The Words of Hyun Jin Moon From 2012

Praying for True Father's Recovery - Hyun Jin Moon Visits Father in the Hospital

Ken Bates
August 15, 2012

Note: I am sharing an account of Hyun Jin Nim and Jun Sook Nim's visit with True Father at the hospital. Many of the important details are temporarily edited, as the information may distract from the main concern of True Father's health status and the mutual desire of all for his recovery. There were challenges and complications that came up during Hyun Jin Nim's couple's effort to meet True Father. Further details of how Hyun Jin Nim's first meeting with True Father ended can be posted later but it is best that we focus on True Father's recovery at this time. –Ken Bates-

Today, after three years Hyun Jin Nim was able to meet with True Father.

On August 15, Hyun Jin Nim and Jun Sook Nim went to meet Father at the Seoul Kang Nam Catholic hospital. He was lying down in bed in the Intensive Care Unit of the hospital.

After hearing recent rumors about True Father's health situation, Hyun Jin Nim became very concerned. For the last few days there were a string of unofficial reports that True Father's health was in very critical condition. After meeting with Father, Hyun Jin Nim said that we should not think pessimistically, but pray for Father's recovery with hope. He expressed his determination to see Father again after successfully finishing the GPF event scheduled for this week in Korea.

The first thing Hyun Jin Nim did was to talk with True Father's doctor to get a detailed assessment of Father's health situation. The doctor gave his medical opinion that in Father's current condition there was a 50/50 chance. These words gave Hyun Jin Nim a big hope that Father would be able to recover his health. Father is in a hospital that has the best facilities in Korea. Hyun Jin Nim is grateful for that, and suggests that it may be best that Father not be moved out until he has fully recovered.

After the briefing with the doctor, Hyun Jin Nim and Jun Sook Nim entered the Intensive Care Unit where Father was lying. Seeing Father lying down with his life depending on a respirator machine brought a stream of tears to his eyes.

Some of the words overheard that were spoken in Hyun Jin Nim's long overdue meeting:

"Father, it's Hyun Jin… Please gain strength for God's providence. Please get well. I'm building a big foundation in Korea and all around the world to realize your dream for you. Please get better."

"Father, you know how much I wanted to see you."

"My heart hasn't changed. I want to connect with you so much."

"Father, you have to stay here (alive). So please get strong and stand again… Appa."

Although his words were mixed with sobbing, Hyun Jin Nim spoke into Father's ear to give him strength to get well again. Father opened his eyes and he grabbed Hyun Jin Nim's hand strongly, reacting to Hyun Jin Nim's words by squeezing it firmly. At times, Father also tried moving his body around.

While Hyun Jin Nim was speaking with Father a report was quickly sent that Hyun Jin Nim was meeting with Father. A short time after Hyun Jin Nim's precious moments with his father, his brothers entered the room and requested that he depart immediately.

Although disappointed, Hyun Jin Nim left to avoid any conflict from developing in front of their convalescing father. He promised to Father that he would come back and then left the room. But, as if he didn't want to see him go, Father did not let go of Hyun Jin Nim's hand easily.

If there's a 50/50 chance of recovery as the doctor said, it means that there's a great opportunity that True Father can gain his health back, so Hyun Jin Nim asked that we pray and offer Jeong Seong for him. Because there are still many important things remaining that Father wants to do on earth, this is not the time for us to let go of him.

Hyun Jin Nim requests that we all focus our energy on a healthy and positive recovery for True Father, and offer our prayers that this initial encounter between a son and his father may open the way for more intimate encounters for them in the near future. 

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