The Words of Hak Ja Han Moon from 2014

I have too many tasks that I need to finish

Hak Ja Han
April 15, 2014
Fifty-Fourth Anniversary of True Parents' Blessing Banquet

I think that rather than speaking, it would be better that I listen to your reflections today. What do you think? Does seeing me make you feel that spring has come? Why are your reactions so lukewarm? [Audience: You are beautiful] [Applause]

True Mother and Yeon Ah Choi nim on the anniversary of True Parents' Holy Wedding

Is it because we have all aged a lot? I am also over seventy! The life remaining ahead is shorter than the lives we have lived until now.

Do you think I look different? There is still much work left to be done for me to go to the spiritual world. Having too many tasks that I need to finish, I started training my mind and body. Even though it's only been three weeks, I have been walking from four o'clock in the morning to about five. I tried walking twice a day, but because I didn't have much time, I have been taking only morning walks.

Prayer before the luncheon at Cheon Jeong Gung

While walking, I do Hoon Dok Hae in my mind, meditate and deeply think of ways to accomplish the providence during the remainder of my life. Walking in this way felt great. Bishop Kim accompanied me in Hawaii and the three weeks' of morning walks reduced his waist size by one and a half belt holes. For his waist to change in this way means that we can become healthier.

Leaders of the country's church regions sing determinedly

You may say, "Ah, I am too old...." Please do not think this way but start exercising. What do you think? Dr. Min Ha Kim, try walking early in the morning, too. For this reason, I have instructed the national leader of the United States and other leaders to walk instead of driving to work.

Not much time is left until 2020. With the earnest desire that we hold a feast of this type again in 2020 with everyone participating in good health and full of life for having fulfilled our responsibilities, I thank you all for coming here today. Please enjoy your meal. 

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