The Words of Hyung Jin Moon From 2009

Blessing Address

Hyung Jin Moon
January 31, 2009
New York Manhattan Center

Good evening brothers and sisters! (Good evening!)

It is a most auspicious day today. I want to start with something from Scripture today. I was actually, initially, supposed to read one of Father's prayers but Father asked me just to share from my heart.

So I'd like to start with Scripture, Genesis 1:27. It says, "So God created man in his own image," and it goes on to say, "male and female He created them." And verse 28 says, "Then God blessed them," and in verse 31, "when God saw all that He created, He said 'Indeed, it is very good!' "

And I want to get that on the inside of us today, because today is a day that the Lord has made. It is a day that is joyous; it is a day that is profound. It is a day that is blessed. And when God looks at us today, He's going to say "Indeed, it is very good!" Let's tell our neighbor today, "Indeed, it is very good!" Let's tell our neighbor, come on. Let's share it today! (Audience repeats.)

Brothers and sisters, it's so important to always start with this kind of attitude. When we in the Unification tradition receive the Holy Blessing, it is not only a vow that we take, it is a practice. The Blessing of Marriage is not only a promise that we intend to keep; it is a practice that we live out. The Blessing of Marriage is not only a proclamation that we declare unto heaven, it is a practice that we live out in everyday life, and that is the profound work that God has called us to do.

You see, what True Father has taught us is, that in the beginning God wanted to have His family, and He wanted to set this ideal, just like you saw in verse 31. He wanted to look at His children and say, "Indeed, that is very good!" And when He looks at us today, I believe He is saying that. He's shouting that from the Heavens today. Let's give God a big shout of praise today. Let's give Him a big hand! (Audience applauds.) God is good! And He is here tonight!

Brothers and sisters, it's so important that when we start this journey together, we know that this is a beginning, it's not the end. It's not only a certain important point in our life; it is a beginning of a new Genesis, it is a beginning of a new creation, a new era, a new history. Your family will create a new world that we and our descendants will live in.

Brothers and sisters, it's so important that we start out on this type of note, that we understand the sacredness and holiness of marriage, and that that sacredness extends into our everyday life. True Father has taught us that it is in the Blessing of Marriage that we can substantialize and actualize all the great teachings that he has given us, the teachings of true love and living for the sake of the other, the teachings of respecting our spouse, giving and receiving in true love action with them.

See, brothers and sisters, it is in this sacred union that we are practicing to become the divine sons and daughters that heaven has proclaimed us to become. It is in this institution, in this daily practice that we live together, that we actualize our potential and character, where we become greater and greater, and God sees us and is more happy and more joyous. And indeed anything that God has brought together will endure forever. It is so important that we start with this attitude, it is so important that we start our footsteps together in the right motion, in this providential motion together.

Brothers and sisters, today is a great day! It's always a joy and a great honor for us to be participating in the Blessing of Marriage. I want to get blessed again today with my wife! I see her with my new eyes today. I'm getting married with you guys today, too!

So brothers and sisters, always we want to be fresh. We always, every day, every moment, want to renew our marriage. Our marriage is not only a one-time thing, it's a practice. It is something that is profound. It is something where true world peace can be substantialized. It is the place wherein which the divisions that have separated us as humankind can be overcome, and that is True Father's profound teaching: that in the institution of the spousal relationship we create the true family, and in that institution we bring the utmost glory to God.

And when He looks upon us this day and so henceforth, He will look at us and say, "Indeed you are very good!" Let's tell your neighbor, "I am very good!" Tell it, come on! Tell it like you mean it. Tell your neighbor, "This is a very good day!"

Brothers and sisters, once again, this is always what we wish for you to take unto your marriage. We pray that when you come out, when True Parents come out, you can really celebrate this day with them, it is their 90th Birthday; it's a profound day, and also it's a day wherein which you start your most glorious path.

Brothers and sisters, welcome to this path! It is the blessed path, it is the path where we go out and change the world, starting from our families. Thank you so much, brothers and sisters.

Thank you and Congratulations!


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