The Words of Hyun Jin Moon From 2013

How Hyun Jin Nim was asked to help in Brazil

Charles Ray Kannal
September 4, 2013

Hyun Jin Moon – June 6, 2012

I worked in Brazil under Rev. Kim Yoon Sang and Rev. Shin Myung Ki.

It is correct that there was no "browbeating" involved when the Korean and Brazilian leaders signed a written request in 2008 for Hyun Jin Nim to help with the business situation. The only duress they were under was caused by themselves having signed too much power over to an attorney whom they should not have trusted like they did. The attorney turned out to be corrupt and we were in grave danger of losing substantial amounts of property.

Hyun Jin Nim had already been helping successfully with business issues in Paraguay, so it was hoped that he might salvage the mess that had developed in Brazil.

Subsequently, Rev. Kim Yoon Sang was disappointed by Hyun Jin Nim's choice of the person to place in charge of finances for the Jardim Project. However, Rev. Kim did not complain and cooperated to the best of his ability. I never saw anything on the part of Rev. Kim Yoon Sang or Rev. Shin Myung Ki to try and undermine Hyun Jin Nim's efforts or reputation.

UCI's major complaints revolve around Rev. Shin Dong Mo who became Continental Director sometime during 2009 or 2010. I know very little about him.

Charles Kannal 

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