The Words of Hyun Jin Moon From 2012

Father's Burial Place

May Chang
September 3, 2012

In the morning I read that the place of Wonjeon (place of burial) was to be in "Paju" and I felt a certain calm. But that calm didn't last long. Now the Wonjeon place has been changed to Chung Pyung.

They are trying to use Father's divine body at this last moment. Somebody has to stop them from doing this.

Father himself said it clearly.

"Nobody knows where the tombs of Moses and Jesus are. It should also be like that at the time of the Lord of the Second Advent. And up to 7 generations after that..."

And he said,

"I am appalled to even think of being enshrined in a glass casket like they did with Kim Il Sung."

If we ignore Father's will and pretend not to know what he wanted our ancestors will accuse us for making the same mistakes they made when we go to spirit world.

Paju Wonjeon is a place that is difficult for people to find. Hee Jin Nim, Hyo Jin Nim, Heung Jin Nim, Hye Jin Nim and Young Jin Nim are resting in Paju Wonjeon, as well as many of our movement's respected elders.

If they bury Father alone in a place other than Paju Wonjeon which Father himself prepared, then it will be because of their selfish desire of having Father in Chung Pyung for their own reasons. They might not realize the grave error they are committing.

Many people around the world are observing our movement at the time of Father's passing. If we remain silent we will be betraying Father in his wishes. I hope that we can move according to what Father desired (instead of what we desire).

God, please stop their greed and plotting just this one time. Stop them from condemning themselves. 

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