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Symbol of the Providence in South America, Leda land theft

February 22, 2012

Is the end coming for Leda? Symbol of the Providence in South America In danger of losing 37,500 hectare piece of land

This is news about Paraguay. Half of the 80,000 hectare of land in Leda, which True Parents invested so much devotion to, and Japanese national messiahs worked so hard for, is on the brink of being taken away.

On February 16, people from a certain group in Paraguay completed the ownership registration of a 37,500 hectare parcel of land that belongs to Leda at the Land Registry Office. Although their claim to ownership is obviously bogus, for some reason their registration was completed and accepted. As a result, there are now two ownership papers registered at the Land Registry Office. The problem is that the date of the fake ownership precedes that of the originally-registered ownership by our Movement, which means the fake ownership gets priority. In the event that those who turned in the fake ownership are legally acknowledged, it will not be easy to reverse the situation. Even if legal measures are taken, it will be an intense and costly legal battle.

Representatives from Hyun Jin Nim's side sensed the urgency of this matter and sent several warnings to Leda officials offering assistance in resolving the issue. However, the Leda reps refused such offers, saying the Unification Foundation representatives would take charge of it.

As the Paraguay nightmare that happened prior to 2008 is being repeated, we should drop our weapons and try to prevent the worst situation from happening.

Timeline of the Leda Situation

Prior to March 2011 – Hyun Jin Nim's legal team in Paraguay had been in charge of solving the legal issues in Leda. They put up fences that ran for kilometers to block illegal squatters from entering the land and began the process of a legal survey of the land. One of the strategies to deal with illegal squatters was to draw a clear boundary of land ownership working with the lawyers.

After March 2011 -- Hyun Jin Nim's legal team had been actively engaged in resolving Leda issues until they got a call from one of the Leda officials. The Leda officials explained that Hyun Jin Nim's team was to be dismissed from all legal matters related to Leda because the Unification Foundation's legal team would be taking over. The team that represents the Unification Foundation consists of Continental Director Dong Mo Shin, Lawyer Francisco Saborio (sent by Kook Jin Nim), Publio De La Rosa (also sent by Kook Jin Nim), and Roque Benitez (a local Paraguay member). Leda missionaries said they were aware of the capability of Hyun Jin Nim's legal team, but given the church hierarchy they had to comply with the order from the church leadership.

In the end, accountability on legal matters was transferred into the hands of the Unification Foundation's legal team. Sadly, the situation went from being "under control" to going "out of control" in Leda.

July 2011 -- Hyun Jin Nim's team received further warnings that things were getting worse in Leda, so they contacted Leda officials to inform them of the urgency of this matter from a legal perspective.

August-November 2011 -- As the Leda situation was raising much concern among peers in the community, Hyun Jin Nim's team delivered more warnings to Leda officials. But, Leda officials said Kook Jin Nim's legal task force (Shin, Publio, Roque, Saborio) would handle this issue. It seemed Leda officials had no clue about how serious the situation was.

January 2012 -- Finally, it happened: An unknown party posted an ad on a major Paraguayan web portal, called Clasipar, putting up for sale 37,500 hectares of land that belong to Leda. The ad is still available on the website.

Screenshots of land on sale on website


February 16, 2012 -- The party advertising the sale of land completed its ownership registration at the Land Registry Office for the 37,500 hectare parcel of land, which roughly represents half of the entire land in Leda. Although their ownership is obviously bogus, registration was passed and completed. As a result, there are currently two ownership papers registered at the Land Registry Office. The problem is that the date of fake ownership precedes that of the originally-registered ownership, which means the fake ownership stands with priority. 

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