The Words of Hak Ja Han Moon from 2014

The Blessing is a miracle to those living today

Hak Ja Han
February 13, 2014
Victory of the Foundation Day Anniversary and the Inauguration Ceremony of the Promotion Committee for True Parents' life Museum
Cheon Jeong Gung, HC 1.14

Not only members but also the entire world took interest in Foundation Day through the reports on the preparations made and all the actual events. Do you agree with this? Just as the regional president of South America mentioned a short time ago, it took six thousand years and two thousand years of Christian history for the arrival of the true owner that humanity and our Heavenly Parent has so longed for. Yet, no environment was ready to welcome him; in short, we were inadequate. I heard from the report given by the regional president of Asia that many members in the Philippines were blessed. Until the term "blessing" appeared... This blessing is a miracle to those living in today's era. However, around the world, how much did blessed families and members of the Unification Church or Family Federation for World Peace that have received this tremendous blessing fulfill their duty as devoted children, patriots and saints in front of True Parents? You must examine yourselves. You must look at yourselves.

I know that you have all worked hard for this event. It is also true that the status of our church has been upgraded by a level. True Parents dedicated their entire lives to spreading the providence of blessed families and the blessing throughout the world, yet most of the seven billion people are still unaware of it. What do you think of that? There is always a right time within Heaven's providence. We must not miss this right time. As people that have lived with True Parents in this era, you stand in a blessed position where you can yield results or fruits, yet you did not fulfill your responsibilities. This is embarrassing. Let us not become people filled with shame. Do you understand? In other words, doing one's best alone is not enough. Mothers that are here know what that feels like. Men may not know how it feels, but to give birth to a life feels as if the sky is falling. It is only when one reaches a point where she feels like dying that life is given birth to. As mothers who have experienced this, you must fulfill your responsibilities.

We should love members, have harmony between siblings, attend True Parents at the center and expand this environment. In addition, you must be particularly able to show growth and development whenever such a big event is conducted. How did you feel when you heard True Father's voice at the Blessing Ceremony? Did you only feel happy? Yes? Didn't you feel a lump forming in your throat and shed tears? Weren't your hearts tremendously sorry for not being able to offer greater results to True Father while he was still on earth? Wouldn't it be better if you have successful results while I am still on earth? Do you truly feel this?

Even if I do not say much, you know how you should act and put your life of faith in practice to bring results or fruit from a mature position that you must reach by yourselves. I do not have to repeat that. You know that we must yield results. Don't you? I was greatly moved by the reports and presentations I received. However, this is not enough. You must invest more effort.

Not only Korea but also the entire world must be aware of True Parents. As the regional president of North America just mentioned.... That is so. Let us look at True Parents' birthday. It isn't certain that Christmas is Jesus' birthdate, but we clearly know when True Parents' birthday is. Champumo Gyeong is now completed. Once the English translation comes out, you will be able to study it. We must conduct a movement to let this nation and the world know about True Parents' birthday. In the year that Foundation Day was first celebrated, events were originally held from the 1st to the 13th. Taking into consideration circumstances such as witnessing, Pledge Service and other aspects in the field, I asked that events be conducted within each region and nation until the seventh this time.

Beginning next year, however, True Parents' birthday will be celebrated across each nation through a lot of sharing and giving. Even if a lot of money is not used for this purpose, I would like each region and nation to conduct a festival on this day to give to people and inform them about True Parents. Can you do it?

Once people get to know how much True Parents loved humanity while on earth and how True Parents worked with a life-or-death determination, investing everything to the maximum until their very last moments, gratitude and a true-love movement focused on living for others will greatly spread throughout the world.

You should not just sit still and use only your head when facing reality. I want to say' that we should now move our bodies and act out.

Don't you become tearful when you think of Father? I want to trust you. So please do your very best. I sincerely hope that the entire spiritual world is mobilized to support you in everything you do and that you succeed. Congratulations. 

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