The Words of Hyun Jin Moon From 2012

Receiving Hyun Jin Moon at Chung Pyung

September 11, 2012

Currently Chang Shik Yang and Young Sok Song are "guiding" the Japanese members to prevent Hyun Jin Nim's car from entering. They are making them shout in awkward Korean, "We must protect Abonim (Father). Hyun Jin Nim go back!". It's really crazy. It looks like Hyun Jin Moon has no chance today.

In Chung Pyung the church is telling members that Hyun Jin Nim has hired a security company to barge in, which happens to be a total lie. They said that they have called the police who are waiting in hiding along the mountain just in case. They said that security guards, staff, pastors and everyone should be mobilized to prepare "to receive" Hyun Jin Nim.


Today especially in order to completely control the cars and buses they have mobilized Japanese members to stand by the road.

They are saying "The Kwak group is attacking! We must protect Father!"...

Right now in Chung Pyung the church has asked Japanese members to stand by the side of the road as a way to block the incoming crew that comes with Hyun Jin Nim. 

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