The Words of Hyun Jin Moon From 2012

Reflection's on Hyun Jin Moon's visit to Tokyo

June 6, 2012

I wanted to offer my experience during Hyun Jin Nim's "Book Publication" meeting in Tokyo on Sunday, June 3.

Rather than going into what the church did to try and prevent people from attending the Tokyo event I want to focus on my own experience. There were multiple things that Hyun Jin Nim covered and it would be interesting to hear others' thoughts on the talk he gave. I want to share the Two Nuggets of information that I took home with me and that I've been reflecting on.

First Nugget

I've recently been wandering into territory that I've been calling "post-Moon." In a nutshell I felt that I was educated, had seen more of a wider world and was done with reading the same speeches with the same content over and over again like a fundamentalist.

"I know basically what True Father talks about, and I'm bored of it, and I've had enough," has been my internal monologue to myself for a long time now. This has filled me with sadness as I felt that there was no spiritual space for me anywhere in this world. I haven't been satisfied with Unification Church church services for a long time, can't find satisfaction with simply visiting Christian mega churches and Buddhist retreat centers were never going to feel like home for me.

In breezed Hyun Jin Nim to the gathering on Sunday. He asked the audience if we knew when the Peace messages started and I think he asked us the title of the first Peace Message. I had no idea and it seemed the audience also had no idea.

Hyun Jin Nim was apparently astounded by our non-knowledge of something that he considered so basic, and then I guess in view of our preschool-levelness we began doing Hoon Dok Hae with the Peace messages. The Hoon Dok Hae was read line by line in English and Japanese and then Hyun Jin Nim would stop and then explain what was read.

It was the same Hoon Dok Hae that I've read for years, but with Hyun Jin Nim's explanation (Nothing radical here, just basically reminding us and refocusing us and drawing attention to things like, "become the owners of True Love.") it was like the Peace Messages came alive. It was a lot of content given to us so quickly that my head was spinning.

I saw that I had been reading/viewing/listening to True Father's Peace Messages literally, (as fundamentalists do!) when it should be treated like the Bible, with study, reflection and interpretation. Hyun Jin Nim's exegesis revealed this to me and it excited me to go back and read and study True Father's words.

Summary of First Nugget

My head and heart were happy and I felt hope and excitement to see True Father's thought and speeches can still come alive for me.

Second Nugget

(This nugget has some of my own interpretation of what Hyun Jin Nim was saying): Hyun Jin Nim kept saying there would be consequences for those that have been sabotaging his work. I couldn't understand this: is it so bad that the church is sabotaging him, why would they face Heaven's consequences, I wondered. I also thought it was a bit dramatic for him to say such things.

As he continued speaking I began considering the possibility that he was actually trying to help True Father "find a nation" by 2013? This was incredulous to me because I dismissed the notion of finding a nation by 2013 almost from the very first time I heard about it.

If Hyun Jin Nim is serious about helping his father with the goal, then I realized that there is a deadline that is coming up (2013) and if people were sabotaging his plans to actualize the nation-finding/building then there would obviously be consequences, and thus I could understand his desperation to keep moving things forward.

I saw a huge gap and the different planes that Hyun Jin Nim and I are living on. He is desperate to move Providence forward and I have been living my own life.

I've been mulling over these two nuggets for the past two days now. I had a really good experience and I was really impressed. 

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