The Words of Hyun Jin Moon From 2012

Hyun Jin Moon's Seonghwa Ceremony for Sun Myung Moon

Ian Reid
September 21, 2012

Hyun Jin Moon -- June 6, 2012

Last week it was my privilege to attend the Seonghwa Ceremony for True Father presided over by Hyun Jin Moon.

It has been four years since I last saw Hyun Jin Nim and 20 years since attending the True Family as one of security staff at East Garden (from 1985-1992). Prior to that was a 7 year stint as a CARP member after joining the Oakland family in 1977.

I have been observing the issues surrounding Hyun Jin Nim from a distance but with particular concern since allegations such as "Fallen Adam, Destroyer and Heretic" were issued from HQ sanctioned platforms. This is the exact opposite of my experiences with him as a young man. These experiences began during the time after Heung Jin Nim had ascended to spirit world and the years following that included Father's incarceration in Danbury Prison.

During my seven years at East Garden I was fortunate to spend a lot of personal and small group time with Hyun Jin Nim..... accompanying him during hunting ventures, equestrian events and other general driving responsibilities. His counsel to individuals around him always involved encouraging the responsibility of blessed families to inherit True Parents tradition and vision. From my experience with his siblings, this characteristic was particularly strong with Hyun Jin Nim and was later demonstrated through his zeal in assuming various organizational responsibilities entrusted to him by True Father. Having had some experience observing the inner politics surrounding True Family (as a fly on the wall security guard) I considered the plausibility of these allegations with a serious and prayerful heart. Unity of the True Family had always been the axis of my devotion while at East Garden and it hurt deeply to witness the emerging divide. I began to find many inconsistencies in the public condemnations of Hyun Jin Nim. This became a more blatant attempt at character assassination by various leaders and some of his own siblings when he did not falter in his resolve. Enormous financial resources were being devoted to cripple his GPF activities and the supporters around him through legal attacks. Numerous attempts were made to disrupt those events and dissuade the participants themselves. It appears to me that this has become a primary agenda for the Unification Church leadership.

This situation reminds me of the twisted half-truths and lies propagated by Christians against Father. Very few were able to think their way through these lies and join the Unification Movement without a direct experience with True Parents or their representatives. To our credit, we were so desperate to discover the truth that with an open mind and a prayerful heart we could ultimately be reborn through True Parents. It is my understanding that True Parents and the Unification Church stood in the Providential Abel position relative to the Christian foundation in the Cain position. Through True Parents, God was now pouring out His spirit and guidance for the fulfillment of His original ideal. Who does not remember the zeal that we felt during those years? Meanwhile, while attacking Father, the Christian foundation floundered instead of humbly uniting and supporting the providential Abel movement. Revelations of sexual improprieties by prominent Christian leaders became commonplace.

Without going into all the details of Hyun Jin Nim's Seonghwa Ceremony for his Father, the most poignant part for me was his testimony of his Father's filial piety before God....True Father's unfailing effort to establish God's dream of One Family Under God. Words fail to describe the emotions and clarity of expression by Hyun Jin Nim to those in attendance. Outwardly it was a small gathering but it left my heart convicted that this splinter movement centering on Hyun Jin Nim had assumed the providential Abel position (that which is relatively closer to God in the furtherance of "One Family Under God"). Personally, I feel like a reborn Moonie... similar to when I first joined 35 years ago.

The agenda and conduct of some Unification Church leaders further compounds my conviction of their forfeiture of this providential Abel position. A similar situation occurred when the Protestant Reformation assumed the Abel position from the Papacy which had become self-serving and corrupt. It did not make the Protestants sinless nor all the Catholic endeavors without merit, but God had to create a separation in order to have an object to bless for the furtherance of His providential agenda.

If such a dynamic has occurred, it will not be discovered from a comfortable position while simply intellectually parsing the various allegations against Hyun Jin Nim. One thing is for sure, God is alive and pouring out his spirit and truth like at no other time on earth for those that have "eyes" to see and "ears" to hear. The hard part is fulfilling our portion of responsibility to find the providential Abel movement and unite with it...that we might then be empowered to fulfill the ideal in our own families, communities and world.

Ian Reid 

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