, one of the things we always tell the leadership wherever we go is that if our families shine, then the movement shines. And that’s very important because as leaders of the Unification Church, it is really our responsibility to not want or to expect our families or the people who are in our congregations just to serve and attend us. That is not the right type of Abel. But it is the opposite. It is really the leaders that are serving. We really wish to see the Blessed Families succeed and to be successful and also have very strong faith lives as well. This is the kind of ministry that we really have been encouraging all over Korea, Japan, and also in America.

In Jin nuna has been at the forefront of those discussions always, and she has always been very adamant and clear about that kind of direction in ministry. We’re so happy that America can have a really great and bright example. I loved her incredible wit when she spoke just today and, you know, turning the Sin City into the transitive verb: the Shining City. What an incredible -- In Jin nuna, you’re such a genius! You’re so incredible.

She is so amazing. And she’s my sister -- she’s my sister, by the way. So we’re so very proud to have her to really be able to lead America. She’s not only a great charismatic leader, but she also has a tremendous mind. She has a tremendous educational background. She’s very learned. But also she’s very down to earth because she’s a mom. And she raised five beautiful kids. Let’s give it up for those guys. (Applause) And so she’s just such a beautiful mother. Truly, truly wise in her wisdom.

And so we’re so very proud that America has a really anointed, appointed and approved leader, who just happens to be a woman by the way, and so it’s such an incredible time for America to really revive itself and to move to the next stage. America, I really want to congratulate you and congratulations to your new leader. We’re so happy for you all. God Bless you guys. Thank you guys. 

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