The Words of Hyun Jin Moon and his supporters from 2014

Mr. Kamiyama's presentation in the DC area

September 3, 2014

First, she said that Mr. Kamiyama claimed to have directed the events at Yankee Stadium and Washington Monument. I stopped her and told her I knew that wasn't true because we had been hearing for years from Mike Leone that he had done that himself! :)

Yankee stadium: Mr. Kamiyama played a central role but also Dr. Bo Hi Pa. Reverend Vincenz, Aiden Berry Etc. there was a lot of disunity from the get go especially between Dr. Pak and Kamiyama They had a major disagreement and fall out which occurred on the third floor of 43rd str.

Reiner Vincent had complained to Bo Hi Pak about Kamiyama how the campaign was organized FYI a year earlier R. Vincent was the right hand of Bo Hi Pak in Korea/Japan Day of Hope tour and First Global team for all the tours in Korea including the successful Yoido Island Campaign. Why True Father had given Kamiyama the leadership over Yankee stadium is still not clear to me maybe because he was the New York Church leader at that time. One of the reasons Yoido Island was successful was because of all the free entertainment Little Angel dance etc. over a million people showed up at that time but most of all because of absolute unity.

There was an Afro American community leader from Harlem who offered his full support to help the Yankee stadium campaign in exchange for a donation. He offered to mobilize many young kids to mobilize Harlem community to come to Yankee stadium. Kamiyama refused this and later on this influential Afro American community leader turned against us. Instead of helping us many of the kids were mobilized to disturb the Yankee Stadium event they cut the balloons and turning people away at the subway exits etc. that the event was cancelled. The Weather, thank God, cleared up thanks to our beloved brothers and sisters faith this is my Sunshine song definitely made a difference.

True Father later claimed it as a victory probably and internal victory because the stadium was half empty which was never True Father intention only two years earlier we filled up Madison Square Garden September 18th up twice we had to turned down over 20,000 people outside. MSG was an absolute despite Korean Christians interrupting True Father amazing speech Victory IMO it was the disunity among True Father disciples what caused a half Victory. I recall that there was a poster that came down from the wall. Mr. Kamiyama repented in front of True Father. If it was an absolute Victory why did he have to repent.

True Father took immediate action and started the Washington Monument Campaign it was Dr. Bo Hi Pak, Neil Salonen, European leaders Dennis Orme, Paul Werner and American leaders plus Kamiyama who formed the Washington Monument Campaign team the approach was completely different and it was a miracle that we were able to make this a success. Of course the free bus ride, free fireworks, free entertainment and free Kentucky Fried Chicken and free tickets attracted many low income Afro Americans to attend the event less than 20% were Caucasians who attended Washington Monument.

Dr. Pak ran a full double page ad in The New York Times and The Washington Post that 300,000 attended according the DC park police only 50,000 came but considering the amazing persecution it still was a historical Victory that same afternoon September 18th 1976 Mao Tse Tung was laid to rest in Beijing.

I will never forget that I ran into a White lady in Hyatsville MD from the IRS who exploded from negativity when she found out that I was a Moonie. She told me we going to deport your Reverend and shut down your church. 

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