The Words of Hak Ja Han Moon from 2014

All Blessed Families can fulfill their responsibility

Hak Ja Han
March 7, 2014
Las Vegas, NV
Unofficial notes

Nowadays, thanks to social media and the internet, you can know everything in a matter of seconds. However, if you have your spiritual antenna up and pointed toward True Parents, you can know what and how they are doing even more quickly, can't you?

I have established a good system through which I can educate you, and also I can help you to share all materials and results throughout the world so that all Blessed Families can fulfill their responsibility. No one should be able to say that they couldn't accomplish their responsibility because they were ignorant or ill-informed. I have opened the way for all of you to be able to fulfill your responsibility even more than 100%. Now, it is all up to your own efforts and results to establish the tradition of distinguished noble families.

You remember the 2020 motto that I gave you? "Let us become true owners of Cheon Il Guk by practicing true love in resemblance to the Creator, our Heavenly Parent" What does that phrase, "Let us become true owners" really mean? The path of becoming a true owner means becoming one in heart with True Parents and handing down the tradition of Heavenly Parent and True Parents of Heaven, Earth and Humankind.

I am sure that you have heard often that you should accomplish your mission as the Tribal Messiah. With what heart should you do that? You must think as if all people are your children. If so, and they are suffering and living in hell, can you leave them alone while only you go to Heaven? Of course not.

We are indeed lucky people and incredibly fortunate. The problem is that we sometimes live without recognizing the grace we have received. You were reborn as a Blessed family after having met True Parents, and you have received their direct education. Don't you think this is something to be happy about? Still, when we think about the grace we have received from God and True Parents in comparison with how much we have been able to return, we feel we have been so insufficient.

This reality may not be fully apparent while we are living on earth, but in the spirit world we will all come to see clearly the full results of the life we lived on earth. At that time, I don't want any of you to experience pain and regret because you belatedly realized that you didn't take the path of loyalty and dedication before Heaven during True Parents' life time.

On my way here, I stopped by at the construction site of the International Education Center and Peace Palace. When we started that project, many of our neighbors opposed us severely. I was pleased to hear that now, those who had opposed us have stopped doing that as they see the construction going well. When the building is completed, you should be more responsible. You should proudly show who we are to the people of the world. As time goes by, we will prosper more and more.

In many Christian churches, the majority of the congregation is getting older and older, isn't it? We must be different. That's why, on the occasion of the first anniversary of Foundation Day, I gave scholarships from the Wonmo Pyeong Ae Foundation to 1,200 students all over the world. They are our future. They will be our talented leaders within three to four years. This was big news in Korea, and many people in the political, economic, and academic fields were surprised by the news, which continues to be covered in the media.

The times have changed. We should also change, shouldn't we? We have a big hope. I guess you have heard the saying that the more happiness you share, the bigger your own happiness becomes, right? With big blessings, come big responsibilities. God expects that you can fulfill that responsibility by exercising your own free will. In other words, it is really up to you, not True Parents.

For my part, I have determined myself to work hard to successfully conclude all the things that True Father wanted to establish here in his final years. In fact, I am very tired. I have a blister on my lip, and I have had no time to rest. But I had to come. The foundation here has been established by the blood, sweat and tears of True Parents. Now is the time to make your contribution count. You shouldn't lead your life like you did yesterday. You must think of today, and tomorrow, as a time of great hope and possibility. I am telling you now that we should all change from now on.


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