The Words of the Hyun Jin Moon

GPYC, Youth Arm of GPA, Introduces New Paradigm of an Ideal Youth

Hyun Jin Moon
April 11, 2010

The Global Peace Youth Corps (GPYC) successfully conducted a 2-day leadership workshop for beginners, with the theme 'Embodying the Core Values towards the Culture of Heart', on April 10-11, 2010 at the Pook ni Maria Makiling Los Banyos, Laguna.

The workshop was attended by 50 students coming from different universities and colleges such as Philippine Normal University, Philippine Maritime Institute, Technological Institute of the Philippines, Polytechnic University of the Philippines, Rizal Technological University and Eulogio Amang Rodrigo Institute of Science and Technology.

The workshop was also participated by a multi-awarded singing group who bagged gold medals in international singing competitions and are promising new singing artists and youth icons; the Cercado Sisters.

Dr. Edmon Pacson, the National Director of GPYC-Philippines, headed the organizing team of the workshop himself and was the main lecturer at the same time. He believes that leading by example inspires people and motivates them to do the same better than just commanding them around. With this in mind and in heart, together with the youth coordinators of GPYC-NCR, the workshop was made possible amidst many challenges.

Connecting to the vision of One Family Under God, Dr. Edmon Pacson, carefully picked and arranged reflective and self-discovering activities and creatively infused thereon the fundamental truth that we are all one family under one God, under one Parent. The activities effectively aided the young hearts of the participants in their quest to rediscovering themselves and their original relationship with God. They were engaged in different activities and guided meditations such as Unity Ball, Walk in the Forest, Nature's Poem, Nature Voice, reflection writing and trekking and martial arts training. Its focal objectives are to practice GPYC Core Values; vertical tradition, living for the greater good, ownership, team work and dream big, a test on how they look upon their problems and opportunities, an ordeal to their strong connection to God and practicing to unite their mind and body centering on righteousness.

Lectures fortifying the experiences of the students were strategically presented in between team and individual activities in order to reinforce deep in them the importance and urgency of embodying the culture of living for the sake of others as the basis of moral transformation especially from among the youth.

The first lecture presentation was about the vision, mission and basic principles of the organization. The lecturer stressed the essence of having a clear goal, understanding it thoroughly and being one with it, thereby opening the minds of the participants about the importance of having a vision and taking responsibility over it. The core values such as living for the greater good, ownership, teamwork and dream big, were highlighted as well. Stressing that it is inherent in human beings and, therefore, very much necessary to cultivate that original human qualities that seek to care, love and live for one another, own responsibilities given to them, have a keen sense of cooperation and dream the greatest dream -- One Family under God.

The second lecture revolutionized the participants' understanding of True Love, its primary meaning and practice. God's will and purpose for humanity was ingeniously integrated in the lecture and objectively presented to the partakers. There they understood the advocacy of the movement on peace thru service, family and interfaith. The lecture naturally stimulated the hearts of the participants as they were deeply driven to reflect on their past doings. In the end, they realized their value as sons and daughters of God, as stewards of God's creation and the importance of establishing God-centered families, one family at a time.

The third lecture presented the reality and partially gave the partakers an idea on why God's plan did not come about. Kuya Edmon effectively conveyed the tragic reality man has to face because of False Love from the inconvenient reality with respect to the individual, down to the family and societies that contain it and ultimately the world. He initially recounted the origin of human conflict and the root of sin. The participants were led to see the world that existed short of God-centered principles and ideals, a world that drifted away from its purpose.

"We are not here to offer you particular solutions to the vast problems of the world but I would like to offer you something we can do, at least in our own ends, to participate in solving these problems -- let us keep our purity!", Dr. Pacson exclaimed, emboldening and empowering his audience to maintain their purity.

The lecture sessions were culminated and sealed with the Pure Love Pledge which encourages people to maintain their purity by refraining from any sexual activity before marriage and by having fidelity towards their spouse within marriage. 

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