The Words of Hyun Jin Moon From 2011

The subject is the person who can give true love first

Hyun Jin Moon
September 5, 2011
Unofficial notes

Hyun Jin Moon May 14, 2011

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Hoon Dok Hae, Celebratory event

Date: September 5, 2011 from 5 AM -- 8 AM

Place: Third floor of Marriott hotel, Seoul, Korea


1. Bow to God and True Parents
2. Hoon Dok (Peace Messages)
3. Hyun Jin Nim speaks
4. Offering of symbolic bouquet of flowers
5. Cake cutting
6. Offering of Hyun Jin Moon's third book

I hadn't seen Hyun Jin Nim in a long time, so this turned out to be a very meaningful Hoon Dok session.

I wanted to share a few points of what Hyun Jin Nim said that I found to be significant. Please be aware that I'm not including the entire context and words that Hyun Jin Nim gave us today; these are my notes with my understanding of what he's trying to say.

1. The subject is the person who can give true love first.

Who is the subject? The subject is the person who can practice true love first. If we violate this principle, our hearts feel uneasy.

2. There was no concept of "universal salvation" before Jesus.

This is one of the reasons why the Lord of the Second Coming had to come again. It is because the goal is not to save 51% of the population, but to enable the age for the salvation of all humanity.

3. The concept of filial son or daughter has to be seen through the standard of true love.

4. "True alignment" is only possible when you take "ownership".

You are responsible for your actions and act and report in your own name. You learn and inherit the standard that True Parents taught through their life teachings.

5. What meaning do the Last Days hold?

Moving beyond the bonds of the old era and being reborn anew. True Parents took upon all the burdens and responsibility, even our own, of the era of indemnity. But should we continue on like that? Do we still live in that age or did Father declare a new age in which the Children (meaning all of us) have to take responsibility?

Now is a time in which members must live in accordance with Heaven's Will (God's will) on their own and be responsible for their own actions. We have to earn it. We have to earn the right to be called "owners of Cheon Il Guk" as we pledge every morning.

6. Father told me "If the younger siblings commit errors and mistakes, it's the older brother's fault."

Within a family the elder brother is responsible for all its members. It is my responsibility. Our Unification Movement is one family and even though [leaders] commit errors I patiently endure it because I consider them my younger brothers.

7. I am well aware of what a dreadful era it is we live in.

These days are the Last Days. You live in an age where your conscience will judge you according to Heaven's standard.

8. What is Heaven's standard?

What is the standard to which we have to stand responsible for?

It's all written in the Peace Messages.

9. What should the culture of an Ideal Family be like?

It should be a culture of true love of living for the sake of others.

10. Does one obtain positions to serve oneself? For who does one receive different positions?

Positions exist for the service of the whole. 

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