The Words of the Hyun Jin Moon

GPF South Asia2010: Interviews from Walk For Peace and Constitution Participants

Hyun Jin Moon
September 21, 2010

Nawaraj Subedi, Administrative Director of Xavier International School

"I see many students are taking part enthusiastically because they love peace and they want peace so for that from their heart they are taking part. Definitely it will effect because it will knock the door for those who initiate for the peace so I think it will be a grand success because already we can see a lot of people who are here so of course we can say from this walk there are a lot of students who have come here so I guess your October event will be the biggest in Nepal and perhaps in Asia. I will always support peace and GPF."

Sujata Mainali of CCRC College (Global Peace Volunteer)

"I'm very proud to be able to participate in this event and serving the people in GPF programs like cleaning of the Bagmati River. Young people should join; the participation of the youth must be molded, so I hope there will be more of this kind of activities can have the same for young people to join."

Student from New Summit College

"We all are seeking for peace in Nepal because of many crisis so many strikes that's why are approaching them to setup the peace in Nepal as soon as possible, it's just our first step. I'll be participating until all GPF activities finished on October 2."

Student from Asian International College

"Walk for Peace it's a good move for the nation. We can make people realize the importance of peace in Nepal and the world. It was not compulsory for us to come, we were told if we are interested then we can come. Actually our school is closed for the day but we came just for this cause."

Anuja Thapa, Magus English School (9th Grade)

"I came to make our country peaceful; we are expecting peace from this event. My message to the elders is not to do violence and make our country beautiful and not to destroy its beauty." 

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