The Words of Hyun Jin Moon From 2011

Nature is the True Church

Hyun Jin Moon
July 24, 2011
Seattle, WA

Hyun Jin Moon, November 8, 2010

These notes are not complete or accurate, but give a good representation of what was talked about.

Know the messiah's mission

This is a critical inflection point in history. When you say that you "know" something, that means that you fully understand; like you know your father and mother.

Do you "know" the messianic mission? If everyone has a different definition of that mission, then what should you do? Should you listen to your friend, or maybe your central figure? The restoration age was an unfortunate detour from God's ideal. That's not the tradition upon which Heavenly expectations are set.

The age that we are in will set the expectations for the future, so what is the goal of God's Providence? Israelites didn't realize God as a parent, and Jesus changed the way that they perceived their relationship with God. Father also always emphasizes our relationship with God as being a parent/ child relationship.

Absolute faith, absolute love, and absolute obedience are not just aspects of the restoration process. God created that way. We are meant to have absolute faith in the creation and the creation process. God allowed us to be co-creators; that is an unparalleled, awesome role in all of God's creation! God's original desire would have been fulfilled if not for the fall.

God didn't kick Adam and Eve out of Eden

Do you think God kicked Adam and Eve out of the Garden, or did they leave because they felt guilty and conscience stricken? They had violated absolute love. God set out to save that family in the second generation, but Satan claimed that family instead. The family represents love, life, and lineage. We need to be able to distinguish between true love and false love because we are the co-creators and we have the ability to go the wrong way.

Jesus said "you are like your father the devil!" to all the people, because no one had restored true love. That's why Satan had the right to claim Cain, and God had to work through Abel.

Restoration means recreation as an old age ends and a new one begins, and we need to know how to re-create correctly. That's why I push outdoor, experiential education; there is an absolute clarity in creation. We have three lives: the womb, our physical life, and our life in spirit world.

Our first life totally falls apart and is destroyed when we are born. The life line is cut, and the separation is clear and complete. All societies look at nature as a mother, and it's almost like a womb during our second phase of life. During our time in this beautiful physical world, we grow physically, and we mature spiritually. Then when we pass on and physical life ends, we enter a new realm.

When mankind fell away from God and became ignorant, we needed religion to remind us that there is a spiritual world and that we have a spiritual life. When I go hunting with other people, I can see that some of them don't even notice the animals, even if they are close by. You need to know how to look, and you need to know what to look for!

I don't mince words

I am not a political person. I don't mince words and say what others want to hear. I just tell you what I truly feel. I tell you that if you don't exercise, you'll be fat and lazy. You may not like to hear that, but it's honest. In creation, the minute you are not prepared mentally, physically, psychologically, or spiritually, you can die or be miserable. If you are ready for it, the same challenging circumstances can be the most enriching and beautiful experience.

Creation is consistent and is always the same; it's us who are different every time. That's because creation never fell or lost its connection to the creator. This is why it is the True School and True Church. One of the greatest gifts I was given by my father was his love for creation. In a sense, I don't want or need anything else. It is usually not in a workshop lecture, but in the beauty of creation that we really find God!

Just because you memorize facts and can recite passages doesn't mean that you truly know the Principle. Memorization of material is easily forgotten, but when you experience something in your heart, you truly know it. How many of you really know Divine Principle or know God's Providence?

If I got into a fight with all my detractors, and pulled my metaphysical sword, I would beat them all. Why do you think I have not drawn my sword? It would be irresponsible of me. A knife fight might end your physical life, but this kind of spiritual fighting could carry on for generations.

It's not just about Father's family and the people following them

It takes a tremendous amount of patience to hold back that sword. The reason I hold my sword is that it's not just about Father's family and the people following them, this is God's Providence that is being destroyed or delayed. That is a very grave situation, and one that requires intense prayer and thought before action. Just like in creation, it your starting point is wrong even if you take the right steps you end up in the wrong place.

The leaders of the Unification Church believe that the providence and all the assets belong to Father, so we must follow Father's every word. Both those assumptions are wrong. Many times Father said to me "None of these institutions belongs to me." That is what Father taught me. That's why I said if you believe the wrong thing, you'll end up in the wrong place.

Father is not God

The undeniable truth is Father's specific teachings about the Principles of Creation and how God works; the Divine Principle. The Divine Principle doesn't describe the messiah as God, and doesn't demand blind obedience to a man. Divine Principle tells us that Jesus was a man, not God. His purpose had nothing to do with a virgin birth or walking on water.

I've been riding horses for almost 30 years. When someone is really good at something, and highly trained in that field, they know how much they have yet to learn. It's those who are novices that think they know everything.

There were two ways to understand Jesus, by his life and personality, or by his position and mission. Christians chose the first, and they misunderstood his mission and purpose. The same holds true for Father. If you are focusing on every word, and saying that he is the same as God, you can miss the main point. He has a clear mission and purpose.

When I realized that Father was not God, and does not know everything, I respected him all the more. That is what can truly give us hope… that we ourselves can fulfill our own purpose of creation.

Father is not infallible

If you believe in Father because he is infallible, how is that any different than worshipping an idol? That is not how a true son or daughter relates to their father. If you are a Blessed Central Family and a member of our movement, you should know this already. The fact that you do not understand your true relationship with Father is a reflection on you. When you are out in the creation, you need to change yourself to meet creation's demands; it won't change to meet your expectations!

Some still think that if they just believe in True Parents that they will be saved. That is very similar to the Christians' concept of Jesus, and is based on a slave or servant relationship. If you want to stay in that kind of relationship, go ahead, but you are missing the main point of this age. The church leadership is saying to just accept directions without questioning, rather than letting you take your full responsibility in your position as a co-creator before God.

God is our only master

I teach high level leaders from other faiths that we have only one master… God! I say that to Muslims, Buddhists, Shintos, and Christians. They haven't thought of it in exactly those terms before, but they get it, and they agree. Our Unification Church leaders need to realize the same thing. Other faiths get it more than our own Unification Church leaders do. When I tell these religious leaders that they need to leave their church's doctrine at the door if we are to create a truly inter-religious, universal family, they get it and are willing to do it. It's mostly the Unification Church leaders who are unwilling to do so. Organizations are neutral; it's the people behind them that make them good or evil.

If the Unification Church wants to survive they should not focus on opposing me

That is a hypocritical double standard. We say "Follow God and your conscience, not your limited faith tradition!", but our church leaders do the opposite! Our church leaders demand placing our own faith tradition at the center rather than building relationship with God and fulfilling our potential.

When I say "True Family", I'm not just talking about True Parents' biological children, but the ideal of what God intended at creation.

If you see me as being against the Unification Church, then I guess you are partly right. I will treat it like any other limited faith tradition, and push it even harder, because I see so much potential there. Maybe our own leaders can't see the hypocrisy, but everyone else can see it!

What kind of limited understanding is being espoused from the pulpit today? This is a tragedy and needs to be changed. I will continue to try to change it, even if it makes me unpopular or vilified. If the Unification Church wanted to develop and survive, it could have done so if it stayed with the original message. Instead, they chose to focus on opposing GPFF and opposing me personally. Now, I need to tell it like it is, even if people don't want to hear it.

Truth is a sword, and separates what is aligned with God from that which is not. The supporters of GPFF often get persecuted and cast out by their own faith traditions for believing in something larger. Now, they see that I am in the same position as they are, and it lets them know how serious I am about my beliefs.

Unification Church leaders should not treat members as their property

Do you really think that the Unification Church members' position and opinion matters all that much? These law suits are being brought in your name, because leaders see you as property. Wouldn't the children resent the parents if they were treated as property during their upbringing? Isn't that what's happening? The members are asked to just blindly follow and sacrifice without complaint. Do you treat your own children that way?

Church leaders have always treated members as their property, and I was disgusted by it. When I taught in my leadership workshops that we had to take initiative and fulfill our roles as daughters and sons, the top Unification Church leaders then went to Father to complain. They said to Father "Hyun Jin Nim thinks he raises people better than you do Father! He thinks his leadership training is better than yours!"

I was persecuted for trying to correct the Unification Church's culture

They were playing off of Father's pride and position. I knew who was behind those reports, but I protected them by not exposing it, because I felt that kind of person was pitiful. I was the only one trying to change the incorrect practices and culture of how our movement operated, so of course I encountered opposition from the existing leaders.

I know exactly what I am doing to further God's Providence. There are important questions that all members need to ask themselves in this age. What is God's Providence? What is my responsibility in the Providence? How do I fulfill God's desire and plan? These are not questions that can be answered for you by somebody else. The only way to find answers these questions is through direct communication with God, and finding the answer within. 

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