The Words of Hyun Jin Moon and his supporters from 2014

Visit from Takeru Kamiyama who is associated with Hyun Jin Nim

The Maryland Pastors
August 30, 2014

Dear Family,

We anticipate a Maryland visit from a notable figure associated with Hyun Jin Nim this weekend, Mr. Takeru Kamiyama. The local pastors would like to encourage everyone to embrace a strong, clear spirit of "Forgive, Love and Unite" to guide all our dealings with all people, regardless of whether they be perceived as friend or foe.

Mr. Kamiyama is currently working with and /or aligned with Hyun Jin Nim, ("H-1"). Details are scarce, but apparently he'll be talking about Hyun Jin Nim, succession issues with Father's Mission, True Mother, his recent life experiences, etc.

Given the circumstances, Mr. Kamiyama's visit, even before it takes place, has been variously seen by some as provocative, disturbing, etc.

Nevertheless, let us act with humility, love, encouragement, and respect. We recognize legitimate grievances and hurts exist, but we caution that reviving, recycling, and revisiting these hurts is unhelpful. How we treat each other going forward does matter. At this point in God's Providence in America, there is none of us so justified as to not need God's grace and forgiveness.

Let us encourage a humble heart toward all that forgives, encourages, and serves.

As True Mother has said, the various difficulties and issues within the True Family are theirs to work out.

It's our job to strike the right notes of reconciliation and forgiveness at our level.

Have a blessed Labor Day weekend,

The Maryland Pastors 

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