The Words of Hak Ja Han Moon from 2014

FFWPU World National Leaders Assembly 2014 Opening Ceremony

Hak Ja Han
February 14, 2014
Cheong Jeong Gung, HC 1.15

I had to come because you prepared so much and were waiting for me. I listened to all of your reports. While listening to the reports given by the national leader of Brazil and the national leader of the Philippines in particular, I thought that nations that could not put as much into practice as they have need to learn from Brazil and the Philippines.

A person must change to be qualified to stand in front of God's will. The content of the report given by Brazil on home groups and how home group leaders are teaching the Divine Principle and growing alongside the mid-level leaders was good. In addition, if we are to talk about the Philippines, regarding the Blessing Ceremonies, members could fulfill their responsibility toward witnessing and the tribal messiah mission. That is also good. The different nations in the world each have a feature unique to them. I have observed the Philippines for a long time and I believe that the movement they are conducting was well chosen. In the end, what matters is letting people know that Heaven's providence has settled on earth and that Cheon II Guk has begun regardless of the method. However, you must let them know that True Parents are at its center.

Regional and national leaders with True Mother at the Opening Ceremony for the World National Leaders Assembly 2014 at Cheon Jeong Gung -- February 14, 2014

Why does God need True Parents? As a result of human history having gone wrong, Adam and Eve -- who were supposed to become the True Parents -- became false parents, thus the satanic world resulted. Heaven had to make painstaking efforts when he originally didn't need to, because humans failed to fulfill their responsibility. The providence of restoration, the providence of restoration through indemnity... The tremendous difficulty of this providence is hard to express in words; that is why it took six thousand years as recorded in the Bible.'

It wasn't easy. We learned from True Parents how Heaven worked hard until the word "True Parents" came to be formed. I believe that you, as those in charge of nations and regions, have had many opportunities to experience True Parents' heart. The problem, however, is that we are not putting this into action at this point. We must make results.

True Mother watched reports on 2013 activities from another room.

Rev. Kyeong Seuk Lu, president of FFWPU-Korea, just talked about the Christian thinking in his congratulatory remarks. The Unification Church or the Family Federation for World Peace, which has True Parents at its center.... (Do you have to keep flashing that light at me -- you the person taking photos? I cannot speak because of the blinding light.) When I talk and something interrupts the middle of the talk, I end up forgetting what I want to say.

Now, what was I talking about? I was about to talk about the history of the Unification Church and not that of Christianity, True Parents' history. True Parents have taught you all the basics during their lifetimes. There are many families blessed by True Parents around the world, right? Even though True Father has ascended, what kind of foundation do you think we would have had if every single blessed member and family fulfilled their responsibility? Would it have been bigger or smaller than it is today? Of the seven billion people on earth, around five billion would have known, right? I would like to think that way. However, this is somewhat pathetic. Do I have to scold you for not fulfilling your responsibility? If you had results that could move one nation, three, four to ten nations, True Father would have said he had accomplished the actual settlement of Cheon Il Guk and would have been able to obtain more freedom through us in his last moments.

Among the speakers were (clockwise from top left) Thomas Hwang, international vice-president, FFWPU; Farley Jones, U.S. church president (1969-1972); regional presidents, Ohtsuka Katsumi (Africa) and Yang Young-tack (Middle East) and national leaders Julius B. Malicdem (Philippines) and Sasaki Koichi (Brazil)

However, we did not hear him say that. I would like to ask a favor of you. I sincerely hope that you can help True Mother, True Parents, in obtaining freedom. Whenever I set up one of you and talk to the person, I realize again how precious you are and how proud I am of you. You are all proud children of True Parents and I want to boast of you all! Do you feel great?

National leader of Brazil, do you give sermons in Korean? [No] In what language do you give your sermons then? [In Portuguese] Then when did you learn Korean? [I studied Korean as a foreign student and CARP member in the Korea University language school in 1991 and lived in one of the CARP centers.] Can you speak Korean so well just from studying it then? [My wife is Korean.] He understood everything and did not miss a single word at all. To just do it that way, to just do it; these are truly precious words. There is a difference among you, because you did not do it, you did not try. You just have to do it! Will you do it or not? When we have this meeting again next year, I hope to hear all of you giving your reports in Korean! Do you understand?

After this program ends, you'll be having lunch, right? Today is the fifteenth day of the first lunar month. The fifteenth day.... I am not sure whether this saying exists in other countries, but today, when people look up at the moon, they say that the clouds are clearing up. While looking up at the moon, people eat nuts such as peanuts, walnuts and pine nuts and believe that they are stepping on the spirits of the earth. To see whether the moon comes out this evening, I was thinking of playing yute. According to the weather report, however, the moon may not come out; it is expected to be cloudy in the evening. I know that you have a schedule, but we will play yute together after lunch. Yute is part of the Korean culture. You played many yute games while True Father was still alive, right?

Recently appointed (left to right) In Soung Kwun, regional president, Oceania; Kyeong Seuk Lu, national leader, Korea; Jin Pal Chung, regional president, Northeast; Chan Wook Yoon, special envoy, Moldova; Young Ju Seo, special envoy, Palau

When playing yute, a team of several people truly become one without any pretense. This is important. We could say that people act this way because of their common goal to win; however, what matters is that once teams are formed, they become one. What we should always bear in mind when we come together to listen to good examples and learn from them is how to properly continue True Parents' tradition and that it is important to become one with our Heavenly Parent and True Parents in a straight line.

As leaders coming from both the East and West, please consider this game a way for all races to become one and return joy and the Holy Spirit to Heaven. In addition, you can become one as you attend our Heavenly Parent within nature and feel grateful in front of True Parents' love. This is precious. Now, how much prize money do you think I have prepared for the game? Yes? [Mother lifted the bag of prize money.] This is heavy. Now accept this. I hope you fight hard and that goodness wins. The winning team will probably receive twenty million won. 

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