The Words of Hak Ja Han Moon from 2014

If you point your spiritual antennas to True Parents, you will know everything True Parents are doing

Hak Ja Han
March 7 and 12, 2014
Edited and combined
Las Vegas, NV

Thanks to the internet and applications such as KakaoTalk, the entire world can connect within a second, a second! If you have set your antennas to face where the True Parents are, wouldn't you know everything that True Parents are doing?

One thousand two hundred students from around the world were presented scholarships through the Wonmo Pyeongae Foundation during the first anniversary of Foundation Day. They are our future and within three to four years, they will become talented people in our church. Political circles, financial circles, academic circles and NGOs in Korea that heard the news, all expressed their surprise. Secular broadcasting companies aired the news continually. The world has changed. Hence, you must also change. I am asking you to have great hopes. Happiness grows the more you share it.

How to Become a True Owner

When True Father was alive, he used the title Chairman Moon. I have resigned from the post of chairwoman of the Mission Foundation and of the Sun Moon Foundation. When Father was still here, we were called Chairman Moon and Chairwoman Han. That is how my title changed to Chairwoman Han.

In the future, when an official memo is sent, it will be done under the name of the head of the Mission Foundation, but the chairwoman is above the head of the Mission Foundation.

I have established a system through which you can be educated and one through which all materials and results can be shared with the whole world to help you fulfill your responsibilities. You became blessed families through True Parents and hold responsibility as blessed families. No longer can anyone say that he could not fulfill his responsibilities because he did not know. I am saying that I have opened the way for you, so that you can fulfill more than a hundred percent of your responsibility. How much effort you make and the results you gain will decide whether you establish a tradition as a noble family.

I hope you have kept in mind the motto I have set as our goal until 2020. Let us become true owners. What does that mean? We must be able to pass on the tradition of our Heavenly Parent and the True Parents of Heaven, Earth and Humankind with a parental heart. That is how we can become true owners. You have repeatedly heard that we must fulfill our tribal messiah mission. What would you do if that tribe were your children? Will you let your children go to hell while you go to Heaven?

You are truly happy people; the problem is that you are unaware of it. You have met True Parents. You have received True Parents' teachings and have been established as blessed families. Doesn't that by itself make us happy people? However, when you consider what you have done for True Parents in return, we conclude that it was quite inadequate.

You do not know the spiritual world very well, but it is a place that manifests the results of how you led your lives on earth. If you come to think that you could have fulfilled your responsibility while True Parents were on earth and dedicated it to Heaven but did not, you will deeply lament when you go to the eternal world.

From left: Rev. Ki Hoon Kim, regional president, North America; Won Ju Jeong, True Mother's personal assistant and True Mother (among others) tour the Peace Palace construction site.

Learn Korean

Those who understand Korean, raise your hands. After the Holy Wedding in 1960, I studied Japanese using a language textbook that Japanese elementary schools used. That was a time when I barely knew hiragana. However, that was a time when the providence was sharply advancing and I had many children; I could not continue studying. Dozens of years passed in this manner. When was the rally at the Tokyo Dome? That was after the Women's Federation global speaking tour. It was in September 1993. I had forgotten about Japanese as a language for thirty years, but Father told me to speak in Japanese.

The problem, however, was that the manuscript had not yet been completed and how could I speak in Japanese with the little I knew? Father was in Kodiak at that time; he would go out to the sea at five in the morning and return late in the evening. When we told him that the manuscript was finished and showed it to him, he corrected it, saying, "Ah, fix this. Fix that!" Then we sent it to Japan and then we did more editing after receiving it back from Japan by fax. This is how we prepared the message, but I was quite worried because I only had one week left

Luckily, knowing some hiragana came in handy. I could barely read the manuscript but had to put emotion into the words. However, these were words of life. So I did it. The results were good. Aren't there many famous Japanese professors in the Professor World Peace Academy? According to them, I spoke advanced Japanese and that it was standard.

This was the first time I spoke to such a large audience. Around fifty thousand people came. Imagine how surprised they were. How did it feel after I concluded the speech? You know how a sponge absorbs water. A seahorse! It felt as though water had been completely drawn from the sponge. You, however, should be able to understand Korean since you have studied it for forty years.

Father's Final Work -- Ocean Peace

I came here to make some decisions only I can make regarding the building Father last wanted to establish. I am very tired. My lips are all chapped. Not a day has passed when I could rest. But I have come here. This was possible because of True Parents' blood, sweat and tears. I am trying to tell you that you should not live as you did in the past and that you must change now.

Internally, coming here will be a pilgrimage; externally, Japanese or other people that have money in Asia will want to come here at least once. People like that can visit our training center and listen to the Divine Principle. We are thinking of setting up a video center that introduces True Father within the building.

People here should be able to say, "We can do it!" If we shout that we can do it, the spiritual world will support you. Attention will end up leaning toward us. Plus, we do not know failure. We only know victory. You should live with confidence in that. Think of how hard Heaven worked to prepare for this one era. At this time, would Heaven cooperate with those who remain until the very end or not? Heaven will cooperate with them. The problem lies within us.

That building is True Parents final project. It means that it has a connection with True Parents. Those who go through workshops there or those visiting the building will be able to continuously form a strong bond in their hearts with True Parents. In other words, it is different from other buildings.

After True Father's ascension, do you know what the first thing was that I ordered from our church? I asked that we become a living church through the Holy Spirit and the truth. What does that mean? We are living beings. We must move. Our churches should not become dead. The same applies to businesses. Our businesses should not become dead businesses. Don't we have to live? In order to do that, you should rack your brains to your fullest to think of possibilities. Only by doing that can we develop and succeed.

Maritime Ocean Peace Opening Ceremony in Las Vegas

For a living being to remain in good health, it must have good food. Yet, when we look at the world today, the pure creation originally made by our Heavenly Parent has been largely destroyed because of people. Not knowing the providence, fallen people continued to live self-centered lives. This is why so many problems are arising around the world today. The reckless flow of polluted materials into the ocean is threatening living beings in many countries, particularly those living in the ocean.

True Father started the ocean providence in the 1960s for the sake of humanity, to benefit their good health and as a way to resolve the food crisis. That is why he set up many ocean providence bases around the world. You can find these ocean bases starting from Alaska to the South America Pantanal, the Amazon River Valley and the Paraguay River. Everything that True Parents planned and providentially conducted was for humanity's sake, for the future, and for the maintenance of humanity's health and life; in a word, it was his love. At the processing plant in Alaska, fish powder was produced in an effort to prove a source of nutrients to famished people in Africa.

Japanese missionaries are working hard in diverse fields around the world. I sincerely congratulate the dedication of Las Vegas Ocean Peace, the last providential work that Father conducted, which was made possible through such hard work.

I sincerely hope that our company can develop into a company that can save the United States, take responsibility for humanity's health problems and produce healthy food. I give it my blessings. 

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