The Words of Hyun Jin Moon From 2012

Church blocked Hyun Jin Moon's second visit to the hospital

Kyung Hyo Kim
August 29, 2012

Hyun Jin Nim came to Korea to rekindle the fire of the unification of North and South Korea which is a central issue in God's providence. The Global Peace Festival event in Korea that focused on this theme was a big success. Hyun Jin Nim wanted to report the good news of the event to Father and offer this victory to him. But Hyun Jin Nim avoided directly going to the hospital after hearing that the security guards from the church who were guarding the doors to the ICU were told to disrupt Hyun Jin Nim's visit. If there were a physical confrontation the negative news would spread around. It could also be a nuisance to the doctor and medical staff which could even have consequences for Father's situation. Even though the hospital where Father is lying is right in front of him, Hyun Jin Nim did not try to force a visit. Instead he has been calling in Father's doctor every day to check on his health. Hyun Jin Nim was concerned that he might never see his father again, so he extended his stay in Korea with the earnest hopes that he would see True Father at least one more time.

As August 28--the extended date of Hyun Jin Nim's departure from Korea--approached, Hyun Jin Nim wanted to see his father one more time. However, the Unification Church side had set a policy and had placed personnel around the hospital and they mobilized people to guard the entrance to the ICU room to strategically block the entrance. The security guards hired by the Unification Church said that they received orders that if they saw Hyun Jin Nim show up they were to absolutely block him from entering the hospital room. They were blocking the way for the eldest living son of the True Family to go see True Father as if they did not fear Heaven's judgment.

I was attending Hyun Jin Nim and was worried that there would be a collision and conflict in this situation. So I went with two other people to the ICU area in the hospital in order to find a reasonable solution to this situation. Peter Kim was there and I requested his help, but his reply to me was that as a matter of rule it was not possible [for Hyun Jin Nim to see Father]. Peter Kim said that Mother is the sole legal guardian of Father, and that therefore none of the Children can meet with Father without Mother's permission. And he said that they had already put all the "legal" procedures in place to ensure this. He said that if Hyun Jin Nim wants to see his father he must meet Mother first. Realizing that I wouldn't get anywhere by talking to him I went to the person in charge of security and asked him: If Father's direct son, Hyun Jin Nim, were to come visit Father, will these people standing here stop him from entering? He replied that there was nothing he could do because it was an order from above. And he added that they had set it up so that if there were to be a confrontation the police would be immediately dispatched to the scene. I asked who gave the direction for all of this, was it the leaders around Mother or was it Mother's direct order? He replied that it was Mother's order. Since our official visiting hours in the hospital had finished we had to leave the hospital.

My heart was breaking when I thought of Hyun Jin Nim waiting to know how things worked out when there was no way for him to visit the hospital any more. Just as I was leaving the hospital someone made a cynical remark, "There's a typhoon warning today and they are broadcasting that everyone should stay in their houses. So shouldn't Hyun Jin Nim also just stay in the hotel?" The person who made that remark was once a 2nd Generation leader whom Hyun Jin Nim valued highly. Today he works as Kook Jin Nim's right hand man and that was what he had to say.

I stood gazing at Father's room for a few moments and then took out my phone to call Hyun Jin Nim who was waiting in the hotel. I reported the whole situation to him. A person who had just stood with so much energy and power in front of a full audience of 20,000 people had suddenly lost all of his energy and told me in a low voice to come back.

"Can't they even give some quiet time for a son to see his ailing father..."

Those were Hyun Jin Nim's last words as he lamented this unforgettable day. On that night of the 28th while strong typhoon winds hit the Korean peninsula, Hyun Jin Nim turned towards the direction of True Father's hospital room and offered a silent prayer asking members to become the "bright light that can shine upon the dark Unification Church". With those words he left Korea.

So earnestly he wanted to see True Father. Father's spirit and will are always alive in the son's heart. So much he wanted to show Father how Heavenly fortune was assisting him to move one nation. In the end they blocked the path and did not yield to allow him to see Father. 

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