The Words of Hyun Jin Moon From 2012

We should not criticize Hyun Jin Moon or the Kwak family – we should not fight each other

Heung Kyun Shin
February 2, 2012

Commentary and background explanation; Rev. Heung Kyun Shin (NOT to be confused with Mr. Dong Mo Shin South American Continental Director) is boonbong-wang to Lesotho who wrote a letter breaking news about Father's words at Hoon Dok Hae on September 4 of 2011, where True Father spoke highly of Rev. Kwak and his sons and scolded church leaders for removing him.

After Rev. Shin's letter came out, instead of showing a video of the Hoon Dok Hae with Father to prove the truth or falsity of Rev. Shin's statements, the church denied all his statements and went on a campaign of destroying Rev. Shin's credibility claiming that he 'fell asleep in Hoon Dok Hae' and other nasty things.

And on September 28 of 2011, Larry Moffitt sent out a document to many members which included a letter where Rev. Heung Kyun Shin allegedly retracts his statements and apologizes for his actions. This is the continuation of that story.

Confession of Heung Kyun Shin -- Reveals that document sent by church all over the world is fabricated!

(A Pro-Hyun Jin Moon and Global Peace Festival site)

On February 2 of 2012, Rev. Heung Kyun Shin exposes a shocking truth on the name-section (not anonymous) of the CARP Cafe.

It has been revealed that the letter, known as 'Heung Kyun Shin's Declaration of Conscience' (letter where he retracts his previous statements), sent out to members around the world by the Unification church headquarters was fabricated and written under heavy pressure.

This cannot be. Those who are responsible for coercing a church leader to write a letter and sending it out as if it were genuine have to step down. Members should demand the minimum amount of moral and ethical standard from their leaders. This is the latest letter written by Rev. Heung Kyun Shin with his name.

Members who are working to construct Cheon Il Guk in the year of the black dragon, greetings. I reflect that last year was a year filled with many conflicts and struggles. I tried telling the president of the Shindewi (Unification Church Yoido Holy Land protection committee) that brothers should become one and shouldn't fight one another. And I wrote many replies to many people.

On July 3 of 2011, I went to the editor's office of Tongil Segye and submitted a letter titled Reflecting upon the days of loyalty in God's Will and asked them to publish the letter in Tongil Segye magazine. But they didn't publish it so I had to publish it in the Blessed Family Association Cafe instead.

And at 5:23 AM of August 25, I wrote to Foundation president Kook Jin Moon, international president Hyung Jin Moon, Dong Moon Joo, Peter Kim, that they should 'cancel the lawsuit and become one as brothers', 'members are suffering because of your disunity', 'it is difficult for members to bear the mocking and ridicule of people in society because of our fight'. I wrote this in an 3 pages of A4 paper and sent it to the secretary general of the Foundation asking him to forward it to them regardless of whether they read it or not.

This is a fight that can only end in the destruction of the Unification church. It is a fight that is destroying all of True Father's achievements in front of the world, and it is a fight that brings pain to members all around the world. That's why I had shouted out to leaders of the Unification church to "Stop!" And on September 4 of 2011, I attended Hoon Dok with True Parents in Cheon Jeong Goong Palace in the name of the North-South Unification Federation of Namyang city. I received a lot of blessing and grace from attending Hoon Dok Hae and that same night I attended a gathering with Hyun Jin Nim. After attending the event I wrote a reflection and submitted it on the CARP Cafe. (This letter is included at the end of this email)

I want to make clear to all that what I wrote that day was all true and I establish that I absolutely did not distort the content. I also received comforting phone calls from hundreds of members who know me and know that I wouldn't lie.

On September 10, I was asked by president Dong Han Lee to meet with him so I went to the Unification Church Chung Pa Dong office with my wife. When I got there Mr. Dong Han Lee said, 'I got scolded because of the content you put up on the internet. Father and Mother heard what you did and got very angry.' He said these things to me and told me that I had to write a letter of apology and put it up on the internet. And then Mr. Lee said 'I already wrote the letter for you, so just read it and sign it.'

(After reading the letter) I said, 'I can't do this. I wrote what I heard that day.' I said 'I cannot acknowledge (this letter)' and refused what he proposed to me.

President Dong Han Lee said, 'Then turn in your resignation'. And I said, 'No. You (Mr. Lee) have to fire me' and we fought about this for 4 hours and 30 minutes. Mr. Lee said 'Then you write the letter' and my wife also thought it may be better to write something, so I wrote something simple. But it wasn't an apology and he wouldn't accept it so he said I had to write it again. I kept thinking how much Mr. Lee had been scolded by the church and foundation's superiors. And they were making him work on a Saturday so my wife said, 'Let's just sign it as an act of faith and get it over with.' With her words I signed and told Mr. Lee 'I'm only signing this paper because of you. But this is not the truth.'

After that Heung Kyun Shin became a traitor on the internet. Some members called my house to confirm if I really wrote the apology letter. I said 'I didn't write it. I wrote the first letter called (Stop Me!) But I didn't write the apology. I didn't do it. President Lee wrote it and a member of his staff put it up on the internet.'

After 10 days I felt that I couldn't speak the truth and wasn't allowed to speak the truth in the organization I belong to, so I began to write my paper of resignation. I did some soul searching and asked myself what I should do. I contacted president Dong Han Lee and told him to take down the letter he put up with my name on it. When I asked him to take the letter down, he refused. So I submitted my resignation.

When I told president Lee to take down the letter I thought he would say, 'Oh, Rev. Shin, you must been having a hard time. Please stay strong for a bit longer and we'll take it down soon.' I did what I did because I felt that I had to be responsible for my actions that brought pain on the leader of my organization (Mr. Dong Han Lee). That's why I decided to sacrifice my honor for the sake of my leader. But this president was only concerned of his own honor and did not consider my honor even one bit. How can a leader be like this? He is a morally bad person that doesn't care about others.

Father taught us that a leader has to love people through sacrifice and service. But when I think of leaders like him and how terrible they are and I think about Father I felt sorry. Sorry but I am stepping down. And I make the determination that when the Tongil group does something bad I will not remain still. As an elder member of the Unification church, as a pastor, and as a Boonbong-wang I will not forgive those who violate the shim jung of our members by spreading lies to them.

When I put up a post with the truth of the matter on the Shindewi Cafe (Unification church Yoido Holy land committee) they deleted my post. That's why I had to put it up on the CARP cafe website. I am sorry to the members who put their trust in me for not having put up a correction post on the matter sooner.

Dear members, let's shout out the truth.

... Watching the donations of our Japanese brothers and sisters who made the money through blood and tears, and to think they just wasted 1.2 million dollars on a criminal lawsuit. I have to meet the two brothers again because I can't stand here watching as they do things that are not even done in the fallen world.

Let's become pioneers who create Cheon Il Guk and deeply think what it means to be members of this movement. Father is saying there is no one standing with him. Let's stand next to him and protect him.

Even if it's hard, let's fly,

Boonbong-wang of Lesotho

1:23 AM February 2, 2012

Heung Kyun Shin

Original Letter Sent by Heung Kyun Shin on September 4 of 2011:

This seems to be written by an elder member. It's interesting because he went to Hoon Dok Hae with True Parents on September 4, and also attended Hyun Jin Moon's September 4 event in Seoul, Korea. This person reveals some of the things Father said in Hoon Dok Hae that the church hasn't gotten around to informing you. I am happy that this person had the courage to expose this. Let's hope he doesn't lose his job.

Source (

Please stop this.

My name is Heung Kyun Shin.

I participated the GPF event hosted by Hyun Jin Moon on September 4.

Amidst a crowd of some 2000 to 2500 people, he [Hyun Jin Moon] spoke to Korean youth and elders through an interpreter on the topic of Peace in North East Asia and Unification in the Korean peninsula. The crowd was moved and cheered passionately at his clear, bold and confident speech. The feeling in the room was euphoric with hopes of unification. That is how I felt.

But the joy I felt faded away as I thought that True Parents, the Rev. Sun Myung Moon, would never learn of the great work his third son is doing on his behalf. Our True Father barely survived his time in Heung Nam prison with the help of the United Nations. Then Father went South and offered a most serious and intense prayer up to God promising Him that one day, one day with my own bare hands I will unify this divided nation. With that goal in mind Father focused on mobilizing the 4 strong developed nations to accomplish the unification of North and South Korea. Ever since, he has focused on this providence of unification.

I kept on listening to the reports about what GPF is doing. It seems that Hyun Jin Moon has taken upon to fulfill his Father's goal and is touring several countries around the world knocking on people's doors through the Global Peace Festival events.

The latest proposal being put into action is to hold an Asian Regional Peace Conference in Pyung Yang in 2012.

Listening to those words I applauded... I applauded thinking how great it would be if Father's desire for North and South unification could be accomplished within Father's lifetime. How great would it be if Father could fulfill his promise to God while physically on earth. How much joy could this bring to True Parents to know that their son is doing this for God and for his parents.

Like many other members, I was told not to listen, not to read, and not to get in touch with anyone from their "side". The more they said "No, no, no" the more I became intrigued. The more it created a terrible itch that begged to be scratched.

On September 4, I didn't only attend Hyun Jin Moon's event, but I also attended the early morning Hoon Dok session with True Father at the Cheon Jeong Goong. I participated in Hoon Dok Hae in the capacity of president of the North and South Korea Unification People's Federation of the district of Nam Yang.

How I yearned to see True Father's face again.

I received permission to attend Hoon Dok Hae when I received contact from In Sun Shin, and from that moment on I was so happy to be given the right to attend. I thought of all the past days that I had closer contact with Father. With this heart I entered the sacred Hoon Dok room and offered a bow to True Father. I sat on the fifth chair and closing my eyes I desperately waited for True Father to enter.

True Father entered the room and Hoon Dok Hae began. When Father spoke, Hoon Dok stopped. Father continued talking and he said that we should become one with Hyun Jin. Then Father asked what is the name of Rev. Chung Hwan Kwak's son. Someone kindly replied that the name is Jin Man Kwak. Father asked for the younger son's name. Someone replied Jin Hyo Kwak. When Father heard those names he said that they were truly filial and loyal sons of filial piety, and then he yelled as if hurling words of thunder saying 'what did you do to them?', 'what have you done?!'. Father was upset at what the leaders had done.

I don't know what it means. I don't know why Father said those things.

Then Father asked me what my name was and what it is that I do. I answered to Father that I'm the president of the North and South Korea Unification People's Federation of the district of Nam Yang. When Father heard my answer he said that I must be a very smart person and he asked me if I get along well with Rev. Sun Jo Hwang. I answered that I get along well with Rev. Hwang. And I told Father of the leaders who are doing a great job in the city of Nam Yang for the unification of North and South Korea. After listening to my report, Father asked me to sit down. Afterwards, some leaders came up to me and told me I received a great blessing and wanted to shake hands with me.

I was truly blessed. I was then invited to share breakfast at True Parents table and I really had a very good time with our Parents. On this day True Father even blessed me with a gift of money saying that it's the Choo-Sok holidays [Note: In Korea it's common tradition for elders to give younger people an envelope with money during this holiday]. Overflowing with undeserved blessings I went back home. I asked myself what could I do to return the blessing to True Parents.

My thoughts went back to the day I first pledged my life to this cause and I wondered if it were possible for us to empty our hearts of hatred towards each other and enter into dialogue to fix the problems of our Unification Movement. Our Unification Movement.

To all of the members that are reading my letter titled "Please stop this", I ask that we gather our efforts in bringing happiness to True Parents.

True Father loves his son and he does not call his son a "fallen son". He loves his son dearly.

I think that if we put roadblocks and attack the path Father's son is going, this would bring immense pain to Parents.

Father asked that we don't let Hyun Jin bleed anymore. Let us all act correspondingly as sons and daughters of God. The bible teaches us Blessed are the peacemakers for they will be called the children of God. And it says blessed are those who are persecuted because of righteousness, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.

Beloved members,

Don't hate on each other and please stop this. Let's do our utmost so that the Brothers may accept our desperate heart. Let's become sons of filial piety by uplifting our brethren so that our reports may bring joy to True Parents. Maybe this is what our True Parents are expecting us to do. Maybe they are waiting for us to fulfill our responsibility. I saw with my own eyes that Father is incapable of fulfilling this role for us. I saw that our Father couldn't do it. When Father asked one church leader at Hoon Dok Hae why they had done such things, the leader remained quiet. And when that leader wouldn't answer Father turned to the other church staff shouting at them, but no one stood up to the occasion. Father is requesting our help to solve this, but his words aren't reaching us. We can't hear him.

Dear leaders at the church and beloved members, let's please listen to Father's words and search in our hearts what Father would truly desire. Before we ask who did what wrong and point fingers at each other, let's all return our efforts in bringing joy to True Parents. Be it in reports or in actions. Let's not report badly about one another.

Let's not just say that they shouldn't do bad things, please let's stop it. When someone, anyone, speaks ill of another, be that person who stands up for what's right.

I am saying these words because I believe I understand Father's heart. I think we should not promote any more division into "sides" or "teams" in this Movement.

The people who promote division in our church are calling the other group "Satan" and "fallen Adam". But the ones who bring those words to their lips look more like Satan to me. The Unification Church shouldn't accuse another of such things. The only road I know is that of true love. True love does not use such vocabulary. Let's practice love.

I thank you for reading my letter.

May blessings be upon your families.

Thank you. 

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