The Words of Hyun Jin Moon From 2012

Truth about Hyun Jin Nim's visit to True Father in hospital

Doo Seung Yong
August 18, 2012

The news that True Father was placed in the hospital at the Intensive Care Unit because his health condition became worse shook, first of all, Unification Church members, and the whole world. Even right now True Mother and True Children are near True Father, and for the sake of his recovery they pray and offer Jeong Seong. Also Unification Church members worldwide in one heart offer special Jeong Seong conditions such as bows, fasting, etc., for the sake of True Father's recovery.

At this time, one fact truly evokes a feeling of gratitude that after 3 years of separation Hyun Jin Nim visited True Father in the hospital. This meeting was the hope of True Parents, True Family and all Unification Church members. However, I don't know who, but there are some people who publicly spread all kind of false rumors regarding this important meeting, therefore defaming the name of True Father, who is now in painful condition, and provoking a division in True Family and entire Unification Movement. Since only Hyun Jin Nim and Jun Sook Nim could know what was happening during their visit to True Father, the information that allegedly all rumors content comes from them is especially immoral.

Because of this reason and because I was there and could observe the whole situation, starting from Hyun Jin Nim's coming to the hospital and further, also because I know that the rumors circulating among Church members are false and exaggerated, I would like to convey exact information about events which I witnessed by my own eyes.

On 6.27 by Heavenly calendar (August 14, 2012) at the midnight International President Hyung Jin Nim contacted by phone to True Family members who were abroad and told them about bad health condition of True Father. Members of True Family gathered together and decided to go to True Father and continuously stay with him. Understanding how situation is critical, when urgent medical care is necessary, members of True Family immediately left to Korea. Hyung Jin Nim personally gave me instructions to call to those True Family members whom he himself could not reach, and even through their assistants but definitely pass this news to them.

As soon as dawn broke I contacted with few people, including Hyun Jin Nim's assistant Mr. Yoo Gyong Ae, and passed him Hyung Jin Nim's words. Also I conveyed the words of True Mother that she would like to meet Hyun Jin Nim before he meets True Father. True Mother as well as all who were besides her expected Hyun Jin Nim's coming.

However, after some time when Hyun Jin Nim appeared together with President Shin Dal Soon and personal doctor of True Father he without informing True Mother immediately went to True Father's room. Later on when they learned that Hyun Jin Nim came Kook Jin Nim and Hyung Jin Nim went to see him. In that moment Hyun Jin Nim, Jun Sook Nim, Kook Jin Nim and Ji Hye Him, Hyung Jin Nim and Yeon Ah Nim, Hoon Mo Nim, personal doctor of True Father and one bodyguard were in the room.

According to bodyguard's words who that moment was in the room Hyun Jin Nim started to pray while standing nearby True Father who was in deep sleep. Later on Hyung Jin Nim and Kook Jin Nim came, and starting from them all who were present started to pray. After Hyun Jin Nim finished his prayer Kook Jin Nim with very small voice told to the doctor that it would be good if everybody leaves the room to no longer bother resting True Father. Doctor passed these words to Hyun Jin Nim. After Hyun Jin Nim and Kook Jin Nim told to each other few words with very small voice they left the room together with other people. After that Hyun Jin Nim and Jun Sook Nim quickly left. At the same time True Mother was still waiting to meet Hyun Jin Nim.

This is full description of Hyun Jin Nim's visit to True Father in the hospital. However, when the whole Unification Movement need to unite as one and fulfill Jeong Seong conditions, someone in an organized way started to disseminate among church member false rumors about this meeting, by analogy to the dissemination of absurd rumors about Kook Jin Nim, Hyun Jin Nim and Hoon Mo Nim.

I wrote this letter because I am concerned that members throughout the world who wish only quick recovery of True Father and who are offering Jeong Seong might be worried in their hearts because of spreading false and exaggerated rumors. I ask all Church members and Ambassadors for Peace who are now offering Jeong Seong for the speedy and complete recovery of True Father not to be shaken by evil rumors directed to keep a conflict among True Family members and provoke division in the Unification Movement. With sincere wish for you unite into one and offer Jeong Seong condition for the speedy and complete recovery of True Father who is the hope of all humankind, I would like to convey to you this truthful information. Now is the time to think only about recovery of True Father. Thank you. 

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