The Words of Hyun Jin Moon From 2012

What is the real reason they are blocking Hyun Jin Moon from seeing Father?

Kyung Hyo Kim
September 1, 2012

(Note: Kyung Hyo Kim is an eyewitness to many of the accounts that have been unfolding and has worked closely with Hyun Jin Nim for many years. As a righteous and impassioned Korean second gen, his reports offer more interpretation on the other's intentions than someone in the U.S. would write, but the essence of his report is clear and disturbing in its details. Having been personally involved in the effort to get Hyun Jin Nim to meet with his Father, Kyung Hyo expresses strong sentiments when he experienced the church disturbing the meeting and actively trying to block any further visits to see Father. Please read the letter bearing that in mind.)

What is the real reason they are blocking Hyun Jin Nim from seeing Father?

The efforts by the Unification Church leaders to block Hyun Jin Nim's visit to the hospital to see True Father will remain as a historical error

1. On August 15 when Hyun Jin Nim visited Father at the hospital, Father was asleep. But a few days later when Father's doctor spoke on the phone with Hyun Jin Nim, he said that he was stopping the anesthesia for one day to check if Father would wake up.

"Rev. Moon! Rev. Moon! Open your eyes. It's me. Hoo-Geun Jeon (doctor's name)."

Father opened his eyes when the doctor spoke in a strong voice to Father. Father had been asleep because of the anesthesia; he was not unconscious. After that the doctor said he reduced the amount of anesthesia being administered to Father.

Hyun Jin Nim prepared to visit an awakened Father after finishing the GPF event. Even if he couldn't talk to him, he wanted to show his Father that his son continued living centered on God's will. He wanted to convey his heart to his father. That would have been enough for him if it were to be the last meeting between father and son on this earth. When a son already inherited God's will and his father's spirit through Father, what else would he need?

When Father's consciousness returned he looked around. But the son he was yearning to see one last time was not there before him. The day the typhoon hit the Korean peninsula Hyun Jin Nim left Korea feeling his father's spirit in his heart. And he went into nature where he had deep memories with his father.

Could it be that Father knew there would be no hope to meet his son again? His nurse said that it looked like Father had lost his will to live. After a few days, his condition did not improve and Father was moved to Chung Pyung. The father, the son, the doctors and nurses, the security guards guarding the ICU room, the members offering jeong seong, and the general public who saw the news, they all knew what this meant.

Why were they so afraid of having the son visit his father? Knowing that this would remain as "han" for a thousand years in Father's heart, why did they interrupt that meeting?

Hyun Jin Nim is now 43 years old and has a grandson. The foolish explanation that the son is not allowed to meet his father if he doesn't meet with Mother first is not acceptable. He is an international leader who came back to see his ill father. Don't even bring out the excuse that you thought he was going to do something to his father.

Isn't the real reason they blocked Hyun Jin Nim's visit with Father because they feared that their plans would be thwarted? When you read Peter Kim's statements given at the Cheon Bok Goong on August 31st, it's hard not to be disgusted.

Yesterday or the day before yesterday -- I can't remember very well -- early in the morning they called for me. "Mr. Kim, Mr. Kim". They called me and said "Let us go see Father." So I quickly took them to Father. We got there and how can they even think of doing this? They told me to whisper several questions into Father's ear and get answers from him while the whole thing is filmed on video. They said to tell him it is urgent. They said they wanted to hear from Father the decisive answer on these great providential questions. So I said to them, "But, Hyung Jin Nim you speak Korean so well, and Kook Jin Nim your Korean is good enough. Why are you asking me to do such a thing?" It wasn't because I didn't want to do it, but I said, "I decline."

So, then Kook Jin Nim said, "We need to be objective. If one of his children asks him these questions [and say that Father answered them in a certain way] then people will say that Father only answered that way because they are his children. So, Mr. Kim, you should ask him". I don't know why but for some reason on that day Father had his eyes closed tight and did not even move or respond in any way at all. I will not say to you what the questions were, but there were some 3 or 4 questions. I could not get to the questions. First, in order to ask the questions Father has to open his eyes and show some sort of response. But no matter how much I called Father there was no movement or reaction. What Kook Jin Nim and Hyung Jin Nim were expecting was that I ask Father the questions and that he would answer them with a yes or a no. They wanted him to respond "yes for this, no for that". Even going to these lengths they wanted to receive that answer. But we couldn't [receive the answers]. I'm telling you this to reproach [ourselves] for not being able to do this. I guess they were so desperately praying to Heaven for Father to get up that they even came up with this idea and this kind of situation happened. When Father's top doctors from Seoul University gave their conclusion, and the doctor from the Catholic Hospital and the doctor in charge of the ICU all gave the same opinion I could not bear to watch Hyung Jin Nim and Kook Jin Nim's scream.

When Peter Kim says yesterday or the day before yesterday it is referring to the day after or two days after Hyun Jin Nim left Korea. The "idea" that they came up with after praying for days was to do this? They "screamed" in front of heaven because of this? Is that why they made a scene to disrupt their elder brother's visit to Father thereby planting eternal han in their brother's heart? It reminds me of a movie where the royal subjects gather around Alexander the Great who is drawing his last breath, and ask him who will be the successor.

While they were planning their ideas, another son was working as hard as he could to realize and bring his Father's dream to fruition. He gathered 20,000 people near the unfinished Yoido Parc1 construction site to inspire the unification of North and South Korea. He called out and shouted, pleading to be able to fulfill his father's dream of living in a unified Korea for at least one day before going to spirit world. And he asked the Korean people to answer him yes or no to the question if they were ready to be owners of that same dream that his father had. Because he himself became an owner of God's will and inherited his father's dream he had nothing else he needed to ask his father.

2. There is one suspicion that I cannot shake away. Was it truly their wish that Hyun Jin Nim return to Father?

If they really hoped for Hyun Jin Nim to return, then they would have contacted him during the first ten days that Father was admitted to the hospital. Moreover, if they went as far as to worry about preparing for Father's Seung Hwa ceremony on the 13th when Father was in a critical state and was re-admitted to the hospital's intensive care unit, then they really should have made a sincere effort to contact Hyun Jin Nim. However, even as they carried on their strategic planning meetings all day long they chose to keep all of this a secret from Hyun Jin Nim. Two days later on the 15th, I went to the Kangnam St. Mary's hospital to investigate the situation and found out that Father had been admitted. At that point they told Mr. Seung Yeon Doo (Hyung Jin Nim's assistant) to contact Mr. Yoo. And that day, after Hyun Jin Nim went to visit Father at the hospital, they packaged and sent their letter making it sound like Hyun Jin Nim had come to visit Father because they had contacted him. How telling is it that they tried to lie to the members about having contacted Hyun Jin Nim?

There is one thing I want to make clear. Hyun Jin Nim never received any form of official communication from his siblings nor from the church side regarding the fact that Father was admitted to the ICU in St. Mary's hospital. I went myself and confirmed the fact that Father was admitted at the St. Mary's hospital at 10:15 AM on August 15. I went searching through 4 floors and in all the intensive care units and I did not see the face of even one member anywhere. Finally I went to the 21st floor and by coincidence saw Peter Kim there. That's how I got to know. At around 10:20 AM, I reported the facts to Hyun Jin Nim through his assistant Mr. Kim OO. In his report to the members Mr. Doo (Hyung Jin Nim's assistant) says that he officially notified Mr. Yoo OO [about Father's situation], but the time he had called him was at 10:40 AM, just after I had encountered Peter Kim at the hospital. Even the fact that they called Mr. Yoo instead of calling Mr. Kim, who is known as Hyun Jin Nim's assistant, shows how they urgently fumbled around. And given the critical state of Father's health, the content that Mr. Doo conveyed was very insincere. The content that Mr. Yoo was told by Mr. Doo was that "True Mother is calling the children and Hyung Jin Nim said that it would be good if Hyun Jin Nim can come." That was all. Mr. Yoo couldn't simply convey that to Hyun Jin Nim, so he texted Mr. Seung Yeon Doo, "Where and at what time will they be meeting?" Mr. Doo simply said that he would give him an answer soon. So Mr. Yoo was waiting on that answer before reporting to Hyun Jin Nim. At the time Mr. Yoo was not in the same place as Hyun Jin Nim.

The reason they kept the situation secret even though Father's health was in a critical condition was because they needed time to make their own complicated calculations. And when they finished calculating they just hoped that their burdensome brother wouldn't interrupt them.

3. The thing they fear the most is that their lies and hypocrisy may be revealed.

For the last 3 years Hyun Jin Nim has been the target of criticism that comes close to "character assassination" -- to the point of being driven away as a fallen Adam. His mother is under the impression that her own son filed a lawsuit against her (untrue), and his father believed that he had recovered the Washington Times from the communists (untrue). The image of their son presented to Mother was that of an immoral person and the image presented to Father was that of an enemy.

But lies and hypocrisy cannot overcome truth and justice. They cannot defeat a person who is accomplishing Heaven's will and has Heavenly fortune supporting him. When the son who inherited the will returns and shines the light, all the lies will be revealed; and when he draws the sword of justice the castle built upon hypocrisy will crumble.

We will see who puts a curtain around Father and blocks the way when the time of God's judgment comes. The true sons and daughters and the true owners will be decided at that point. 

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