The Words of Hyun Jin Moon and his supporters from 2013

Hyun Jin Nim's deep heart

I. Reid
December 12, 2013

Hyun Jin Moon - June 6, 2012

In 1985 (when Hyun Jin Nim was 17) I was assigned the task of driver to accompany Hyun Jin Nim as he prepared for his driver license test. After a late night drive to his favorite Diner (where his older brother Heung Jin Nim used to frequent with his younger siblings) we sat down to order and noticed some police come in to handcuff and escort a scruffy young Hispanic guy outside to the squad car.

Hyun Jin Nim was disturbed and asked me to find out why. The hostess responded that he couldn't pay his bill. Hyun Jin Nim gave me money to pay the bill after which I informed the Police that it was taken care of. The young Hispanic guy was released and he came back inside. In tears and broken English he thanked me and explained that two strangers had invited him to the Diner and intentionally left him with the bill that he couldn't pay.

I was amazed at Hyun Jin Nim's deep heart and sensitivity to injustice at such a young age. 

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