The Words of Hak Ja Han Moon from 2014

My title is "Han Chongjae Nim"

Hak Ja Han
March 7, 2014

Hak Ja Han - March 7, 2014

The following is the English translation and Korean dictation of True Mother's message given at the welcoming gathering. -- Rev. Katsumi Kambashi

True Mother arrived at the Cheon Hwa Gung around noon, accompanied by Bishop Ki Hoon Kim from Los Angeles. They were welcomed by Rev. Kwon Jin Moon's couple, Dr. Michael Balcomb, Rev. Michael Jenkins, and other leaders and local members.

"What time is it? People here must be hungry. You need to eat lunch. What do you want me to speak?

Nowadays, you can know everything within a second. If you have an antenna towards where parents are, you can know what and how they are doing, can't you?

When Father was alive and gave his speech, he was introduced with the title, Rev. Moon or Moon Chongjae (총재)[1]. What I had decided in Korea this time was my resignation as the president of the board of the World Mission Foundation, and also that of the Sun Moon Foundation. Taking out my social title, I changed my official title as Han Chongjae (한총재) like Father's which was Moon Chongjae (문총재). So from now on, official memos will be issued under the name of the president of the board of the World Mission Foundation, but I am above him with the title, Han Chongjae Nim ( 총재님). Do you understand? (Yes.)

I established a system with which I can educate you and you can share all materials and results globally in order to accomplish your responsibility. You became the Blessed family through True Parents. You have your current responsibility as the Blessed family. So you won't be able to say that you couldn't accomplish your responsibility because of your ignorance. Do you understand? ('Yes.') My point is that I had opened the way for you to be able to fulfill your responsibility more than 100 %. I mean it is up to your efforts and results to establish the tradition of distinguished noble family.

You remember the motto until 2020 that I gave you, don't you? ('Yes.') Let's become true owners. What does it mean? It is the path of becoming the true owner that one, with the heart of parent, hands down the tradition of Heavenly Parent and True Parents of Heaven, Earth and Humankind. I guess you have heard often that you should accomplish your mission as the Tribal Messiah. ('Yes.') If they are your children, will you leave them in the hell while only you go to Heaven? Do you understand? ('Yes.')

You are a lucky person. A lucky person. You are a happy person but the problem is that you are living without recognizing it. You were reborn as the Blessed family after having met True Parents and received their education. Don't you think it is a happy thing? When I think how much you have returned to True Parents in comparison with what you have received from them, you have been so insufficient. Since you don't know well about the spirit world, you can be that way. It is the spirit world where you will see your results regarding what kind of life you had on earth. You will feel painful eternally in the spirit world when you can't take the path of loyalty and dedication before Heaven during True Parents' life time. ('Aju!')

On the way to come here, I stopped by at (the construction site of) the Peace Palace. When we started the project, our neighbors opposed us severely in the beginning. But I received the report recently that those who had opposed us stopped doing that as the construction of the building proceeded. (Applause) Upon the completion of the building, you should be more responsible. You should show (who we are) to the secular people. The more time goes by, the more we prosper. Nowadays only seniors come to the church in the society, so to speak. You see that with your own eyes, don't you? On the occasion of the first anniversary of Foundation Day, I gave the scholarship of Wonmo Pyeong Ae Foundation to 1,200 students in the world. They are our future. They will be our talented persons within three to four years. Think of it. Now, people in the political, economic, and academic fields and those of civic groups in Korea are amazed by the news. The news continued to go out through public broadcasting. The society has changed. You should also change, shouldn't you? You too, have a big hope. I guess you have heard that the more happiness you share, the bigger the happiness become. Do you understand? ('Yes.') You are given freedom, but when you cannot fulfill your responsibility, you are responsible for that, which has no relation to True Parents. Do you understand? ('Yes.')

I didn't come here to talk to you. I couldn't help but decide and start things regarding what Father wanted to establish here in his last years. I am very tired. I have a blister on my lip. I have had no time to take a rest. But I had to come here. (The foundation here) could be established by the blood, sweat and tears of True Parents. You have been no help to that. In a financial sense either. You shouldn't lead your life like yesterday. I am talking to you now to tell you that you should change from now on. ('Amen!' 'Yes!') Take this (cake) and share it among you. I have things to do now. ('Thank you!') Enjoy the cake. ('Thank you')"


1. "총재 / 総裁 / Chongjae" is an unique Korean term, which basically means "a position which oversees, takes charge of, and authorizes everything of an organization." In the dictionary, it is translated as "president," which is not enough to describe the authority of "Chongjae." During the meeting that day, Bishop Kim interpreted "Chongjae" as "Founder." I think that in order to avoid confusion, it would be better to be translated as "Founder" than "President." 

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