The Words of Hak Ja Han Moon from 2014

How do you feel about the Champumo Gyeong?

Hak Ja Han
March 1, 2014
Hoon Dok Hae

Even though you heard only a part of Champumo Gyeong, how do you feel about it? Once Champumo Gyeong is released, you will have to study a lot. The three volumes of the Cheon Il Guk scripture that I promised True Father would be completed have been concluded a few months ahead of the second anniversary of True Father's ascension. The only task left is translating the scriptures into other languages. In addition, I have enacted and promulgated the Cheon Il Guk Constitution on the first anniversary of Foundation Day. I have now prepared everything that will guide and become the center of the future of the Unification family. From now on, what remains is for you to fulfill your responsibilities. A few days ago, I resigned from my post as the chairwoman of the Sun Moon Foundation. I also resigned from the post of chairwoman of the Mission Foundation. I have appointed Dr. Joon Ho Seuk in my place. The Mission Foundation will mainly work on grasping the state of mission fields and nations and will provide textbooks that everyone can relate to and thereby bring about great development to mission work. Please pay attention to it, closely observe it and fulfill your responsibility to ensure mission work develops.

As for the financial aspect, Hyo Yul (Peter) Kim, the vice-chairman, has not been in good health and is resting now. This won't become a problem. Furthermore, a nation or small group needs an owner, right? You are aware that you were born as blessed members thanks to True Parents through Champumo Gyeong and through your faith and have heard of it in what was read today for Hoon Dok Hae, right? The blessed families around the world are the hope of Heaven. You welcomed True Parents, who are the hope of humanity, and have received the blessing; yet, there are still seven billion people whom we must embrace and educate. We cannot just ignore this situation. We must fulfill our responsibilities.

That is why I resigned from all the posts I had held, to strengthen all the organizations that have been established and to help you fulfill your responsibilities. This is not the standard originally desired by Heaven, but from a secular point of view, just as Father was mentioned in the message given just now as Chairman Moon, I was inaugurated as Chairwoman Han. From a secular point of view, I need to have the chairman's office, right? In order to have such an office, one needs secretaries. I have been raising some for a long time. I have appointed Min Ho Kim as the chief secretary, my assistant Won Ju Jeong, who has always been with me, as the senior secretary and Mr. Noguchi, a Japanese member, as my special assistant. This is a very simple office compared to other presidential offices in nations or in the world. Is that correct? Everything depends on what you do. Raising True Parents status and attending them at the head of a nation and world is your responsibility. Do you understand? Will you do your best? 

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